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10/07/2012 13:31

Strike Recipes

Today, recipes for Concussive and Splitting Strikes have appeared in the world of Adan, which can be used as throwing weapons in battles while astride your Aerlisk or Arcerapt. The recipes for strong strikes can be learned by reading the collection of advanced jeweller schemes, available upon accumulating 3000 mastery points.


The recipes for powerful and furious strikes can be attained as a trophy when slaying monsters of level 30 and above, but to learn them, you will need 7000 and 16000 jewelry mastery, respectively.

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10/07/2012 14:42
wohoo, time to work the jeweler prof.
10/07/2012 19:09
a pipe dream... not even over 2k in any yet...
11/07/2012 01:27
ok, great you adding these new schemes, but like last update with a few cooks recipes, why should those of us who already have the required reputation have to purchase the recipe sets again ? what is with you guys ? lately all you seem to be doing is adding updates/upgrades that cost &/or disadvantage those of us that have worked damn hard to get where we are.
You add the 1k recipes that as a high level i got no chance of getting as a drop so we are then forced to pay ridiculous AH prices for them, & we need those recipes to make the ingredients needed for higher lvl crafting otherwise its not cost effective.
12/07/2012 20:07
thats pretty cool, but probably not going to happen. I dont have over 1k in any profession D:
I'm Ready for SEXY TIME! :D
13/07/2012 02:26
lol now this is a good way to get us to do our professions! i like this idea but i would like to see things like this for lower lvls too.
sigh.. dont make me bite .... (o.O)
15/07/2012 05:14
You guys always have great new ideas! The only problem is many of them are pretty hard to obtain!
15/07/2012 20:17
I m having the same issue s Krug, and am significantly lower level. You don't aquire the materials you need in the levels where they are easily obtainable. By the time you can get them, you get almost nothing in drops. I find this to be a design flaw. I'm sure a number of other people do as well.
17/07/2012 02:03
This can be useful... Better get to work
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