15/03/2015 20:36

Clan Chest Logs

Allow searching by ITEM in chest logs. Pain to figure out where a certain item went or resources came from, etc...
10/03/2015 17:59

Technical - Consider using rel=alternate in your page head

Considering the following two URLs have the same content, but in different languages: dragoneternity .com/game/clan .php?title=Elitists de .dragoneternity .com/game/clan .php?title=Elitists This, and much/all of your sites, is a good candidate for using...
05/03/2015 23:43

Barbershop Ideas....

It would be nice if players and dragons could get a tattoo, and their nails painted and sharpened. Also, maybe a feature to hide the gloves.
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06/03/2015 00:20

CHAT ideas...

It would be great if we added an ORANGE colored World chat, and a PINK colored Nearby( Like Academy/Winery/Graveyard) instead of or in addition to Near chat tab to the chat tabs we have now. Also, instead of purple for both Raid and trade, maybe one could...
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05/03/2015 23:47

Winery ideas...

It would be nice to eat and drink at the winery, and have wedding parties.
 Storm Kat63 
07/02/2015 04:06

No valor for the ones that lose a bc fight

Why is this? There is Valor for losing in arena and wars, why not in BC fights? Perhaps if you changed this, more would defend each other, spending more money on pots, spheres, mounts, ect. Please consider valor for everyone involved in ALL PvP figh...
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05/03/2015 11:20

My thoughts

I think all the current instances need to be looked at and see if it needs fine tuning. The game devs are moving in the right direction with hopefully making clan wars better with an over all change to the format and removing King of the Hill. The next st...
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11/02/2015 14:55

New land and islands

could you add new adventures, location or islands where sydian can be farmed. I see now that as we continue to level up past Lv 70. More sydian will be required for upgrading gear. As it presently stands and will continue as we all level the demands ...
26/02/2015 00:10

Smurfs and Elmos....

most likely a common topic already, is the unbalance between the two empires. In no way is this article about me complaining and demanding a solution. I want to know what the community thinks as well... How can we fix this, is this even a problem, and wha...
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26/02/2015 06:39


I was wondering if the "surv" server will be available in any other language other than Russian? I did enjoy playing it but not being able to understand anything made it extremely difficult. and remembering pictures from this one doesn't help when there a...
25/02/2015 06:31

Include fight name in battle results page title

When I look in my browser history to find a specific fight, I see all regular fights (both PvE and PvP) as "Dragon Eternity / Battle Info". As a result, I have to click each battle one at a time to find what I'm looking for. Please add the fight name to...
29/01/2013 20:52

In Game Bank

Can we have a bank in-game? Would be nice to be able to put away money and have a 2.5% interest a week. With a deposit fee to balnce this out. Its really hard to save the money to get essences, sparks and materials.
24/02/2015 04:45

Would like for anybody to be able to see their own chest logs

Those with chest logs permission would be as is now. Those without permission would be able to see only what they have done.
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01/02/2015 13:35


I think there should be wings for all players some should be for (SILVER) others for (REALS), and (GOLD)
05/02/2015 06:20

Trial of Combat

The 'Trial of Combat' quests give a lot of experience pretty much making getting the Medallion that you recieve after completing the last battle useless. I think that the experience gained from the quests should be brought down to only a few hundred or so...
 Zalex Jr48 
31/01/2015 19:09

idea for pvp quests

the pvp quests in aoh, 7b and so that u get arrows in I got a suggestion... let us choose the arrow packs we would like (and the challenge of damage, wins, or kills to go with them) this way some people are not spending weeks (like me with kill quests) to...
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 Storm Kat62 
16/01/2015 07:29

Can I have my Quartz buff back please

Can I please have Cover of Greatness I back? It really helped with barbarians and other fun things that I don't want to spend big buffs on.
16/01/2015 12:15

chat comands

i playd this game a long time ago and recently started again but then i noticd this. there is this feature that almost all multiplayer games have, chat comands. it's so enoying to play without them now, it may realy help. for example a comand /r that woul...
15/01/2015 15:22

Logos Clan Crest on gear

The name is pretty self-explanatory but I think that this would be a great add-on, being able to have personalised logos or clan crest on gear (for a SMALL fee of course) would be pretty amazing.
06/01/2015 02:47

Wish List

1st I want pants that cover my butt.. It is winter you know..2nd I want an eye patch men can have one why not the women? 3rd Shorter ship travel .. leave me at sea for a hour I will just go play another game ,, I would think you would want to keep me in t...
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