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03/07/2015 19:07

Change Group Setting So if Leader logs off Without Transfering Leadership,its done Automaticly

you need to change your Group Settings so that If a Leader of a group logs off without transfering leadership to hand out drops then its done Automaticly to next highest Player in group-this is smart & a Must.heres why,i posted this in Guardians just now-...
25/06/2015 17:29


I think it would be great to have at least 3 panels... one for character stuffs, one for dragon stuffs, one for mount stuffs and maybe one for nephilum stuffs, just a suggestion.
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 Storm Kat70 
22/06/2015 04:36

Items Expiring

Is there anyway you could warn us when items are going to expire? I know, I know, I should keep better eye on these myself, but with a full backpack, it's easy to miss when red bags or temple insignias or other goodies are going to expire. A 5 min warn...
24/06/2015 14:53

Gladiator conversions

Two options I'd like to have considered. First, what about adding a conversion for Oath of Gladiator activators. Five of the Oath of Gladiator for one Collar of Gladiator. Once attaining 16,000 rank, the Oath of Gladiator is practically useless. I kno...
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18/06/2015 19:17

Item customization

Hi all, I was thinking: wouldn't it be nice to customize the colour of our equipment (only the visible ones, so weapon/shield, gloves, pauldrons, cuirass, helm, leggings, boots) like we do with skin and hair/beard? It would be done at barbershop. This wou...
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21/04/2012 05:59


Eliminate this from the game it is juvinile. This game is meant to be fun. Being killed by someone who can hide behind a skirt is not fun. Being killed by someone who is a realative match in the arena is challenging. Bieing killed by someone who is mu...
16/06/2015 16:40

Attacking lower level monsters

I just recently started this game, and already I am somewhat tired of attacking one little monster and getting, if I am lucky, the object I need (not to mention the little amount of money) I am trying to forge my own equipment so I don't get quite so bea...
09/06/2015 18:20

Imbalance Of power

Ok Ok this has to be something everyone has noticed by now but there is a massive imbalance in power between the two factions. It is detrimental to BOTH SIDES in the game due to it sea battles rarely launch and duels of truth are almost not worth fighting...
 Storm Kat70 
15/06/2015 07:17

Add mobs information to map

Would be great (especially for the islands) to have an option to see a list of the beasts available at each location. Would save a lot of time I spend searching the library.
13/06/2015 21:23

Little things

1. In auction, get rid of the default bidding price that is already there, it's highly illegal, I doubt anyone uses it, and it's annoying having to erase it every time. 2. The ability to relist an auction. 3. Being able to drag and drop items from reput...
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13/06/2015 17:50


Sorry wrong post
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25/05/2015 20:32


Maybe reduce the number of participants needed to 8 instead of 18? That way it might actually run sometimes... it seems really fun but never runs due to needing so many players at once. Having 8 players would work. I'm sure that many other players would l...
 Storm Kat70 
08/06/2015 06:53

Suggestions for the new medallion

Made 2 suggestions in the new post, but have a feeling those aren't going to get read there. 1 - make the boss fight timer 20 mins again, for those rare cases where you get garuug & trial by combat at the same time. 2 - include ALL PvP for getting the poi...
09/06/2015 03:17

sea battle

I've been trying to do battle in the sea, I would like to complete my quest . It would be good to add ghosts, pirates, or perhaps pay a fee to add any opponent. so to make these battles. is frustrating not being able to do it. People fight. but not very o...
 Storm Kat70 
06/06/2015 05:54

Clan News and Heaven's Voice

Give clan leaders an option to have a post announced by Heaven's Voice. Would be extra nice if we could pick the frequency and length of time the announcement will post.
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05/06/2015 18:34

Cross Faction Alliences

Make these a thing, im sure some [sader] clans want to ally with [vaalor] clans.............kinda weird that you cant do it lol
02/06/2015 03:05

Auction House Wishshopping list

Be nice to log in 10 things that you always look for that you can just click on and everything on list comes up at once.
20/05/2015 15:36

Trial of Combat suggestions

1. I've noticed that the opponents only use fire as their attack spell, perhaps a change from one opponent to the next would be more fair to those who are playing as a Paladin since they have no defense against fire. 2. Since it's treated as a PVP, why...
24/05/2015 00:44

Roaming archipelago map option to see both "clan" and "sydian extraction" at the same time

Please allow both "clan" and "sydian extraction" on the map at the same time in the roaming archipelago map. This would help us know who is waiting for sydian on an island without having to remember to switch back-and-forth between the view modes.
22/05/2015 14:06


I love the ability to close the end of combat screen with the Esc button. That being said, there is one end of combat I wish couldn't be closed that way. As a hunter the prey from the trap must be clicked on after the victorious combat. If you try to c...
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