Melvin, the merchant of outlandish goods!

Melvin, the travelling merchant, well known to most inhabitants of Adan, will arrive on Tartu once again, on July 8 at 16:00 Server Time and once again will trade on Winery Crossroads. You will have plenty of time to find yourself something interesting to spend some gold for, but don't leave it until it's too late - because on July 11, 16:00 Server Time Melvin will leave Tartu and will head to other countries!

Among the goods that can be purchased from Melvin, you will find: 

Ultimate Elixirs and Orbs, Balms of Onset and Hardness, Phials "Breath of Dragon" and "Heat of Dragon", Dragon Ambrosia


Enchanted Food for the soldiers of all levels

Ethereal Weapons


Bonecrusher and Conqueror Caskets


"Red" quality necklaces of Destruction, Taming and Finesse.


Also, Melvin has been a wide range of "Growing Fury" talismans. Now these powerful artifacts are available from the merchant in ten versions for a variety of levels: from level 4 to 49! These unique charms equally well fit any class, and they not only increase the combat characteristics, but also have a significant chance to cast a spell of Combat Fury, with every attack of yours or cast spell. When multiplied, effect is summing up, increasing your damage even more.


Also, if you are proud owner of a Dragon, it's time to shop and please your Dragon with Smoked Pheasant, Baked Milky Burul, Leg of Beef or Chopped Schnitzel.

You can learn more abour Melvin, here. 

well another couple of weeks of no pvp due to op red gear and buffs. thanks a lot DE!
I just need to upgrade and play 24/7 and log in everyday to get this stuff!
lol thats awsome !!!!!!!!
wow this game is highly addictive and i cant wait for new quests and items :D!!!!!
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