Sea Battles

Citizens of Adan rejoice for the time has come to leave the mainland and set out to sea! Any warrior who has reached level 22 will be able to board ships with other brave souls and sail the eastern seas in search of  legendary pirate treasure!

For those who decide to join as a member of a 9 person crew, ahead lie four stages of a harrowing journey:

1. Land battles at the Pirate Stronghold to claim pirate gold
2. A cannon shootout to defend your loot from the ship of the opposing empire
3. Preparation for boarding
4. Boarding the enemy vessel

As rewards participants will receive Valor , Heroism, which opens your way to titles and regalia, and pirate gold, which can be exchanged in the near future for unique items. The losing team receives 50% of the gold looted from the pirates, and the winning team takes 150% of the gold collected by its fighters.


To take part in these amazing marine melees, press the "Battlegrounds" button and choose "Sea Battle", then click "Queue Up." Once you're in the queue, a timer will show how much time remains before the start of the battle. There are no level groups for sea battles. Everyone is placed into the same queue. This battleground will start once every two hours.

Please note that when you enter a sea battle, you will lose your Wraith status.

way to cool ty for the upgrade
gud but u have done it during the tourney">">
during the sneak peek this said it was available to characters of all levels.. what happened with that?">
sounds interesting cant wait to try it out.
Can't wait to try this one out.
that was kickass, even tho we lost, will be trying again!
This looks interesting i hope it was worth losing my accomplishments in toh this morning
This looks very interesting... idk if i have much of a chance though :p But that's what i'm gonna see for myself later today. Looks like a lot of fun that i will not wanna miss out on! ">
AWSOME... and no real spending either... question thou. can you be a vandal pali?
Cant wait to give it a go , looks like fun
Not bad, harr!!
Excellent installation.

A Pirate Adventure ... with plenty of bounty for the taking.

This brings more content and versatility with the evolution of the game.
I would suggest an alternate to the level limitation ... and open it up to those of level 12 and above, with an even balance of teams of 8 OR 10.

All-in-all, it does have invigorating qualities for the avid Adventurer.

lvl 22 huh. less talk more kill gotta get to level22. rofl.
zalex101001AWSOME... and no real spending either... question thou. can you be a vandal pali?

Yes you can. Heroism is similar to valor and you will move up ranks and get better title each rank you move up. Vandal is lowest rank and is given upon reaching 16'000 heroism.
Where do i view my heroism progression?
Cant wait to get den items!
This is an awesome idea! Now I just have to play 24'7 and reach level 22:)
i can't wait till I'm a level 22
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