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24/05/2015 00:44

Roaming archipelago map option to see both "clan" and "sydian extraction" at the same time

Please allow both "clan" and "sydian extraction" on the map at the same time in the roaming archipelago map. This would help us know who is waiting for sydian on an island without having to remember to switch back-and-forth between the view modes.
22/05/2015 14:06


I love the ability to close the end of combat screen with the Esc button. That being said, there is one end of combat I wish couldn't be closed that way. As a hunter the prey from the trap must be clicked on after the victorious combat. If you try to c...
17/05/2015 22:33

About rankings in TOH

Maybe TRY to account if somebody is in reserve 80% of the time?
15/05/2015 22:25

Dragon Eternity Twitch Livestreams?

I have noticed there is not that many players on the american server because we are not that advertised. Why not have Dragon Eternity to be available for livestreams and broadcasts on Twitch or other game broadcasting sites i mean if you goto the russian ...
08/05/2015 09:02

Change to use of BC spheres rules

Greetings, it's some time now I've been on this world and I noticed a very bad habit by some players who likes to wraith, full buff and then attack with BC players that are many levels lower than them. Now, I can understand that BC reputation is important...
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01/05/2015 02:46

Fully Covered Armour for Women

I really don't like that the women's armour is revealing. I mean, some of us like a full body armour. I wish there was an option to have that as well. It makes me feel powerful to be fully covered in armour than looking almost naked in one. It should be l...
05/03/2015 23:54

Emote ideas...

It would be great to delete these... and to add a coffee (cup), (pizza) and birthday (cake) emotes.
 Storm Kat66 
27/03/2015 21:08

2 food items called Dedaire Snapper Please change the name on 1 of them

{ITEM 73285} {ITEM 61242} Different items, same name.
 Storm Kat68 
23/04/2015 20:32

Essences from Corsair and Undead spells

"While under its effect, Spells from the respective School of Magic will cost twice as much Mana, but for every 100 Mana spent, you will receive 1 Essence...." I did report this as a bug, as per the description, essences should be based on mana spent, no...
 Jose M51 
28/04/2015 02:59

Alliance system and war (detailed)

Since the Clan Wars forum is getting overcrowded I would like to express my personal thoughts here. To start with, since the administration greatly relied on alliances to have more active players participate in wars more often, and many players disagreed...
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26/04/2015 15:10

Mini Game Quest: The Antidote

Guys tell me for the Mini Game quest Brew the Antidote the correct color order solution i want to get it done with. Please and thank you
23/04/2015 00:06

Wedding rings

It would be great to add a buff to them. Make it dependant on level of ring bought, and can be used 3 or 4 times a week as an added bonus buff for pvp, for example :))
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20/04/2015 07:49

At 81k clan rep, a 1000R satellite system that will show all ships, from all clans, on the map

In retrospect, this is probably not really a good idea, but I can't delete this post.
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19/04/2015 20:16

Auction Relist

Could you add a tick box (or something similar) to auction items to relist them or an option to relist until sold? To save having to pick each item and type in the cost each time?
17/04/2015 22:39


i want sounds in dice games. ty
22/03/2015 18:26

Allow us to drag and drop things from reputations menu into chat box?

I dunno... it just kind of bugs me that you can't do that.
23/03/2015 05:43


A panda outfit. Can you picture a panda riding a mount?
10/03/2015 20:37

Real Women Wear Armor

What about offering options to the "Hey! My Face is Up Here!" armor? That way those of us who would rather an avatar with clothing could opt for that. And the wedgie shoes? Seriously? Not all of us are teen age boys...errr... I mean male... I mean ah....
 Storm Kat67 
06/04/2015 23:47

Changes to clan hall to help prevent more robberies

1 - 2 areas for Gold & Reals. Let us have a small amount of gold/reals in cc for people to sell us goodies, but keep a larger savings in the "bank" 2 - Separate permissions for each chest, independent of the other chest access levels. 3 - New chest call...
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