Lvl 90 cap & Ascendance

Sooo, pandor. has asked us to open the lvl 90 cap. Let me explain the possible danger of doing it.
There're few people on the Nova server, and opening another 20 levels can spread active playes even further, what may result in empty BGs and trouble with finishing quests.
BUT if you guys think that benefits outweigh the risks - we CAN do it. Plase, write your thoughts here. If I'll see enough activity here - I'll call a vote in the game itself. If majority votes yes - the Nova server will get lvl 90 cap and all additional content associated with it.

P. S.: Merging with Terra is out of the question. That's not even our decision, and there's nothing we can do about it, so we'll concentrate on revivng the game here on Nova.
Yes as clan leader of Elitists I feel this is imperative to keeping this server alive and moving forward.
We have seen so many of the top players quit because of this issue.
If the cap is raised so many people will return to Nova.

Level 70’s vote should weigh more then the lower levels, many of us have been waiting several years for this to happen.

Please open the cap so we can bring life back to this server.

Thank you ~ Linda
Please raise it! thank you!
Not going for it , I vote no.
Yes! I vote yes!
but we are having now this kind of problems because a lot of players stop play because you remove a lot of good events and this new cap level will be good for us.... then please raise it
It will bring back some players but not sure if it will benefit all brackets. I vote no.
With lvl 90 open its better if u guys make a new bracket
Open it up. Need some changes to keep the game from continuing to die.
I think the discussion should be talk about thoroughly. NOVA server has been diminishing and spreading more levels on a dwindling server will probably frustrate some active players to the extent that s/he quits along with the 100 or so active toons that goes along with that active player.
Dredian , you should revisit the merger discussion with TERRA again cause that is one viable solution. Ask them what circumstance needs to be accepted before they want NOVA. One suggestion is to limit the numbers of toons going to TERRA cause 100+ is way to much.
I vote yes. I am not by far done with my reps and such, but i have seen too how many friends and players have quit due to boredom, and many of them kept the game interesting.. my heart hasn't pounded with excitement from a BC in a long time..
I think merging with TERRA could be a very bad idea - they will see us as fresh meat, and lets face it we could not defend against them. Saying that though it could be very fun having all that do have - competitions and actual events
I want to say thank-you sooo much for wars being back, although we did not get to fight anyone in the test run.. it is a relief to know things are being done here again SO THANK-YOU.
IT’S BEEN 3 YEARS with the same quests. I have left a number of times because it has been boring. Many good players have left for lack of newness. We need to open the cap so long time players stay . I vote Yes please open the cap
Idk if raising cap is the right move, most of the ppl that wanted it isnt active anymore lol, imo the best move is to move sb/ruins from faction based events to random teams that will get the server more active in the long run
For me, this is bad because I only recently took level 70 and failed to reach many peaks because I do not invest a lot of money here, but I'm shielding it will give a second wind to the server even if I suffer as a result I vote For too long on the server there were no updates!
I say Yes!
Open it up. Need some changes to keep the game from continuing to die.
all players wait it
For me it is a big mistake, our server is unprepared for it, people who are happy about this idea can be counted on their fingers, and another part of the players could discourage further play
Wow nice news, We has back wars and can make rebith. Its good idea to bring life to this server and not gather all in last league. So i vote offcorse YES. Now i can back more erlier from vacation. Gl all.
Also I ask you to draw the administration's attention to the opinion of those players who have been playing for years and do not leave it.
I think that every voice is important but even if the character 1-10 lvl votes not the fact that he will reach level 50.
  And those who have set themselves the task of creating additional levels to stimulate growth and competition, and where there is competition there is competition and interesting
I agree with dragon Fire. I’ve been here 5 years you need to give us some weight in this decision
Я голосую НЕТ!
Если кому-то скучно играть - скоро начнутся клановые войны,
Если и это скучно - можно ввести новые задания-квесты,
НО крышку 90 нельзя поднимать!!! - будет большая разница.... уйдут средние уровни (средний уровень - большинство)
I vote NO!
If someone is bored to play - the clan wars will soon begin,
If this is boring, you can also enter new quests,
BUT 90 can not be lifted! - there will be a big difference .... the average levels will go away (the average level is the majority)
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