Scepter of the Ancient Ruler

Warriors of level 40 and above, new adventures await you!

The wise historian and archaeologist Lior Mahlron has been a scientist since he can remember himself. And years of hard work made him love his calling even more. Lior carefully studies any records and biographies that he can get his hands on, hoping to pick up the trail of some ancient artifact or treasure. And when he does, he doesn't stop until he finds it. Just like this time, when he purchased a memoir that mentions a stolen scepter which belonged to Kargald, a conqueror and commander of times long gone, whose bare name stroke terror into the hearts of his enemies.


But Lior is too old to do everything by himself. He is looking for an energetic companion, who fears no undead nor monster, and will help complete the quest undertaken by Malhron to seek out the artifact, priceless to any archeologist or collector. But alas, the discovery of the scepter will bring him no peace: the ancient relic has brought only death to warriors who stole it from the Museum of Shadan. Who knows what mysteries does this evil symbol of legendary tyrant's power hold?

New adventures start with Lior Mahlron's "Scepter of Kargald the Conqueror" quest, available upon achieving level 40.

Awesome , keep the quests coming , i enjoy doing them , make more quests for the top end lvls as the low lvls are no challenge and super easy to do ! This one sounds fun , make more more mooorrrreee !
lol... only 8 levels away! looking forward to this one. keep the quests coming now, us at the higher levels now have more stuff to do ">
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