Healing Curses

You can become a healer after earning the required amount of Hero of the Empire Reputation. To do so, simply purchase a Healer's Kit. The better the quality of the Kit, the lower is the cost of healing.


Healers use their skills to cure players from Curses inflicted by Bonecrusher Spheres. The cost of healing a Curse depends on the time left until its expiration. Healers can cure themselves as well as other players. To cure yourself, simply hover your mouse over the Curse icon and click on it.

To cure another player, click on the icon next to their character name. A pop-up window will show the official price of the service. Enter the fee you wish to receive in the Request Sum box. It goes without saying, your fee should be lower than the official price, otherwise it won't be beneficial for your potential clients to hire you. Healing self or others has a cost which you should factor in when providing your services.

By healing weaker Curses, Healers can obtain elements of the Aspiring Medic Collection. After completing this Collection, you will be able to cure stronger Curses.

Removing Hexes and Banes

Hexes and Banes, as well as any other negative effects, can be removed by clicking on the respective icon near your character's portrait or by clicking on the icon in the location's player list. A Healer's Kit of corresponding quality lowers the cost of removing the negative effects.

Removing Hexes and Banes from other players earns you Hero of the Empire Reputation and a chance of receiving an element of a Healer Collection of corresponding quality.

Protection from Curses and Bonecrusher Spheres

In order to protect yourself from Curses or attacks with Bonecrusher Spheres, you have to create or purchase a Sphere of Protection. To craft the Sphere, purchase a Recipe for its creation in the Reputations menu (you must have enough Hero of the Empire Reputation). Spheres can also be transferred or purchased. You can activate a Sphere outside combat by clicking the use button. 



While the Sphere of Immunity is activated, you are safely protected from Curses inflicted by Bonecrusher Spheres (but your enemy will still earn Bonecrusher Reputation for using them). Please note that while the Sphere is active, you won't be able to use Bonecrusher Spheres as well.


The Sphere of Protection will guard you against attacks with Bonecrusher Spheres or Clan Standards. However, after you activate it, but you too won't be able to use these items to attack enemies. Please note that if the enemy has an Activated Death Label that targets you, they will be able to start a combat with you. After the effect of the Sphere of Protection wears off, the Spiritual Depletion will be inflicted on you for 1 hour, forbidding you from using both Spheres of Protection and Spheres of Immunity.

Only one Sphere can be active at a time .


Protection from Hexes and Banes

Scrolls of Protection from Hexes and Banes can be purchased from Gal Karion on the Scarlet Square for Sadar and from Lar-Dian on the Square of Storms for Vaalor. 

The Eldior's Blessing Protection Scroll must be used outside combat. After reading the scroll, you will become immune to Hexes for the indicated time. Please note that you won't be able to inflict Hexes on other players while the Eldior's Blessing. Also, you can't buy more than 3 Eldior's Blessing Scrolls per day.


The Aeona's Mirror Protection Scroll   can be used both outside and in combat (in combat, a quick-access slot must be used to do so). Aeona's Mirror grants a certain chance of reflecting a Bane the enemy is trying to inflict on you back on the caster. No more than 10 Aeona's Mirror Scrolls can be bought daily.


Protection Scrolls of one type are stacked in the same backpack slot.