Not moving to Terra now?

So, kind beast is gone? Just wondering if it’s even worth playing. No terra= no game. This server does not have enough players to support a fun gaming environment. There is no point to it unless we merge. It would be worthwhile to transfer us, think of all the reals pandor alone would buy. Probably pay for 3 admins salaries a year. I feel bad for Harley, all that money he spent maxing out crafting reps, wow what a bummer.

Why can’t we pay to go to terra, I could care less if it’s not translated to English. I think 100-300 reals for every one to transfer is fair.
You're seriously wondering if it's still worth playing DE? For god's sake, no, it's not. Investing in DE is a waste of time and a waste of money. The fun factor has already been gone for a long time. The game has become boring to the point of yawning. I too once loved this game, couldn't wait to log in and fight battles. I looked forward to meeting my "friends" online to chat and have fun. Loads of real money poured into my char. For what?

The game is no longer evolving, many people I loved are gone. And the money I could have better donated to a charity tbh.

Hmmmm, regarding terra. Over there, they don't fart glitter and poop rainbows either.
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hello .. i am too low level but for me the game had become too hard in the moment they remove the money that you can receive from pvp.

it cost too much to repair items.

why they do not add something that you can put on items to become unbreakable
Robert Marian,

one can buy these kind of things at merchant when he comes once a month
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