11/07/2014 18:10

A new hex

Maybe a hex that can be bought upon achieving 1k clan reputation: "The deserted hex" ! The person who gets it can't warp or sail back to Adan and is stuck in the Archipelago for ...h (fill in the wanted time ).
21/07/2014 23:24

Reals costs more now

I would be happy about it if a constant would stabilize at the price, now I get for 1,99 EUR only 1 real SMS, I've ever eye invite by sms and found that with the 8 reals for 5,99 € more okay, but now it gets really slow extreme. sure the game itself is fr...
21/07/2014 04:21

Ability to expand panel to multiple rows

I have a lot of stuff on my panel. I use panel I and panel II, both full to the point of having to scroll left-to-right. It would be awesome to be able to expand the panel to have multiple rows. I don't mind losing a little vertical screen space to be ...
06/07/2014 22:44

Clan Hall part of winery bubble

When standing in clan hall, the "main" is it's own bubble. Why is this? we have clan chat. I would like to see clan hall included in the main Winery bubble as I like to sit around crafting while I chat on main, and when I go to get supplies, I lose mes...
14/07/2014 16:58

Defiler Quest - A suggestion

I was turned into a defiler on Sunday but was unable to complete my Will of the Dark Lord quest (think that's what it was called) partly because nobody in the arena this morning but also because my clan had a war last night which would have been when I we...
07/07/2014 08:11

Provide last weeks confrontation rankings in both main site and clan rankings

We provide clan rewards based on results of clan confrontation rankings. Please make last week's rankings available on both main rankings and per-clan rankings. This will also give us an additional chance to tell people "good job "
07/07/2014 16:48

AFK button

It would be awesome to have a button that when you press it an AFK sign comes up next to your name because its pretty (VERY) annoying when you don't know someone's AFK and you get in trouble for no paitence
03/07/2014 15:55

Drop announcements

In my opinion it would be very cool to hear the game play an "angel-sound" when you get a good drop (like, collectionpieces, armor, ...). Maybe it's to difficult to program but it would sound very funny .
30/06/2014 04:28

Please add a button to easily restart a recipe in the completion popup message

It would be awesome if I could restart a recipe with one button click from the popup message that says recipe completed. Alternatively, a button that would open the professions on the recipe that just completed would help avoid the additional clicking an...
23/06/2014 23:07


its just an idea. but instead of buying mounts for 1 hour and using the whole hour at one time. make to where we can stop the mount at any time and still have the time to us at a later time or date.
17/06/2014 02:08

Show who caused injury with bc sphere or bane

When I look at another player in either their profile, "Compare to Me", or the healing dialog, it would be helpful to know who caused an injury when using bc spheres or banes. I picture seeing the name of the person who inflicted it when hovering over wi...
20/06/2014 23:58

Orbs drop

I would like to see more orbs dropped, like instead of 5, like 10, 25, 100 so I can depend on using them to complete at least one fight. Kind of like how sparks are 1, 7, 50 etc. Thanks for your consideration.
 Storm Kat37 
20/04/2014 04:16

Clan News - comments should bump post to top

Why don't comments bump the post to the top in clan news? Is there a setting we need to pick? If this is not already an option, please make it one. Thank you!
15/06/2014 08:11

Dragon equipment presets similar to player equipment presets

I really like the equipment presets. I have eight different presets and make use of it on a daily basis. I would like to also have this preset ability for the dragon equipment. This would allow me to more quickly select the dragon configuration to give...
14/06/2014 02:29

Tracking who donated items to clan

I would like a feature that shows who donated an item to the clan in the item info page. It would be fun to see somebody wearing a ring I donated a year ago, for example. I know that the past data would most likely not exist, but would still be fun to s...
04/05/2014 20:38

Forum Search

It would really be helpful to be able to run a search of forum topics. Reduce the number of re-visited topics. A search of the topic line would be sufficient.
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 Storm Kat43 
07/06/2014 02:54

Clan leaders permission to silence clan members

A suggestion, Please consider giving us Clan leaders permissions to silence clan members. I'm sure you understand why.
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12/06/2014 19:51

Pirates & Depletion

You guys should create a new event, like ruthless fury,martial etc. that lasts for 36 hours, where mines don't deplete, and pirates can't attack YOU, but you can attack the pirates, like you spot a normal ship, you have the option to attack it, but withou...
11/06/2014 22:10


Real Exchanger- Instead of trading with clannies, this would be so much better and easier.....Like the dedaire exchanger, gold is put in, and reals are gotten, but reals are from players. You guys should create an exchanger, where you place gold, and it's...
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19/05/2014 04:37


Please get rid of the brackets. The main premise of the battleground is that what is on the inside is all that matters right? So a few suggestions: 1. Keep the magic raised to maximum 2. Make it so level is maxed as well (would require loss of bracket...
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