Changes in professions and recipes!

The time of change has come in the world of Dragons, and we are all with we are waiting with bated breath for the next news. What are we waiting for?..

From now on, all residents of Tarth who own manufacturing professions and are eager to learn from new recipes and schemes red and black qualities, will be able to get them not only by fighting monsters, but also by participating in a number of other activities:

• as before fighting with ordinary and elite monsters;

• defeating particularly dangerous monsters periodically appearing in the vastness of Tart;

• destroying Torlings on a wandering Archipelago;

• participating in a battle with Leaders from other worlds;

• opening chests with reward keys mined during daily incidents;

opening Fortune Test Cube;

• participating in the tournament Invincible Warrior;

• fighting in bloody battlesClan wars;

• taking part in various festive events;

• participating in the League of Eternity.

If you were not lucky enough to get this or that recipe or scheme, you can purchase them on Auction from other players. You can read more about where you can get the recipe you need in the item manufacturing menu.

Fortunately for the brave Hunters forever fighting with their prey, the hunting time was increased from 40 min. to 2h. with the corresponding price adjustments for bait and tools (except knife), when cutting monsters caught using traps, a tripled amount will be issued, respectively resources. When hunting with only a knife, the amount of meat will not triple .

Patient Anglers who have been watching their nets and fishing rods for an infinitely long time will now be able to lure fish, thereby increasing the amount of fish caught in the tackle.


To use the bait, use the appropriate interface tab available when installing the bait in the network.

Do not forget to follow the news, these are not the last pleasant news that we plan to inform you about in the near future...

So how is this any better for the hunter? I could get the same amount of resources under the old time (3 * 40 minutes) as the new system - 3 resources in 2 hours. It seems the other professions are getting more bonuses than the hunter.
Seth Traymor, they can make arrows with their resources so they are more valuabel
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