Game updates!

Greetings, gallant defenders of Tart!

As always, the update will bring you a number of surprises. We hope you won't be disappointed with the fixes and innovations.

1. According to our intelligence, there have been more cases when the summoned imperial warriors in battles in the Arena of Honor did not have time to use the second elixir of endurance, as a result of which the soldiers received less valor and money for killing them. From now on, they will use the elixirs of eternity, and those imperial warriors who previously had 2 elixirs of stamina will now be able to use 1 additional elixir of life:


That. warriors who have defeated the Arena bot will receive valor and gold in full for it.

2. The most powerful Protectors and Necromancer Fighters now have access to new black quality bags for their loyal cerapt:


You can buy new bags in the reputation interface of Vigilant Guardians and Protectors, respectively.

3. Also, from today, the Legate of Val-Thar has revised the tasks given to him for the warriors fighting in the Ruins of the Ancient Capital, from now on, the following tests will await the warriors as additional objectives:

- win 2 battles in the Ruins of the Ancient Capital;
- while fighting in the Ruins of the Ancient Capital, deal the killing blow to the 5th Berserkers;
- while fighting in the Ruins of the Ancient Capital, deal the killing blow to the 5th Witchers;
- while fighting in the Ruins of the Ancient Capital, deal the killing blow to 5th Paladins;
- while fighting in the Ruins of the Ancient Capital, deal the killing blow to 10 enemies;
- deal the killing blow to two or more players three times in a single battle at the Ruins of the Ancient Capital.

4. For the most sophisticated warriors who have excelled in the basics of necromancy, the Necropolis is now available in the Eastern Cemetery. From now on, warriors who have reached 170000 reputation as Vigilant Guardians will be able to create up to 6 black quality skeletars daily, donating 100 pieces. essences of death.


After the depletion of the dark magic of the necropolis, the possibility of creating new skeletars will appear no earlier than 4 in the morning of the next day.

5. For years, brave warriors took away from the goblins their bags of treasures, as well as their grabbing gold, their leader Grump was tired of this. Armed with his bottomless sack, he decided that now it was his duty to get back his precious metal. From now on, everyone who dares to take his huge bag from the Grabber will become the target of Grump's pursuit, and will receive the Hunting Grump effect, warning of impending danger. Each inhabitant of Adana, in battles with other warriors, will be able to mine their accumulated Grabbing gold, thereby attracting even more attention from Grump. When there is too much gold, the next huge bag selected will become the last straw for him, and he will challenge the daring insolent person.

Those who have already fought with Grump report that the goblin has incredible strength, and also suffers from the ailment of all his relatives - Golden fever. Over the hundreds of years of his life, Grump managed to rob all influential and respected residents of Tart, and an impressive reward has been announced for his head, so although he is ready to teach you a lesson, he will not sit for a long time on the spot, you will have exactly 5 minutes, for that to explain to him that the gold belongs to you, hurry up, Stay Grump in the vastness of Tart is not forever. If you manage to defeat him in time, you can get his bottomless sack, however, after such a devastating defeat, Grum will hide in his caves under the Tagol mines, and who knows when he will again pick up the courage to stick his nose to the surface.

Stay tuned for the news - these are not the only changes that we have prepared. We wish you good luck and may the blessing of the Great Dragons be with you!

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