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 Storm Kat70 
23/12/2015 02:02

DE suggestions Christmas Wish List

Best suggestions you think we've seen this year? Quick list of mine 1) forum search 2) Belt loop III in our panels. 3) More Prospector mines (can you open more on the islands? Looks like some supposed to be at Watch Tower/Rad tree anyway) 4) Bigger fr...
 Storm Kat70 
14/12/2015 03:26

Please update the Clans - Clan Wars info

I keep looking there to confirm the time for wars, and the info is very very out dated. Please update it.
16/11/2015 03:51


3D mode for the oculus rift?
 Storm Kat70 
02/08/2015 22:36

Make the repair time on ship battles proportionate to how much you fight back

We're out, playing the game, getting quests done, having a great time, Spending Money....... Have an AWESOME! fight with pandor. Wonderful! All in a great mood! All ready to spe...
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07/12/2015 06:09

More lines in chat history

The chat screen doesn't go back very far. After being afk I like to check if I missed any messages. Adding more lines of history (much more fine with me) would be helpful. I can then clear chat before I leave then check what I missed while I was away. ...
07/12/2015 06:26

Auto items stay visible in pack once depleted

I love that in the panel, all items remain visible (although grey-out) once depleted. This gives me a chance to turn off "auto" after using the last one. There is a very old behavior (I'd call a bug/oversight) that I've never seen mentioned here. An it...
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07/12/2015 06:41

Request chat ignore to also block gifts and to be able to remove any gift

When I put somebody on ignore I do not want to hear anything from that person again. Yet they may get their message to me via the gift mechanism. Worse yet, this message is available for the world to see and some of them cannot be removed. In the past ...
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03/12/2015 22:06

Belts and Panels Info and Suggestions for admin...

On the PC, your belt is the line of brown boxes above the chat window on the left . Both your belt and panel have two sides. Switch sides: click the I or II, but you cannot change belts if you use something from it. Set one belt for pvp, one for killing m...
24/11/2015 18:16

Sparks of inception and sparks of dream

It would be nice if we can buy them off the AH with reals like others...
 Storm Kat70 
07/12/2015 02:21

Ruins of Ancient Temple tab needed

Copying from the Tavern discussion: "After a couple RoA now, I would like to see an "Area" tab, similar to Near but with the whole map on, so we could see at all times who is on our team. RoA is obviously designed as a team-effort battleground, but we can...
06/12/2015 21:04

Please FORCE the 1 minute confirmation in queues

It is so frustrating to know someone has joined the queue and logged off or went sailing. RoA is now just like SB, people sit in the queue and forget to leave. Please Please, consider not even opening the queue until 20:50 Heaven's Voice: Ruins of Anci...
03/12/2015 17:03

Dragon Eternity reviews!

Hello, gamers! Dragon Eternity is added into browser gaming directory! Leave a 5 star rating and a nice review of the game so more new people would get into the game. Reviews and ratings can be submitted here: ...
24/11/2015 22:10

Drop not equal to level with marks, why?

I kill a lv 70 mob and get level similar with food and armor, but marks I get lv 3? Really? Come on DE. Please fix and allow us to get level marks closer to our level of mob we fight when we do get drops for marks. Ty
 Kitty Kat34 
15/11/2015 20:28

Chat Options. Do Not Disturb would be nice.

Private and System Messages has a check mark beside it, but cannot be clicked. Please separate private and system messages. Let me put the whole game on ignore if I want, so I can play how I want, once in a while without any risk of drama. Yes, I u...
01/12/2015 23:54

Lower lvl SB !?!

It's a way for every one to get heroism with out threat from high lvls. But there's always going to be a threat from high lvls. They have better gear and spells and buffs and everything So we need a lvl split by lvls or by Valor or a "Pond Battle" for low...
27/11/2015 23:15

garuug quest popping up during war

Couldn't this be delayed for clans during war? It's only 2 hours and would be nice
 Storm Kat70 
19/11/2015 00:05

Announcements for updates

I recalled Clara pointing out that DE is one of the only games that does not announce what changes are happening when you do an update. We need the info. For example. Today is the first day I noticed that the Deidre Exchanger can be set between 1 g to 2...
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11/11/2015 21:15

Aging characters

How funny would it be to fight as a toddler or grannie?
02/11/2015 17:48

Group leader left months ago but don't want to lose contents of group backpack

We'd like to see it where if the group leader hasn't logged in for a week, they lose leadership. The leadership would be passed onto the person who has logged in most recently. If nobody has logged in more recently, then no action would be taken. This ...
 Glory Cursed20 
04/11/2015 09:39

Concerning the Drop Rate

As this is my first post, I would first desire to say: to my mind, this game is of the best of it's sort, I do much enjoy playing it, although I have found that it is slightly imbalanced, particularly relating to the drop rate of items by way of common mo...
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