A Mured Statue

Warriors of level 11 and above, new adventures await you!

Each Tartu inhabitant chooses a calling that best suits his nature. Some men like making armor, some like beekeeping, some like digging the sand for ancient relics. Daron Lars chose mining. Notwithstanding the dangers of the underground world, the job of a miner, or a treasure hunter for that matter, is intriguing and full of fascinating adventures, and, if he's lucky, marvelous rewards. But stumbling upon a treasure is one thing. Getting away with it is a whole different story.

As Daron Lars was exploring a new cave deep in the Mines of Tagol, luck smiled on him finally: in the shimmer of torches, one of the walls revealed a rich gold vein. Exhilerated, the miner started smashing down the solid touchstone. Soon he discovered something that agitated him even more than the vein. A statue was mured into the cave wall, but the rock surrounding it was so firm that even after many hours of hard work Daron only freed half of his discovery. Soon he regretted ever spotting the vein.  


As if they somehow smelled the vein, madkhars swarmed the cave, and Lars barely made it out of there alive, battered by the monsters' mighty horns and sharp blades. But as he left the mine and breathed some fresh air, the fear passed and Daron realized he should without any doubt return to study the mysterious discovery. Lars is sure that Tartu is full of brave warriors who will help him get rid of the madkhars, giving the miner a chance to study the statue. He must find out who would need to mure it into a cave wall and what does the strange sign on the cover of the stone book mean. And why does that statue look so alive...

New adventures start with Daron Lars's "Mured Statue" quest, available upon reaching level 11.

Do we get cookies in there?
lol its good for lvl 11s but what about higher lvls
yes you can have cookies
yes! more quests at last!! keep them coming!
cant access this quest do i need to be a prospector ?
celtieyes you can have cookies

Yep it is good for all lvls that can do this if nothing else but for the pots and orbs and a whole lot of fun">
Old and New,
you can ave cookies
awww keep giving me quests please!

I can`t copy the symbol on the stone book`s cover. Just one of the four symblos stays coloured. Maybe somebody has the same problem?
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