how do i start my on clan

cant use pots in a elite fight

i was in a elite fight useing simple elixer of endurance and my pots faded with 3 left and i could not use them even after refreshing 2 times

What happen to game?cant login in?

Is my network problem?i been halfway dced and i try about 2hrs just show no data found on this webpages?

Few questions regarding the game


I've started today with the game and level 11 now. I got here by doing all quests I could find but now I'm kinda stuck, only the dragon quest and map quest are left which both seem really hard to finish.

Regarding the dragon quest, what ...


At lvl 10, did everyone get tht white dragon that asked for them to collect 200 air essence?

Searching for a Clan

Hy my Ingame nick is NSOAD looking for a Clan where are some German players im LV 6 at now

Some Help for Our New Warriors Here in Adan.

Here are some questions that I often find being asked more then once at a time and more often throughout the day. I thought that I should help out and create this little F.A.Q. of my own,

How can I get more sparks?

You can obtain Spark of Incep...

Valoor City

I'm having trouble finding the armor merchant in Valoor City. Where is it? It's a monster? Or is available only after reaching certain level in the game? Where do I have to click?
Thank you!

Level 20 Skrag Caves Boss

Group of 4 19's and 1 18 attempted the second boss in Skrag caves, went well until we saw he had 20888hp...

3 bosses in skrag?????

anyone explain?

Epic level 19 elite battle

No drop

Search for Clan.

hi all, search for clan. Better with russians or germans. Ingamename: CragHack, lvl 13

Skrag Chief taken down!

He dropped a lvl 3 green witcher sword and a lvl 10 blue zerker charm.

First Ever Tournament of Honor

(spaces need to be removed from links)

1 " " fight.php?id=4ec9418b-9487-0116-dc27-7e1becd6edd0
3 " " fight....

First Ever Level 16-21 PVP

As the sun reached its full peak over the seven bridges today, the first ever combatants of the 16-21 level entered into combat. Robin of the Hood (16) and McSneaky (20) came out with their secret weapon (Replicant Robin 16) representing the nation ...
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