Helping the Wounded

Warriors of level 43 and above, an exciting new investigation awaits you!

Although the splendid continent of Tartu is known for its beautiful nature and kind climate, life here is not all flowers and unicorns. On the contrary, it can be very dangerous and full of risks: forests swarm with fierce monsters and greedy robbers, poisonous insects and flying serpents roam the skies and the graveyards are full of restless cadavers and evil ghosts. But getting rid of the monsters and teaching them insolent bandits a lesson is an easy task for an experienced defender of Adan. The difficult part is unveiling the true reason for the events and dealing with those responsible for what happened once and for all, so that Tartu can sleep peacefully again.


Meldina the Witch found a strung-out soldier on the Aldorian Road, lacerated by the claws of an uknown beast. But even after coming round the warrior couldn't remember what happened to him. He can barely hear anything and his mind seems to have been damaged by the incident. A usual animal attack, one would say, just send a group of hunters to deal with the beasts. But Gaort Trad finds the circumstances of the event suspicious, as does the military surgeon who examined the wounded soldier. A hardened warrior of Tartu is needed to find proof that it wasn't a mere animal attack, that something bigger and more dangerous is behind it. If the reason for the attack is not uncovered quickly, there could be more victims. Much more.

The new adventure starts with Meldina's "Helping the Wounded" quest, available upon reaching  level 43.

Woo! A new quest! How exciting :) Thanks DE.
Ooooh, can't wait
This is great! Keep them coming!

I'm more of a "Lone Wolf" who likes to play with others when there is great role-playing to be experienced, so more awesome adventures like this are very much appreciated!

that quest is so much better

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