New Schemes and Recipes for Crafting Professions!

Finally, to the great joy of those Tartu citizens, who are occupied with crafting professions, new sets of schemes and recipes has appeared on the Shop shelves!

Cooks with the help of new recipes will be able to cook health-restoring meals both for players and dragons of levels 1 to 32, as well as blessed meals with different levels of mastery, for players of levels 16 to 39.

Jewelers received access to new recipes and schemes for flasks and orbs of "blue" quality. With 7000 Seven Bridges of Shadan reputation, trough reputation window they may purchase recipes for Orbs of Courage and Nosferatu.

Alchemists will definitely like new recipes for brews and balms of "blue" quality. Also, with 7000 Gladiator reputation they will be able to purchase recipes for Powerful Balms of Fury and Endurance trough reputation window.

Inscriptors have received new schemes and recipes for the production of parchments and "blue" quality glyphs. In the future there will be more schemes for the production of more powerful marks. 

Sets of Schemes and Recipes of "blue" quality for the Cook, Jeweler, Alchemist and Inscriptor are available for purchase in the Shop and the other recipes can be received as a trophy for killing monsters, and the most valuable of them - for killing elite monsters and leaders in the instances.

Also, now when your Dragon has achieved enough mastery to level up, its icon will be marked with arrows and Dragon's screen will be opened in the "training" tab.

Cool. I always like seeing new things added to the game. Now if you would just change the professions back to where you can freely shift between them all would be great!
this will be great i think Dragon Eternity is great this will make it even better i cant wait
ok... so I do not have to worry about buying new schemes now... I just have to find them in caves or whatever
looks like i have some long nights ahead of me
you need the new scheme for novice level apprentice to make the wheat loaf, make sure you buy it and use it. As for the 7K ones I dont think anyone is anywhere close to needing those.
Wasn't too struck on the game at first but it's strangely addictive and adding new schemes can only help the game grow more. More content=More enjoyment, just need to get my prof's up now Gratz on what is turning into a great game
come on keep getting better guys
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm blackberry jam
I like the add-ons helps keep the game fresh, would like to see more wepon upgrads!!!
I like the additional stuff for the professions. Loving this game, just need a more thorough tutorial & More Quests.
An excellent addition for borderline RPGers like myself. Skill crafts help immerse players in an experience beyond the standard check the block quest progression. Depending on your style of play, the extension of crafting ought to produce more options for the generation of revenue and give more community relevance to players who may not be inclined to quest/level in a rapid fashion.
new stuff feels like having a whole new game to play! how about letting us shift professions every level? or maybe every 10% exp of the current lvl or profession?
WOW!!! Every time i log on i swear, its something new. I started to get tired with the game, and BOOM! something new! These new cooking additions should be really fun and interesting to do in game! Keep up the good work!! :D
New thing are always welcome it keeps this game entertaining keep up the good job!
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