Combat Artifacts are items that grant warriors special abilities in battle. For instance, Bonecrusher Spheres allow you to attack other players, inflict Curses upon them and earn Bonecrusher Reputation. Wraith Spheres make you invisible, hiding your Characteristics and Health in combat and allowing to avoid being attacked by others. Death Labels are the only means to reveal the identity of a Wraith that attacked you. If you die by a Wraith's hand while in possession of this item, it will allow you to track down the assailant and exact vengeance.


Bonecrusher Spheres and Attacking Other Players

Players who dream about revenge against a rival or simply wish to ruin the day of their fellow citizens only need one thing - the Bonecrusher Sphere which allows you to attack any character you want. If you win the fight, your victim will be inflicted with a Curse that will make their life more difficult for a limited period of time.

Bonecrusher Spheres can be purchased:
• in the Shop;
• by selecting the attack option in the character interaction menu.

There are different kinds of Bonecrusher Spheres for you to choose from. Please note that you will have to complete certain Collections in order to obtain more powerful Spheres. Spheres of higher levels have a higher chance of inflicting Curses upon your target. Stronger Spheres also mean stronger Curses.


Players who earn 81000 Bonecrusher Reputation are allowed to purchase 3 Spheres of Unstoppable Bonecrusher from shaman Dakh-Fartul near Fort Giard once per day. These Spheres are so powerful that they have a 100 per cent chance to inflict a "red" Curse upon the target, even if it is protected by the Spell of Immunity

You will be able to attack other players immediately after purchasing a Bonecrusher Sphere. If you win the fight, a randomly selected Curse will be inflicted upon your enemy.

Bonecrusher Spheres can also be used when already engaged in a combat. If you win, you will have the same chance of inflicting the Curse as if when you use it before combat.

Ten types of long-term Curses exist:

A player afflicted by a Curse can wait until its effect wears off or cure it immediately for a price. To remove the Curse early, click the Curse's icon near your Character's portrait and choose Remove Curse.

Wraith Spheres and Invisibility

Wraith Spheres are unlocked when you reach level 4. You can find them in the Artifacts section of the Shop.

Minor Wraith Spheres are available to all players of level 4+, but in order to purchase a more powerful Simple Wraith Sphere, you will have to earn 1000 Bonecrusher Reputation

Using the Wraith Sphere renders you invisible for a limited period of time as follows:
- info screen shows that you are offline;
- your Character isn't shown in the location's player list;
- main chat is deactivated but you can still use private messages;
- you can purchase items in the Shop or at the Auction but you are not allowed to create your own lots;
- your identity is concealed in combat. Instead, you appear as one of Velet's servants - a spectral skeleton wielding two swords;
- your Character's name is changed to Wraith and all Characteristics become invisible to others;
- same rules apply to your Dragon if you summon it into battle while in the Wraith state.

Wraith Spheres allow you to safely travel around the game world, slaying monsters and completing quests and at the same time avoiding unnecessary attention from your enemies. Aggressive warriors will also find them useful as they allow allow to attack other players incognito. In this case you will also need a Bonecrusher Sphere.

Death Labels and Tracking

Death Labels are magical artifacts which, when used in a battle with a Wraith, allow you to reveal the Wraith's identity and track them down for revenge. Death Labels can be purchased in the Artifacts section of the Shop after earning the required amount of Hero of the Empire Reputation.

 Please note that Death Labels can only be used in battles started with the use of a Bonecrusher Sphere or another Death Label .

Using a Death Label

Death Labels have a chance of being activated only when used in lost battles against Wraiths. Each Label has a certain activation chance that depends on the quality of the Death Label. A Label that fails to activate disappears from your inventory. After a successful activation, the Label in your Backpack will be replaced with an Activated Death Label carrying the name of your target.


Activated Death Labels can be transferred to other players. Every activated Death Label has a lifetime which indicates the amount of time you have to use the Label before it disappears. Each Activated Death Label also has a tracking period which shows the amount of time during which you will be able to track your target. Death Labels of different quality have different lifetime and tracking period. The higher the quality of the Label, the higher these parameters.

All you need to start tracking your target is use the Activated Death Label. The Label will disappear from your Backpack and a Tracking tab will appear on the World Map. Open this tab to view information about your target: nickname, current location and time left until the tracking mode is disabled.

Attacking with a Death Label

To attack your target, you have to be in the same location. You can either move there through transitions, or select your target on the Map via the Tracking tab and then click Teleport. When you're in the same location, use the Tracking list to select your opponent. The  Attack  button will appear. If it isn't active, your target is in another combat and you'll have to wait until it finishes. When the button is active, simply click it to start a battle with your target. Doing so will deactivate the tracking mode.