07/04/2014 15:53

Ability to add comment when addingtaking goldreals from clan chest

For example, I'd like to be able to state: "Borrowing 5g for repairs during war" as I take 5g from the clan chest. Then later: "Repaying gold borrowed for repairs during war" while I add my 5g to the clan chest.
 Storm Kat52 
26/08/2014 04:55

Please make Clan News more like the forum.

Can't find my old suggestion on this topic, so making a new one. 1 - please have the post 'bump' to the top when there is a comment. Trying to update policies and get opinions, and the post is buried too far down. 2 - please have heaven's voice announce...
07/08/2014 13:46

Battleground Q Drop

Iam sure many of you hate when players join pvp q and drop at last seconds. This is done on a daily basis and many players do this just to mess around. its very ANNOYING, MANY of us take the time to get ready to earn valor just to have sum dummy to mess u...
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08/08/2014 12:47

Suggestion - Orb of Recurring Courage (3x Amount of damage - More chance of criticals)

My Idea was that there is this new type of orb called Orb of Recurring Courage. Description: What happens is that you use the orb and there is a wait of 10 rounds before using again. You activate the orb and what happens is that with physical attacks you...
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 Storm Kat52 
25/08/2014 03:38

Quest reset time

would you please consider adding the Clan Quests to the same reset time as Hours of Prosperity and professions quest? This makes planning so much easier when we all have the same reset time. THANK YOU!
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 Storm Kat51 
19/08/2014 04:49

Please put clan weekly rewards in the clan safe

If possible, can you please put the arcs for winning clan weekly ratings in the safe or chest or something? I was out of town but logged in just to take care of them because I know they have a short life span and didn't want to see it expire. In clan sa...
04/08/2014 16:46

Gathering Profession Bags

I often get over loaded with my gathering profession resources so I think it would be a good idea to have profession bags that we can buy once we get 1000 profession mastery. I think after 1k would be best because we can deal with 2 or 3 item types (Farme...
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16/08/2014 01:39


just got back into playing and ive noticed that it doesnt show collections anymore when you go to somebodys profile. it shows medals but not collections people have completed. was just wondering why not add it back.
 Storm Kat51 
09/08/2014 23:15


Can you please update the Handbook to include a description of the new abilities the mob might have? Thank you!
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04/08/2014 17:26

When you ask a question in response to a bug report return to it and see the answer

Says it all really, it might be someone else who has responded to your question but you hardly ever seem to go back once you have made a response. Not never, just not always, or at least post something to show you've looked again.
 Storm Kat50 
01/08/2014 03:51

Zikkars and Invincible Warrior

"Charge the Zikkar with battle fury by taking part in the Arena of Honor, Seven Bridges of Shadan, Tournament of Honor, and Sea Battles." Why wouldn't the Invincible Warrior tournament count? You can imagine how disappointed we all were when our zikkars...
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31/07/2014 10:07


With the new effects on the mobs I think it would be better if there was a way to remove or keep them from using them like fort using certain orbs and such.
30/07/2014 00:35

Zikkar charging in clan wars

Would be very nice if the zikkar would charge also during clan wars. not that much different from those it does charge in, and if in clan war, is time taken away from aoh, etc where could charge.
07/07/2014 05:52

Barbarians in mining: Do not change a thing!

Many will complain - ignore them all! Do not change a thing. I love it! Don't cave-in and make stuff easier for the cry-babies.
28/07/2014 04:04

Can ya?

Make a "Top Trophies" tab, in the ratings section To see who has the most 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place trophies and who has the most trophies overall..
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23/07/2014 00:47

Clan item buysellpurchase or exchange

It sure would be nice to be able to notate a transaction one does with a clan chest when selling, buying, exchanging, borrowing etc.. to assist in tracking or marking something you did, not that it's needed everytime but there are times I would like to s...
23/07/2014 09:43

Time Schedule for Clan War

I suggest you move clan war start time to 24:00 server time
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17/07/2014 02:35

3 interesting suggestions

If you gaurds/admins could keep this in Tavern for awhile, to get some comments.. 1.) In the tavern room... Where you buy it out, for 50R for 25 more spaces Can you switch it up, say 2R for 1 extra space, 50R is a bit bazaar for tavern room, say, I only ...
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11/07/2014 18:10

A new hex

Maybe a hex that can be bought upon achieving 1k clan reputation: "The deserted hex" ! The person who gets it can't warp or sail back to Adan and is stuck in the Archipelago for ...h (fill in the wanted time ).
21/07/2014 23:24

Reals costs more now

I would be happy about it if a constant would stabilize at the price, now I get for 1,99 EUR only 1 real SMS, I've ever eye invite by sms and found that with the 8 reals for 5,99 € more okay, but now it gets really slow extreme. sure the game itself is fr...
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