Mastery Points

How often are you supposed to get mastery points for using a spell. I get a point for roughly every 20 times a use a spell.

Why I named my character's named Rosie Rear

I tried different names for 45 Min and this was the first one I could think of that WASN'T already in use.

Upload photo and win a prize - Winners

(sparkler) (sparkler) (sparkler) (sparkler) (sparkler) (sparkler) (sparkler) (sparkler) (sparkler)

Our "Upload photo and win a prize" event is over! We would like to thank all the participants for their great pictures and now it's time to announc...

Why is Luck matter so much?

Everything seem to be ruled by luck, despite there is none of that attribute in this game. How much you get to attack depends almost purely on your luck and enemy's lucks. Here's how I see the attributes list...

1) You get Intuition for lucky crit...


How do I switch out in battles when they are more than one ally and more than one enemy is it possible or does it just look that way with the way they pop in and out of the screen

Need help....

Ok, new to the game, pretty cool game, helps me kill time, I want to build my character the correct way.. but still confused on what does what.. I've play alot of games before, just not sure what to do and what to wear in order to create certain type...


can u please delete this account i started a different account


can u delete this account

New guy

Just a quick question. Is there any sound avalable? If so, how do I turn it on?


iam looking for a clan to join

Mock battles

So, how do I get to a mock battle? I can't seem to find them.


i have heard of this AH thing but idk wat it is. please comment


lvl 11 pally dark side looking for clan charachter name Demented

An update?

Since we got an announcement ingame about an update coming just wanted to know what new stuff we will be getting with it? Since theres no info posted about it anywhere unless i missed it..

Is there any profession we can chose?

Is there any profession we can chose, and why not?
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