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If you think that a Curse was applied to your character without any particular reason, or Guardian was rude to you, left your inquiry unattended or was acting inappropriately, you can leave a complaint in this topic.

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My friend was removing his account on this game and he gave me his items. I am new to the game, and logged on to find I have been placed under "Shackles of Debt" for accepting his items. I spoke to midnite98 about this, and he informed me that I should mention it on here. I do not understand why this shackling was put into effect, nor do I feel I should be punished for a rule I was not aware of.

My friend's name was "Lukabro" mine is "Drae"
Guardian who referred me here: midnite98

I tried putting a screenshot of the conversation between midnite and myself, but I can not figure out a way to take a picture of the conversation. If it was possible to make the chat window bigger, I would have been able to. The conversation started at 02:17 and ended at 02:27

When you join the game, you agree you have read the rules. That means you are aware of them. IT is only your fault you have lied when joining.
I have the same IP address as my brother, and my account FOR-GLORY was blocked. We do not trade, or even associate in the game. I dont even know how to trade. How can we trade and stuff if only one of us at a time can be on the computer? I would really like to play this game, so please free my account.

You have already created new character, therefor FOR-GLORY won't be released from jail.
I believe i deserve freedom and that im being held in prizon al capon got caught on tax evasion i got caught by a loop hole..i didnt attack the guard that silenced me and cuz i attacked the noob new guard that dont know rules and warns people who curses on 2 consecutive foul language use rather than silence..i get shackled with a big fine...i believe i should be heard and the charges against me should be dropped..please reply with any questions you may have reguarding the incident because there is always more than 1 side to the story and i would appreciate if mine was heard as well...

Your version was heard. Extensively. You attacked guards, 7 times in retaliation to the silence you received. The rules state, you should not attack guards for punishment, nowhere is it stated that you can't attack the guard who did the actual punishing. After a discussion among Guards it was decided you will not be granted any special status, especially considering your past in Guards, and your obvious knowledge of game rules and regulations.
i think this punishment is way more severe than any i have seen for 1st dont just pay 70$ for ur 1st offense or quit the game..this punishment is harsh and based on a technicality that can be justified and unjustified depending on who got the best lawyer and whos final call it is..since u guys are the prosecutor the jury and the judge its up to you guys to be realistic and fair in determining the rightful punishment for a 1st offense..this was like a violation maybe a misdemeanor if ur too radical but the punishment delivered is severe even for a felony case..70 reals is no joke.and if i pay the fine will my security be guaranteed or will i be stalked and cornered until there is another technicality and i get locked up away...and can i be guaranteed that i will get a clan i been waiting to get for so long..i mean the only reason i would pay any fine is if i have something to look forward to..if i know i will soon be geting a clan and i can actually have something to do rather than stare at screen i would pay up but if i feel i will be discriminated against and i wont be given the right to have a clan then even if i do pay the fine i will sit stare at the screen till i get bored and quit the can any of this be guaranteed or is it all on the basis of pay the ransom and then we'll talk what we do to u..with the recent activities of guards jumping in battles of other players when they r suppose to b neutral and all that..i fear for the safety of the interest of the game..please shine some light on this matter

If you wish to complain in the future, use punctuation marks. A full-stop works wonders when writting.You claim accidental and random attacks, yet before the silence, it had not happened before. The rules are very clear please consult them. Techincalities are loop holes in the law. This is not the case here, attacking guards is well regulated. A guard attack merits 10 reals. You have attacked 7 guards, after your silence in retaliation, and bragged about it high and wide. Indeed the punishment is lenient.
i am here on behalf of sire.he may of attacked a guard but i do highly believe he wouldn't(much MUCH less 7 guards).and i am being completely truthful here that i am having some serious doubts that he would or even could brag and it is very unjust since he has no protection of any punishment you give he is a very good player a good friend and i belive that the guared he attacked deserved it and should be kicked from that clan because he is supposed to be the role my piont is he has made his point clear to me that it wasn't his fault. besides if he attacked him and six other on-duty guards joined in the fight and now that's called attacking 7 guards i don't think so and he is also the type of guy who can by reals (or someone else crafts his armour for him) so ether way you would most likely be making more of a profit of letting him continue to play then him quitting.So at least let him go make a exception and motioner him as closely as you like and despise him as much as you like but release him and i can grant he wont do this again and attack any guard for whatever reason.please see my point through-and-through and understand.just like my grandma said before she died her some last words to me were "put your self in the others shoes". i have never followed this lightly and after 28 years i still abide bye it i hope you do to

4 attacks on Guard's in evening and 3 more attacks on Guardians next morning. His first continuous attacks happened only minutes after gag on him was in place. And continued next morning on same Guard that timestamped him several times in a row. Coincidence? I think not so punishment will stay.
well no not really 7 different was only 3 or maybe 4 guards and the others were collateral damage since my main stalked prey wouldn't come out.and more than just ur guards got attacked.the person who silenced wasn't your logic falls are indeed using loop holes and trying to slander me.the situation is being blown out of proportion.its not as bad as you made it.but then again i dont really think justice is done in here when for a normal guard its a serious offense to even defend another guard being bone crushed.but then you see the elites go on and jump into a battle thats being fought between 2 players of the game...something that has nothing to do with the guardians....yet a guard joins the battle choosing where is neutrality in that..if you are the fairest of all and arent bias then what will you do about it...let me foreshadow it for you.....nothing will be done to that elite guard.if you guys are here to assisst players and do justice then i hope you prove my foreshadowing crime was not what its made out to be.all in attempt to collect money and slander my good name in the eyes of my peers.i hope you guys re look the decision and have it over the right can do better than this..all players depend on you and look at you for a light of hope not the cloud of darkness..thank you for allowing me to speak my mind..greatly appreciated

