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Dear friends!

We invite you to participate in the new contest that will be held from July, 25 to August, 24. The contest is very simple and open to all players regardless of their age, sex and place of residence.


• From July, 25 until August, 24, join the Dragon Eternity game community group on Facebook by clicking the Like button.

• Click the Gear button and then select Share... - Share Page. How to do it?

• After that, you automatically become a participant of our contest with the great prizes as follows:


Tablet, Smartphone and Headphones.

Good luck!

Wohoo could do with a nice free iphone :)
Beasty headphones.
Ah nice free ipad would be nice
I could use some new headphones
All nice prizes
weeeee!!!! no wonder i love this game!">
Amazing, i hope i win sumthing lol always great to see things like this, i dram of DE in my sleep, heck, i even eat drink and walk DE
wow nice!
very nice :)
very very nice
Yes love this game and my ingame family and friends. Really great why to spend a day of killing and with my friends lol
Pretty cool. Too bad you can't play dragon eternity from your new Tablet or Smartphone, and on top of it, DragonEternity has no sound so...
Gotta love the irony! :)
Could I exchange my winnings for gold? Just would be nice to have either one of those.
cool prizes,a free phone would be good
how do we know who wins? will it b posted here?
RockyPanthergonhow do we know who wins? will it b posted here?
can i have the ipad, the i-phone and the head phones
can i get everything for free
cool contest.....
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