26/10/2014 01:15

Search and Find Quests

Make them all skippable
25/10/2014 12:17


Having spoken to a few guardians I think it would be beneficial to split the guardians in to 2 seperate clans/icons. 1 for those that are purely advisors and cannot actually do anything as a guard and one for mods that have some sort of powers to do thing...
26/10/2014 00:21

Switching Factions

Few ideas: 1. 10r flat rate unlimited change 2. 10r flate rate 3 changes 3 and 4. 50r flate rate unlimited or 3 changes 5. and 6. 100r flat rate unlimited or 3 changes. 300r is way too much and 1k isn't even considerable especially when it starts out a...
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27/10/2014 22:25

Vortex Of Trapped Souls.

Just a little recommendation - remove level brackets, it doesn't really matter what level you are as everything is removed in the Vortex, it would make them go a lot more frequently!
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11/11/2014 01:28

Join leader's side in insignia fight

never going to happen but would be a lot of fun if it did
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30/10/2014 19:47

Please allow clan rewards to be placed in clan chest and clan safe

Please allow clan rewards, such as stars, to be placed in clan chest and clan safe.
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09/11/2014 13:14

AoH 7b Queue

if there are 2 people queued for AoH or 7b they should be able to fight each other. there are brackets where plays dont do pvp's as much and players who's times zones prevent them from doing pvp's much because not a lot of players are online at all. th...
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08/11/2014 02:47

Miner Profession Suggestion :P

What if 1k miners were able to pick if they wanted 4 miners instead of just 2 each collecting coal or quartz , has anyone considered this?
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02/11/2014 01:48

Bank on mobile

Make bank available from mobile please
 Storm Kat57 
30/10/2014 04:24

Less time dealing with torlings

Ok, this is getting a little out of hand. You have myself and whitefox going out to spend reals on the island protector quest. From Harbor to Opportunist's Pier - hit torlings, 30+mins. Get to Kariol Village for maps fine. Leave Kariol back to Pier, ok....
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 Storm Kat57 
05/11/2014 03:06

Cheaper, shorter life span, gift

Would you please make a 2s, 1 day gift. Sometimes a PM is not enough, but a 2 week message for 25s is too much.
02/11/2014 00:30

Healer Drops

Improve drops for collection items. You guys got it too tight.
30/10/2014 08:29


This forum needs a search function. You know how difficult it is to find ANYTHING specific here?
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28/10/2014 20:53

Chat Colors

Change trade and raid as they look the same
 Stormy Kat18 
27/10/2014 15:12

Allow leaders to remove Clan Gear from players

I know there could be all sorts of problems with this, but there has to be a better solution than Kicking a person with clan gear to get it back. I believe, if there was a way for leaders to "return gear to chest" Only when someone is Offline, that would...
26/10/2014 01:21


He's in the Port District, trying to find a ship off the continent. Hurry, it won't be long before he leaves Tartu." Pirate's head fell heavily to his chest. A quote from a lvl 27 quest. While it means nothing....could it mean something? In the future? ...
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19/10/2014 22:27


1. Take off brackets or widen the bracket margin since it is very hard to get people to queue up for it 2. Add in special music. I like the graphics of the place (and the quietness) but I am interested in what you could come up with other than the sounds...
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23/10/2014 08:21

A little idea for everyone

Hello! Wanted to drop by to bring up an idea that came to mind. During the start of the game just after you finish up the tutorial, it becomes a lot more difficult to hold onto gold and silver that is made.. During these early weeks of gameplay, savi...
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21/10/2014 19:45

Extra Heroism in Clan Wars

Have a quest in Clan Wars for extra heroism like the quests in Sea Battle. Some Ideas: Could be gather X amount of crystals, Deal X amount of damage, Kill X amount of players, Kill X amount of X particular class, Kill X amount of miners,
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20/10/2014 13:35

Heroism shown on battle report just like xpvalor

Title says it all
more about event