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17/07/2012 10:06

New Game Features

Starting today, residents of Adan have a new opportunity. From now on, warrior's, dragon's and mount's equipment can be transformed into magical dust, which can be used as a component in the creation of Spheres of Protection and Spheres of Immunity.

To create these items, you must purchase their recipes in the reputation window once you have achieved a sufficient Hero of the Empire repuation. These spheres can be transferred and sold. Spheres may be activated in battle, by hovering over them and pressing the "Use" button that appears.


Under the effects of a Sphere of Immunity you are protected from the harmful spells, which an opponent may try to place upon you by making use of a Bonecrusher Sphere, however your rival will still receive Bonecrusher reputation. Also, while under the effects of this sphere, you yourself cannot use Bonecrusher Spheres.


A Sphere of Protection protects you from enemy attacks using a Bonecrusher Sphere or a Clan Standard, but you will also be unable to attack opponents with these items. However, if your enemy has activated a mark of death upon you, then he will be able to successfully draw you into battle. After the effects of a Sphere of Protection wear off, the effect of Spiritual Depletion will be placed on you for 1 hour under which you will be unable to use either a Sphere of Protection, or a Sphere of Immunity.

Only one sphere can be used at a time – either immunity, or protection.


In addition, starting today medals received for Hero of the Empire reputation influence the probability of saving against harmful spells in battle. A medal of "Recognition" reduces the chance of a spell by 5%, medal of "Friendliness" - by 10%, medal of "Respect" - by 15%, medal of "Reverence" - by 20%, medal of "Exaltation" - by 25% and a medal of "Worship" - by 30%.

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[QNAMEF kind="s" gender="m"]Drolevil:[/QNAMEF][QUOTE][B][/B] [/QUOTE]
17/07/2012 10:33
Bwahahhahaha im the 1st one to see n comment here...
17/07/2012 10:35
this will be very VERY useful for me :) Now when i am essence hunting, or just sitting around relaxing and talking to my friends, i won't have to worry about being attacked! Great new upgrade and I can't wait to test it out for myself.
17/07/2012 10:36
This is so cool! Now no more armor/items/jewelry going to waste! And more use for gaining Hero Reputation! This is a brilliant update! Keep up the great work guys!
17/07/2012 10:39
Good bye bonecrashers...
17/07/2012 10:43
17/07/2012 10:57
Wow a lot people will be happy with this. Anyway Cheers to a new feature addition to the game :)
Leave me in peace or you will be left in pieces....
17/07/2012 11:05
boy, that made the low lvl junk go fast---oh boy
17/07/2012 13:52
 Sir Truckula35 
Okies, can not wait to see how this works, but I can see using all that worthless paly gear that seems to be all me and Teef get in the caves being used now.
Dragon Dogs were forced out of the game by a casher with a personal grudge. Admin said it was cool!!
17/07/2012 21:06
Please add a feature that will let you know what you will get from "Dismantle" as you do with "Sell." Currently I am looking at either selling a Canvas Bag for 30 Silver or dismantling. I just don't know what I'll get if I dismantle. That would be good information.

Thanks for the new addition.
17/07/2012 23:05
its a better way to get more rep and help alot espeacially when u expect to be attacked lie it happens w me once some one told me he will attack me :)
18/07/2012 03:42
19/07/2012 08:56
VEry cool keep up the awesome ideas!
21/07/2012 04:00
Awesome. One more thing to try and earn gold for, probably. Usually survive on the daily bonus as it is
21/07/2012 11:20
Thanks for making the game fun and exciting for all levels!
22/07/2012 08:04
Ya gotta love a game that is not only free to play but fun and you can do it with friends.
22/07/2012 08:08
Keep fighting! Keep up! Get it all! I LOVE THIS GAME!!
23/07/2012 11:06
cant wait to use so i wont be attack randomly
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