Storm Kat37 
20/04/2014 04:16

Clan News - comments should bump post to top

Why don't comments bump the post to the top in clan news? Is there a setting we need to pick? If this is not already an option, please make it one. Thank you!
15/06/2014 08:11

Dragon equipment presets similar to player equipment presets

I really like the equipment presets. I have eight different presets and make use of it on a daily basis. I would like to also have this preset ability for the dragon equipment. This would allow me to more quickly select the dragon configuration to give...
14/06/2014 02:29

Tracking who donated items to clan

I would like a feature that shows who donated an item to the clan in the item info page. It would be fun to see somebody wearing a ring I donated a year ago, for example. I know that the past data would most likely not exist, but would still be fun to s...
04/05/2014 20:38

Forum Search

It would really be helpful to be able to run a search of forum topics. Reduce the number of re-visited topics. A search of the topic line would be sufficient.
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 Storm Kat43 
07/06/2014 02:54

Clan leaders permission to silence clan members

A suggestion, Please consider giving us Clan leaders permissions to silence clan members. I'm sure you understand why.
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12/06/2014 19:51

Pirates & Depletion

You guys should create a new event, like ruthless fury,martial etc. that lasts for 36 hours, where mines don't deplete, and pirates can't attack YOU, but you can attack the pirates, like you spot a normal ship, you have the option to attack it, but withou...
11/06/2014 22:10


Real Exchanger- Instead of trading with clannies, this would be so much better and easier.....Like the dedaire exchanger, gold is put in, and reals are gotten, but reals are from players. You guys should create an exchanger, where you place gold, and it's...
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19/05/2014 04:37


Please get rid of the brackets. The main premise of the battleground is that what is on the inside is all that matters right? So a few suggestions: 1. Keep the magic raised to maximum 2. Make it so level is maxed as well (would require loss of bracket...
09/06/2014 00:31

Hunt Rep Mount

Can we please have a Hunter rep mount. Also unlike other mounts that are permanent, can a hunter mount be called from creating an idol. Possibly around 7k rep, (so blue level) and with a health just slightly less than a hero mount.
05/06/2014 21:09

Ignore option

Sometimes there are players that are intent on keeping up an argument/grudge and excessively attack players. While the ignore button prevents you from seeing the rubbish they say, it does not prevent the harassing player from excessive attacks and ruining...
06/06/2014 18:29

Activity Notification Suggestion:

I think it would be great to have "notification" option on character name similar to "Away/Busy/In private chat" button on many social sites. One that would let everyone know "I'm busy...please contact me later." Better about adding not only t...
04/06/2014 00:36

Friendly BC Option in bonecrushing attacks

No gear damage, no curse, YES rep, pay 20% extra for the sphere, can only use one, two, or three times a day. User has option to lock battle as part of the benefits. This is so that I can hit players my level (who are all clanned) without it being turne...
29/05/2014 05:40

Confrontation Points Leagues Level brackets

There are 5 Leagues, but there are more than 5 Lvl brackets. There should be a league for each bracket. Some lvl brackets are not nearly as actives as others, and a player who enters a new bracket ( one thats very unactive for example ) has a great disadv...
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22/05/2014 15:58

Confrontation PRIZE !!

HOPE this is viewd and accepted as I know theres other out there that will like this idea ( especialy for those who like pvp ). On top of the already in place rewards for 1st 2nd and 3rd place finish for weekly confrontatuion, for players who are always p...
26/05/2014 23:31

Rouge Drillers showing as active still

Under my list of events Rouge drillers is still showing as active for me. Nothing I've done has corrected this. This was meant to go in bugs and errors. I didn't get the quest either. was not in my log or anything
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18/05/2014 22:53

Cancel baitseedslureminer

I would like to see an option to cancel seeds/bait/lure/miner that had been set/placed, especially for farmers. The reason why, this is happened to my a few times, I wasn't paying attention and I planted seeds without fertilizers, and I would like the op...
15/05/2014 23:20

Make announcements

When you are going to make major changes like have just been made to hero changes MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT, would it really be that difficult to post in main (as you do for twitter feeds etc.) a few times before the change is made so people don't get caught o...
09/05/2014 08:16

A Fun But Absolutely Never Going To Happen Idea

Have people in dungeon able to fight other prisoners or prisoner generated AI characters or a very powerful jailer. Doesn't necessarily have to be for a reward. Can just be for the heck of it.
04/05/2014 22:58

Store Money In Tavern

Make it just like a clan chest
11/03/2014 21:08


I was wondering why 2 of the same sex cant be married in this game. The world is more accepting to gay marriage so why wont this game accept change i think its disgusting.
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