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11/09/2012 10:36

Suspicious Seeds

Warriors of level 30 and above, new adventures await you! 

Takhur is full of joy for the luck that shined on him. He acquired seeds of the rarest Laverdae flowers almost for a song and now can't wait to plant them in his beautiful cosy garden. Thanks to his regular classes with Aldir, the gardener is already capable of reading and wants to master the instructions for growing these unusual flowers himself.


Although he has never seen such a strange and, honestly told, somewhat frightening advice for growing plants... Thereto, the war veteran will barely be able to obtain everything that is required for growing the flowers by himself. He could definitely use a strong warrior's hand. You consider gardening an endless bore? Why don't you find out for yourself, what surprises do these flowers hold?

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11/09/2012 20:15
 Sir Truckula40 
Glad there are more quests, keep them coming.
Dragon Dogs were forced out of the game by a casher with a personal grudge. Admin said it was cool!!
11/09/2012 23:54
yess! more quests! :D keep it coming, I can always use another quest to focus on for a while ^_^
12/09/2012 07:51
appreciate the new quest but its extremely costly to do. I just spent 9g buying the required essences and sparks for this quest all so that I could end up with what is basically 3 x level 26 skellies. I think admins really need to look at costings on this game as there are a lot of things that just dont add up.

Once again, thanks for trying tho, how about garuug's compass being sorted soon? :)
14/09/2012 12:34
now i only need to get to level 30
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