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13/06/2012 09:53

New Recipes and Mark Shards!

As of today, people of Adan occupied with crafting professions, will be able to create their own scrolls of summoning for mounts of green, blue and purple quality. To create the scroll, the Jeweler will have to make decoration, and Inscriptor, using the decoration, will have to make Mouton Parchment, add the other ingredients and create a finished scroll for the desired type of animal. Methods of making new items will be added to the Sets of Schemes available available from the Shop for Inscriptor and Jeweler. Also it will be possible to puchase schemes separately, from the Professions Screen. 

New Sets of basic Recipes, Schemes and Formulas for the four crafting professions: Cook, Alchemist, Jeweler and Inscriptor are available to those, who have already earned 16000 mastery points and reached "expert" level. Rare recipes for experts are available as a trophies for killing monsters, and the most valuable of them - for killing elite monsters and leaders in the instances.

After learning new recipes and schemes, new abilities will be available to masters: 

Cook will be able to create a blessed food for humans and dragons of blue and green quality for players of level 49.

Alchemist will be able to create Flawless Balms and Elixirs and with 16000 of Gladiator reputation will be able to purchases recipes for Balm of Fury and Endurance trough reputation window.

Jeweler will be able to create Flawless Orbs and Stars of Discovery and with 16000 of Seven Bridges of Shadan reputation will be able to buy recipes of Flawless Orbs of Nosferatu and Fearlessness trough reputation window.

Inscriptors will be able to create Flawless Glyphs and Insignias of Protection.

Mark Shards

Now as a trophy in battles, you will be able to receive Mark Shards.

After collecting or buying them at auction, the Jeweler will be able to create Inactive Marks with their help. 

Inscriptors, however, can use the inactive marks to create new mark or improve the quality of those that they already have.

Master of Elements Marks now have their probability to get activated in combat indicated in description.

• Powerful Bonecrusher Spheres are now available only for experienced warriors: Wild Bonecrusher Spheres for warriors of level 22 and and Insane Bonecrusher Spheres for the warriors of level 29.

Dragon Tears, which significantly increase the amount of money credited to your account, now is working for two days. All this time, when purchasing reals you will receive the appropriate percentage as a bonus.

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[QNAMEF kind="v" gender="f"]Hideki:[/QNAMEF][QUOTE][B][/B] [/QUOTE]
13/06/2012 10:11
damn, i need them badly
13/06/2012 10:13
^^ these new marks look interesting. Love the game a lot and want to see where it goes. I suggest actually bring able to see dragon armor. That would look so cool.
Let the insanity begin! Wait... scratch that. It is already happening.
13/06/2012 10:13
love the mark shards. should keep poeple busy
13/06/2012 10:14
i would like some
13/06/2012 10:15
 Sir Truckula32 
Is anyone even close to 16k in any profession? Looks interesting for a few months down the road i guess.
Dragon Dogs were forced out of the game by a casher with a personal grudge. Admin said it was cool!!
13/06/2012 10:16
i would like to have them
13/06/2012 10:23
It takes a long time to increase reputation and 16k rep is a long way in the future. Wish we found collection pieces to upgrade the profession reputation.
13/06/2012 10:32
 Surturs Fire29 
I like the updates. Gives me a lot more motivation to work up to 3k rep now to be able to make blue marks for myself
Welcome to the wonderful world of DE. Where bugs and errors are the norm and all your computer's fault
13/06/2012 11:03
nice addition
13/06/2012 18:58
A great another update for those for those that put hundreds of hours and money into the game. Perhaps you can put out some updates involving the lower levels and those that can not be on 15 hours a day every day. Those that can not get 7k of a rep unless they put half a year of effort into it. (I know because I have been working on my professions sense day 1 of release and yet to be past 3k)
13/06/2012 19:13
I have always wanted to get these somehow other than paying, and now its here!! :D
Gonna have to work for it, but ill do my best. GRATZ to another amazing update!
13/06/2012 21:45
How much are they worth...?
13/06/2012 21:47
Where or how to get Dragon Tears ?
14/06/2012 06:51
I agree with Sit will be a long while before I see any of these, even if all I did was craft all day, every day, non stop, lol. But, it is a nice goal to work towards.
14/06/2012 17:27
this is gonna take some time but worth looking forward to!
memento mori
14/06/2012 21:18
I am happy to see that constantly new stuff is introduced!
15/06/2012 14:07
The new stuff is really cool. It would be even better if there were a way for the farmers to contribute to the crafting of them. That would create a different market for them also. BUT GREAT ideas!!
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