Complaints regarding Curses and other Guardian actions

If you think that a Curse was applied to your character without any particular reason, or Guardian was rude to you, left your inquiry unattended or was acting inappropriately, you can leave a complaint in this topic.

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1.Your nickname
2.Nickname of Guardian
3.Description of complaint
4.Proof - link to screenshot or copy of a chatlog

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I would like to know why Esta silenced me for 2hr for coping a a message that said another player was silenced and how the game allows such names. I understand that the other players name is offense but it shouldn't have been allowed in the game. The response was a little over top....

Copy paste of violation (be it bad name, message or anything else) is still a violation of chat rules and the reason you were silenced.
Complaint form

Heavens Voice
12/11/13 being bullied by RedRoses and Trauma in chat, was placed under a curse of weakness by one of them, when I verbally defended myself I was placed under spell of silence by AUTO GM? for curssing. This is NOT fair, I don't mind being silenced, but how can I be cursed by a player just for speaking at all? I want them punished, just as I was.
4.Proof - link to screenshot or copy of a chatlog
I called out for GM or anyone else who would help me, but all I got was frustrated and silenced by "Heavens Voice" when I vocalized my frustration. I could not believe the way they were laughing at YOU for being so incompetent as to leave them to their plundering.

People can attack other players for whatever reason they see fit and it is no way against rule. Swearing/insulting others for it however is.
I do not know why I was silenced. This is what the reason was given to me 12:53 Heaven's Voice: A Curse of Silence has been placed on you for 30 min. Reason: Forbidden topics (politics, racism, advertisements etc.). I did not say anything in that matter, this happened on 2/2/14. I would like an explanation of my silence.

There were mild inappropriate sexually explicit reference.
Minero de OroI do not know why I was silenced. This is what the reason was given to me 12:53 Heaven's Voice: A Curse of Silence has been placed on you for 30 min. Reason: Forbidden topics (politics, racism, advertisements etc.). I did not say anything in that matter, this happened on 2/2/14. I would like an explanation of my silence.

There was a mild inappropriate sexually explicit reference.

What is when I told KingBoxa, which he is on my friend's list, "Does the sucka need a sucka?", if so, I was calling him a sucker (teasing him), and I was referring as to offering him a sucker (like when someone gives a child a sucker to be quit or stop whining), because he was whining when one of my alts was beating him during martial day of valor. But, whatever the silence was only 30min, I just think I shouldn't of be silenced for something ridiculous.

Teasing or not KingBoxa decided it was an insult and time-stamped the message. You could have gotten 1 hour for instead of 30 minutes.
id like to report an abuse of power against the head guard irish for this reason.
01:37 Heaven's Voice: A Curse of Silence has been placed on you for 5 hrs. Reason: Negative statements about the Game, Game Administration or Moderators
since when was it ever a rule to have a freedom of speech to say when i feel a guard is abusing their power and i make thoes statements public as to get other players opinions on it and i get silenced for 5 hours for it. in my eyes this is a clear example of a guard abusing their power because they dont like to hear that many players feel that their doing their job poorly. i believe corrective action should be taken to resolve this issue

First of look up what exactly is "free speech". Free speech protects you from your government not in private establishment, owner of bar is still free to kick you out for statements you make. If you have an issue with guard(-s) you post in appropriate thread, any "discussion" on moderators actions in main chats can and will almost always result in silence.
Auran Calypso


This person gave a curse of silence for speaking in a discussion about rules and punishments being excessive and the punishment reads that I said negative comments against the guardians. This is untrue and I have screen shots of this conversation she punished me for. She stated that the rule governing this was that public conversations that criticize the game, admins or mods was against the rules. But this conversation was not criticizing any of the above stated topics. This conversation neither took any form of public insult towards this game and strictly opened due to players being punished for mistakes they apologized for. It had nothing to do with the rules in place.

check my photo gallery for screen shots

Aiyshia wasn't the one who silenced you as a guard she merely explained things, also your screenshots doesn't show any conversation prior to 17:39 in chat.
19:51 Bones420 » _Mindless_Prodigy_: i didnt say you could do HoP, back to your corner
19:53 Heaven's Voice: A Curse of Silence has been placed on you. You are not allowed to write in chat for another 1 hrs. 59 min.. Reason: swearing
19:53 Eddo » Bones420: mind your language please

where im my message was their any reason for me to get silence, their was no swear what so ever in my message and i get silenced for 2 hours? this to me seems like a major mistake, their is no reason that i should have been silenced, and i would like to know why i was silenced for swearing when that was the only message i had sent

It was for your swearing (full pron. of wtf) at 19:47 that curse of silence was placed on you not for the part you linked. Silence was warranted.
1. lord Wolf
2. caelech (lvl34), R_17 (lvl70). Not sure if their guardians
3. I was trying to complete heroic monster quest against lvl 32 monsters. I usually join random individuals when they first start a fight, and am fully armored and potted. I join other players because that is the only way for me to get heroic points, and I need help dealing the
Sat 100-400 damage. If I find a player is dying do to me joining, I stop and look for another player. Today this random player Caelech (lvl34) from clan Elitists suddenly attacked me with BC and than continually BC me to the point where I had to take off my armor to save it from damage and he put 3 curses with BC on me. than his fellow level 70 clan member R_17 threatened to have me shackled for doing what? Am I not allowed to join players to fight monsters? Apparantly he said he put me on ignore, not sure what that means....

