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hey, i know i asked for be jailed, thats ok, but i see some friends are jailed to, im kind of a brother from d"eathknight, same ip, and i loaned money to him and other players, theyre shackled cussa me, i forget to say to them that i was stopping with this game, so theyre shackled for nothing, this is all my fault, not theirs, i loaned d"eathknight 100g word stuff without saying ill be shackled next days, cus i asked, i thought about my loans to late, that they cant pay back in prisonshackle, so now theyre shackled cus u think they did somethin wrong, but i did, ALL MY FAULT, NOT THEIRS!!!!

pls help them
I would like to say that i was in fight chat for Christmas quest and made an opinion, although somewhat strong and regrettable, not vulgar enough to warrant a 5 hour sentence. Server time is 21:31 on December 21st 2012 so whoever saw my post and silenced me is supposed to be on duty but is fighting? Isn't that against the rules for guardians to participate in events on duty? Please let me know I would be interested in seeing why such a minor offense gets 5 hours. Again, I realize this may have been a very vague breach of rules but first offense and no warning at all.

21:31 clarineted: alright, im gone, draggys gone, good luck with this bull----of a quest

You got the reason with the silence. You have made negative comments on a quest in main chat that sparked further swearing posts, and warranted more silences. Had you made said comment in private or clan, there would have been no further action. Inciting people is not welcome.
It has been 2 years since i have been in the dungeon i want to be released now because this doesnt make any since i got my hopes up thinking i would get out if i just wait but no. My dad is away in the military right now and this game was the only thing that stop me from think about him while he was away or when will he be coming home...i want to get released now.

The game hasn't been around for 2 years.
i do want to add though that i was accidentally logged into the old character once or twice due to logging in via facebook but i immediatly logged out again and took no actions...this occurred because i play facebook games on that email address connected to old account and not from current email associated to my current account

Both you and your wife have been released from shackles.
could you please explain why i need to pay 75g to be released from shackles.i am sorry for the rule break but surely the 75g is over the top.this is a top game which i recommend to all my friends.please sort this out as i miss the game already.take care from a big fan who apologises for the rule will never happen again

For your trades with character -solo- , and not paying for received goods.
i have 50g only in game please take that by all meens but the 25g will be paid back i promise if thats what it is,i will sell my goods which i have to make the other 25g,it will never happen again.the said player as quit now and ive learnt my lesson big time.seasons greetings to you
I was just silenced by Esta Kinya for 5 hours for asking Aish/Alsh (however its spelt) in main chat "how are you a vaginal fart?"
This was in response to them copying and pasting a PM from Zondar saying not to be a queef and copy/paste the PM.
First off i fail to see why i was silenced for asking what i did without using the hidden term of queef. Also even if it is a punishable offence the rules state that it is a 2 hour silence for swearing after being warned and 3 hours for any offence after the original. A) I was not warned.. just straight silenced, B) 5 hours for it is way excessive and C) if i can get punished for using the actual term then surely the person using 'queef' should also be silenced.

You weren't punished by Esta Kinya. Also, you should have complained on the queef sentance, had you suspected you were the only one punished.
can you explain why u put a 75g buyout plz,i want proof why the value of buyout is 75g,that is way too high.take a look at items i got from solo and they dont add up to 75g,i still have an item in my backpack what u can take towards buyout,i think its necklace.thanks and take care

They actually add up to more than 75 gold , if you're gonna keep complaining in this thread i'll just increase your punishment for continous trade rule breaks.
I have the same IP address as my brother, and my account likedoinworksmaste was blocked. We do not trade, or even associate in the game. I dont even know how to trade. How can we trade and stuff if only one of us at a time can be on the computer? I would really like to play this game, so please free my account.
we play from different conputers
we have done no harm here i dont see why 2 bros cant play this without gttingin trouble

Punishment removed from this character, what is character name of your brother?
05:47 Heaven's Voice: A Curse of Silence has been placed on you. You are not allowed to write in chat for another 4 min. 49 sec.. Reason: Trading/looking for Groups outside respective chat channel

We are supposed to be warned before this happens. I realize that I am not a new player and yes I am aware of the rules but mistakes happen. To be immediately cursed and then Esta saying watch the channels please after I was cursed is not the way it's supposed to happen. 1st time warning then if repeated silence.

5 minute silence is often used as warning. While, yes, mistakes tend to happen you might as well wait out those five minutes.
my brothers name i think is doinwork or -doinwork- he doesnt play much thanks for releaseing me
and before you ask the reason why i got barb gloves, i toke out a 200r loan and it was due to be paid so before i got shackled i place my gloves and cuirass in chest for frost to use, but you shackled him by mistake before i paid the reals back and we have a chance to swap back through chest, i know i can kick him to get the gloves back and all the rest of MY items which now belongs to the clan but why should i when we have followed the game rules and haven't done anything wrong, like i said check clan chest log the evidence is there.

Your characters were under suspicion of multiple accounts, however we've decided to release Frost Dragon. Please keep complying with rules and neither of you should have any more issues.
i wish to be free from shakles of debtor , i used to play with the caracter name amol , wich i asked to be jailed when i reroled , then i setup the caracter amolnarus and played for 4 hours on that caracter . when i try to resign i couldn't and i report that but the problem was not solved , i start playng then on character amolnarus1 and was no trade betwin them 2 characters . i can acces the character amolnarus so i can ask to be jailed or to anithing about it. thanks

Shackles have been removed from you.
me, my dad(blizimous) and my mom(blakroz) were all shackled. when I log on it says the reason for punishment is playing with multiple characters, but this is my only active account, yes we all play on the same ip address & they play using their Facebooks. This is my second account, my first account was shackled due to the name which i understand. I like playing this game alot, but im not going to make a third account thats a little too much i think. Is there any way i could be freed? pleaseeee
hi (again)

this is me, real me, not my bro
actually i ask to be freed again, cus my bro traded all my money from previous acc, nikske, and wrote all complaints, i said to him dont do, theyll, the guards, will shackle me, i didnt thought bout this acc till yesterday, my bro knows all my passwords, except my new one for my new acc

just wanna ask to be freed to get my sparks and other items back, ill pay for em, i rerold again now, but just wanted to say this

PS: i was very mad at my bro but ok, i understand y he did, and y u did to

Character shall not be freed, if you share access to your character everything he did was at your own responsibility.

Esta Kinya

Well, I did just make a very descriptive & detailed post, but there wasn't enough room in the box... Brief sum-up: Natsu Dragneel & I were both just slapped with 2hr silences, I believe for saying "snot", with no warning/pm prior, or after the fact, with an explanation...

I do have a screenshot saved & will post this, as soon as I'm able to access my PhotoBucket account (since it's been 6 years)


Esta Kinya was not the one who silenced. Nonetheless thank you for letting us know about action taken here, be sure it will be looked into.
Charcter Nickname:Death-Blade
Guardian Nickname:Midnite98

I said hi in coloured chat (AUCITEM 35211,auc,hi)
And midnite there gave a me a chance but when i came back from getting a drink i was silanced for Sayin it!"">">">">

5 minute silence is often applied as a warning.
Hello I accidentally requested shackles of whatever they are on my character when I went meant to imprison somebody else can you please remove them so that I can shackle the other one?

Shackles removed, and you posted in voluntary jail thread with "Jail Me" message. If ever repeated in future your character shall not be released next time.
Okay, I've logged on today, to see I've been shackled & silenced, for what must've been 24hrs... This is completely baffling to me...

Can I learn the reasons why both has happened, please?

"Illegal money transfer" makes very little sense, to me....

Your trades with player Asmodean - canvas belt and imperial belt basically for free.
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