22/03/2014 17:52

Move the Incident monsters to the top of the level bracket.

Keep them the same strength but make them at the top of the bracket so people in the upper half of the bracket don't get their rewards reduced.
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 Storm Kat29 
12/03/2014 07:53

dot spells for everyone

So, new toons get all the dot spells. Any chance us older toons will be getting them soon? And, I know it's a lot to ask, but could you consider crediting us back the sparks and essences we spent getting the level 1 dot spells we have?
08/03/2014 09:37

Problems with mines and miners

Need more mine locations: Players have reached a big enough number that there is a substantial need for mining materials. Especially lv 3 stuff mining materials, However there are too many miners and not enough mines. Bigger problem: A single clan can con...
31/03/2014 12:56

More Hairstyles!

Dear Administrators and Forum Respondants, I have noticed that for the time that I have played this game there has only been the same hairstyles for quite awhile. Maybe a few more hairstyles wouldn't hurt, especially, longer hair, etc. It seems...
05/04/2014 09:29

Captains log for ship

Could there be a log available to at least the clan leader for the ships going to the roaming archipelago showing who is captain, the crew, who gets on/off and where, all with timings. Thanks
06/04/2014 10:05

Please create Master of Death Tome XI and XII

I will you forever.
03/04/2014 02:53

Leaving group for sailing?

Why do we have to leave group for pretty much everything? It was shaab fights before - where we still are screwed up by people who group and do better damage. and now, we have to leave group for setting sail to the new islands???
29/03/2014 14:33

More daily events to keep players active

all in the title what most players do is logging maybe do 1 or 2 pvp's, few minutes of professions / rep work, chat a bit then logout again until its time for an event or something like that. adding more daily events will get players to stay in game l...
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28/03/2014 04:19

clan confrontation page

Our clan would like it back. we actually used it. Thanking you
24/03/2014 05:52

just a thought

i think on top of the weekly confrontation (individual) rewards i think there should also be one for achievement points.
22/03/2014 04:04

Authentication Error and Clan Wars

It seems that the authentication error thing happens only when there is a clan war going on. My suggestion is to disable clan wars until admins figure it out so we dont have to get screwed any harder than we already are
17/03/2014 06:32

Just a few...good or bad suggestions.

How about another type of crafting such as but not limited to.......earrings, charms, bracers, rings, maybe even wedding sets? You can make it transferrable or non and maybe some people would actually start crafting a bit more. Also, how about a health f...
15/03/2014 19:48

Clan Alliance Chat Tab

chat tab between your clannies and the clan that you are allied with cuz...... the more the merrier i guess XD would also be kinda helpful during wars if needed i think
11/03/2014 21:08


I was wondering why 2 of the same sex cant be married in this game. The world is more accepting to gay marriage so why wont this game accept change i think its disgusting.
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10/03/2014 23:20

when buying items on mobile app suggest some sort of ack message

As the title suggests when buying items on mobile it is not always clear if you have bought an item or not, or that the sale has completed. A specific example. Buying new marks for weapon/armour. Go to upgrade armour on any mobile app version, chose bes...
 Storm Kat28 
06/03/2014 22:44

Rage of Elements - Suggestions

1 - Give us a Quintar for killing the Elemental that joins into regular fights. Would allow for people to keep questing and hunting, while still participating in the event. 2 - Open the Portals fights. You'd have a lot more people playing if we could gr...
05/03/2014 16:55

A pvp event that goes on for a whole week but doesn't force a player to join?

basically something like rage of the elements without the punishment and the debuff straight up, maybe you have to accept quest to activate debuff or something like that? And to make sure that players that dont take the debuff join aoh,7b ect to monopol...
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25/01/2014 19:49

Gold to Reals

Hi, since BC spheres cost either 50s or 0.2 reals, could we have a option to exchange gold to reals, so like every 2.5g you exchange you get 1 real. Say you have to complete a quest you get at level 16 to exchange with Skinflint Bron, I think this would h...
01/03/2014 00:25

Real to Gold exchange

Why is it only Clans can get a real to gold exchange of 1 real for 1.3 gold? If I understand this correctly only those leading such clans can benefit from that. I realize the cost of running a clan can be expensive, however if you manage it correctly it...
01/03/2014 17:55

Notepad And Translator

Notepad: Is just a little notepad on the side, like auction house you can write stuff in it so you can remember like... ~Stuff you need to buy for later to prep ~Loans you owe, how much/when you took it/when it's due ~What stuff your looking to buy, spar...
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