Bonecrushing is not against the rules.
Silence for an hour for the aquivalent of I don't care about you just because it contains the f word, with reasoning "insult"
I don't care about you and any of its aquivanlents are not an insult.

It's still a swearing.
On my Volcron account Ichorr keeps attacking me just to destroy my armor and for the fun of it (basically ganking) because I said political things in Main Chat. Is there a way to keep him from attacking me forever because he wont stop and I've asked him to stop. Please help its getting on my nerves.

First of all politics should be avoided all together in chat. Secondly - it is not against rules to use bonecrusher spheres against any player for any reason and any amount of them. Any further spam in forums regarding this and will however be considered violation of rules as you've already been answered.
Resolved. Thank you.
My nickname is Mattheas. I was accused of using alts. I assure you that I do not use alts. My IP is a public one at a university. I shared this game with my friends at college and we have been playing for a few months now. We even grinded to make our own clan. I don't see how not only me, but my friends too were imprisoned for having the same ip. I understand taking the measures to stop cheating and I don't think your Admins/Guardians are wrong for punishing us but please we love this game and we Dont want to lose it. My punishment was issued somewhere in the last week. Thank you for your time.
wrong toon....
1.Your nickname - Storm Kat, Katnip Kingpin
2.Nickname of Guardian - rhatmes
3.Description of complaint - biased threats based on rules that do not exist.
4.Proof - link to screenshot or copy of a chatlog - 01:15 rhatmes » Katnip Kingpin, Storm Kat, kingmp: I have looked into the last 3 wars with your clans and discovered that dragonborns players were alts - this is considered fight rigging and must stop as further such wars will be fined up to 200R

More information:
There are multiple alts in multiple clans that play in many wars. This is a targeted, unnecessary, attack. No rules were broken at anytime, none of the individual fights were rigged and even the war ending was not predetermined. At anytime, any other clan could sign up for wars and with potentially the same results. There is also multiple alts on the war links that happen every weekend.

Were all the clans warned not to let any alts join wars? This is a new rule, if so, and needs to be given its own post and proper notification to everyone before any warnings are issued.

Later while discussing, I asked the following questions but rhatmes had to go. Any guard can advise:

I would also like to open the clan DragonBorn for all new players again. How many non-alts do i need before it's no longer a problem to anyone. any warnings sent? ?? how about that one? where no one showed up at all? all mains? really?

Those are just some of the examples of wars where (as far as anyone knows), no warnings were issued.
It has always, in the past, only been about 1 - not rigging fights 2 - not stopping others from queueing. Fights were not rigged. Fallen and DragonBorn have never stopped other clans from queueing.

Please respond so I can get back to my game playing.

Firstly this is slander I have treated your clan fairly and the warning was issued because an established rule was broken - You know full well that my objection was to the fact a fallen player scheduled Dragonborn on Tuesdays knowing that they had a very good chance of getting Fallen - the clan war that followed consisted of Fallen alts in Dragonborn fighting other Fallen players with the intention of gaining heroism, reputation and confrontation points for Fallen This happened 3 weeks in a row so pretending it was not so fools no-one. I did tell you and others in Fallen that this was not acceptable. I never once said alts should'nt be be allowed as there were rules in place to allow the fair use of alts. In this case they did not apply. I took my investigation to another member of council and we agreed that a warning should be sent to you and the leader of Fallen. The rule is that players are not allowed to manipulate the game to gain an unfair advantage which is clearly the case here. And by now you should have received the ruling from the council which backs me up and tells you what you can and can't do with Dragonborn. As to your other examples I am sorry nobody brought them to my or any other council members attention but I was asked to investigate your 3 wars and found them to be rigged. And finally consider this if you had done it just the once you would have probably got away with it like the ones above so you only have yourselves to blame for pushing it as far as it could go - rhatmes

I have taken care of this. Ruling reached and posted in main forum. I am the council member she consulted and have outlined what qualifies as rigged fighting. Any further questions please PM.
Firstly, this is not slander, it is using the forum provided to question a guardians threats against myself and kingmp.
Second, this is not meant to be in bold, it is a game bug that I cannot fix. I also cannot edit or remove my above complaint as it is now locked by rhatmes, so my apologies to all from those links above, it was no my intention to keep them there once the answers were provided.

Leane and Rhatmes, I have not read them in full as of yet, but will remove all diplomacy options from alts that you have now made me aware of. I will read and comment on that post when I've had time to process and privately discuss the changes. Thank you very much for taking the time to clarify the new rules.

May 26 update, after a quick view of the rules post - The main guard post seems to clearly state that leaders will not be punished for the actions of others; so there was no official warning directed at Kingmp or Storm Kat? If Kingmp and Storm Kat are in the clear, without the threat counting against them, please edit the original post to say "Resolved. Thank you." if you can, as per my previous examples of dealing with guard complaints. Thank you!

I have taken care of this. Ruling reached and posted in main forum. I am the council member she consulted and have outlined what qualifies as rigged fighting. Any further questions please PM.
Not legal trades with exchanger
Trades was in both sides, and after payed punishment---200g, from my account was removed by her else 85r (first with punishment)+80reals(because i tryed ask for what she stole reals after punishment and asked check this mayhem others admins), i really not sure if she can it???
Mrbiggie. Hello, please free the Persian, I understand everything, Please, I need this game
DRAGONBOR for shto I was given a prisoner's shackle. I didn't violate anything just didn't play for a long time,I really want to play
sorry I won't do it anymore.
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