laker, you had to bring your game wife in to save your ass lmao
rascal68, hey its not my fault she wants to tell the truth, I don't see themamma coming to ur defence noob lol
laker, she knows I can back myself up durr wake up nooblet
rascal68, lol sure sure, I remember a battle yesterday where I kicked ur as tho
yes this thread is far beneath you, because you are so peacefull, never hate and abuse anyone, or ruin others game. you lie as miserable as you are.
you are not elitists, because "elitists" not exists anymore and this is your personal succes.
its filled with alts, spyes, inactives, cheaters, and loosers=truelly elitists? lead by you (here no need description)?
im curious, wich clan will be the next who let you in to destroy itself =) admins dont need shut the server, only enough that you enter clan by clan and ppl will leave game soon. way to go ;)
Sydeste, wow so nicely and true words

laker, looser^^
vedmak1984, he didn't tell u that he used every. buff possible tho
laker, bet you wish you had good skellies now
Storm Kat, for only 1second, then I remember all the work I would have to do to get good ones so lvl 34 skeletars FTW
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