Clan registration is now open!

We are proud to announce a new feature available to our players: Clans!

Every warrior knows how hard it is at times to withstand all dangers and difficulties, awaiting for you around every corner in the world of Adan. Sometimes Death seems to be just a second away, when suddenly a loyal friend comes to your aid or heals your wounds.

Now every player who have reached level 6 can gather friends under a single battle standard or join the ranks of like-minded warriors! Fight elite mobs, conquer instances together, benefit from your own channel in chat and a unique rank system. Join alliances, make new friends and enemies, and have lots and lots of fun together!

To register your clan, speak with the Elder Priest of the Temple of Dragons on Scarlet Square or The Square of Storms. There, you will need to purchase a Clan Manifesto and 10 Certificates of Support, which should then be signed by 10 prospective clan members. Once you have everything in order, post your application in the "Clan Registration" section of the forum.

You can find more specific details about clan registration in its own section of the guide and on our forum.

Attention! You also need a Clan Name and Clan Icon in compliance with the rules of the game to register your clan. You can read the game rules here.

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