Please do not twist facts. Nowhere have we stated that you attacked 7 different guards. Trying to twist facts is not in your advantage. The game rules clearly state: It is forbidden for players to ASSAULT the Guardians using Bonecrusher spheres. Please state how you think this rule was wrongfully applied. Also, please show the rule where it says Guards are not allowed to join fights.
lol 50 gold no way i made 50 gold off any trads or deals with muti account supposed to be a percentage not a multiplier so no chance of reducing the fine ? cause i cant spend reals if so let me know ill just go reroll

You exchanged with your multies quite alot of Elite Protectors collection items which each go for several gold.
you really just told sire right there that a on duty guard can join a elite battle and the origanal battler can be acused of bcing a guard i would think not and do as sire said or at least try "do the right can do better than this..all players depend on you and look at you for a light of hope not the cloud of darkness.."

Where do you see in text that 'guard being on duty can join fights' , please get your facts straight before posting.
you told me to show the rule were gardians are not allowed to join fights before your saying they can and now your saying they cant get me the like that says the rule that garduanse have to abide bye

You were given link rules they have to abide by. Also your misunderstanding here - Sire nowere in his text mentioned 'On Duty Guardian', he just wrote: "when for a normal guard its a serious offense to even defend another guard being bone crushed." I dont see any mentioning for being on duty, so in this case i was answering to Sire's original posting.
.............................well I'm waiting..................

Here you go:
not sure who but someone silenced me for 2 hours and i didnt peep a word unfair silence cos i dint swear i wasnt even chatting i had full screen gameplay so no chat

We'd like to apologize as silence was applied for swearing from Sattas account. And if we do understand correctly Sattas is your brother.
i did like to know why am i in prson shackel saying that i played 2 accounts when i never did? some1 help me pliz

How about accounts - Dark_Lord_Master and jhonson on same computer you play?
i would lie to know how did i get in here?

How about accounts: Dark_Lord_Master and ULTIMATE DARK LORD on your same computer plus illegal trades - green items worth few gold transfered between characters for silver, same question to person above.
we werent playing in the same computer we were playing in different computer but with same internet jhonson is ma bro and he never traded any green item to any1 + dark_lord_master our cousin log in to collect daily bonus and log out to eat. im pretty sure it was the internet that synchronized us all at the same timeeven though we were at different computers. its all true pliz ask themamma that i will never play in more than 2 accounts

We are pretty sure, you are the same person. There are trades between the characters, and furthermore the names are almost identical. You shall not be released.
what it been stated about me is not true because i never traded unless i hade to sell my jawbone to ppl and that it but i never traded green item i had with any of the account been mentioned above so it is unfair that i got prision shackle for some thing i havent done and as ultimate dark lord said we were playing with an internet that synchronize us all as if we were playing on the same computer but we werent at all, we were playing on 4 different laptop. plz i would like to get out of shackle including ultimate dark lord, dark_lord_master(which he is my cousin ) out of prision plz ">">

We are pretty sure, you are the same person. There are trades between the characters, and furthermore the names are almost identical. You shall not be released.
it true waht my cousin jhonson and ultimate dark lord are saying we were playing on different computer but with the same internet connection but because of my cheap internet it made it look like we were on the same computer but we werent plz guardians understand it plz we never would do any thing bad like that ">">

We are pretty sure, you are the same person. There are trades between the characters, and furthermore the names are almost identical. You shall not be released.
This is not fair. I have played on my character cadbury for just TWO DAYS and i have been put under prisoners shackles.I was then told to pay 100 reals.I did not pay this so I now have been told that I have no chance for redemption. Why has this happened to me when I have done nothing I repeat nothing at all wrong.. This unfair and I demand to be released from prisoners shackles,so I can continue to play this game in peace

Character released.
i would like to know why i got silence for an hour on a first offense. for asking someone a honest question. he setting there insulting an entire clan. so i asked him are you a moron. it was an insult just a question.

There was constant flame war between him and several people. Instead of making insults report him and watch him receive his punishment in future. Increased time of silence may have been applied to stop dicussion of this conflict further.
i would like to know what was or will be done about ArcanePaladin threatening me i posted in the bad nickname area where it talks about threatening people and stuff but moderators erased my link to his name no little checked thingy nothing i reposted today the attempted intimidation of me to control the price of stuff i find abusive

Bad nicknames thread is only for reports on inappropriate nicknames not actions of player - therefor your post was deleted. You'll need to provide proof on conversations and exact threats that were made in order for it to be looked into, preferably with screenshots of chat-logs. I've already replied that in general your strategy on selling sparks is legit, they can believe you're causing inflation on spark prices (which would still bet legitimate thing to do), but in this case if they would research the market - it is not the case.
ok so your saying when i click that time stamp report think to report a conversation yall dont get those cause i used that form first well ok ill remember to get a screen shot in future i cant repeat what he said without proof that would be wrong i know that but again this Question is "when we use the Time stamp report function you do not get those statements ? I was under the impresion chat between two people could be found when it was reported that way " I will try to do better in the future to make a record of threats.

Yes we do get timestamps, however it's not possible to follow each and every timestamp 24/7. Also sometimes whole conversation is needed to see the context as one chat-line might as well be meant in different way. And if your getting harassed through pm's - use ignore function. However players are allowed to use in-game features as they wish, that for example includes bonecrushing you for your market strategy.
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