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20/08/2012 09:38

Miss and Mister Dragon Eternity will continue to August, 31st!

Dear friends,

The Dragon Eternity administration announces the launch of a beauty contest "Miss and Mister Dragon Eternity 2012"! We want to behold not only the girls's beauty but also the boys playing our wonderful game

From August, 1st to September, 17th the beautiful girls and boys will compete for the title of a most beautiful person in the world of Adan, as well as for the real prizes!

The competition will take place in several stages.

Rules of the contest:

1. Qualifying round: Works approval. From August, 1st to August, 19th, 23:59 Server Time, take a picture of yourself containing the game logo or the game name and send it to the following e-mail: Subject must contain the contest name - "Miss and Mister Dragon Eternity" - and your nickname in this game. The game logo or the game name can be printed or written on a piece of paper, on your body or on any object around you presenting at the picture. The presence of the logo or the game name is a strict prerequisite of the competition. Photos not containing the logo or the game name are not allowed to participate in the competition.

2. Works publication viewers' vote. September, 3rd we will open a special album in the gallery containing photos of participants. Vote for your favorite contestants, and use the Facebook Like button from  September, 3rd to September, 17th! Participants with the highest number of votes will get the real prizes.

3. Results will be announced after September, 17th.

Terms and conditions:
1. You must be 5+ lvl to participate in the competition.
2. You must shoot your photo portrait exclusively for this contest.
3. Each participant may present only one photo portrait. Group photos and photos of other people are not allowed.
4. Any object in a picture should contain readable Dragon Eternity symbols and the date the picture was taken; it does not matter whether they would be painted on the body or written on a paper.
5. Contestants may be dressed in any outfit, but the minimum allowable wear is a swimming suit for the girls and slips for the boys.
6. You can use a graphics editing program only to reduce the weight or size of your photos; in all other cases, the edited photos will be removed from the contest. In addition, the images where the date is not visible are not allowed, as well as the images containing the date left by the camera (the organizers will consider it similar to the use of a graphical editor).
7. The organizers reserve the right to resolve disputes in their sole discretion.

Photos will not pass the check if:

1. Clothing provided by a participant does not comply with the conditions above.
2. Game symbolics (logo, game name) or the date of creation is absent in the photo.
3. A participant is below the 5th lvl by the August, 31st.
4. Photo creation date, game name or logo were plotted there with the help of a graphical editor.
5. A participant sent someone else’s photo to the contest or provided organizers with a photo made in advance.
6. The image has already been used or is being used in other contests.

Please be careful!

Miss and Mister (three pairs, both winners in each pair!) will get the following prizes:


1st place - tablet
2nd place - smartphone
3rd place - audio player

Good luck!

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