i tired of this unfair players, wake up admins!!!
else one unfair gamer use points
on him
Removed by user
Removed by user
vedmak1984, you are highest cheater here so stop crying funny donkey you should get schackled first
-_Thornus_-, I highest fair player----i always trying stop this shit unfair players and will do in future how much i can, and i dont care what u and linda want think about me, hope any admin join game and shackle all this shit, maybe and u too, i dont think u pay any in game, use only alts for bying yuors items for example and exchange his reals and drops for u with clan chest:
maybe any others alts u use......i sure u should be shackled also if any admins back, but I unlike you wil continue play, i open for check how me so and all this server and very hope on it.
vedmak1984, I do not have to think about your person , lots of players know about how you do cheat bc sydeste at island as your wife and then as a help you haul her sydian Its so simple. Most of players working so hard to get as much as possible rep in short time and they can still follow by rules , but your rep especially bc gained so quick as a rocket so stop saying more bullshit cause this game does not play kids as you think. Just little advice for you GROW UP (34 yrs old) e
What a idiot, i bee use bc on my wife, so why u stay alone, womans ruuuun away from him and in fututre too. About make bc reps----its not hard use bc star+black shpere in aoh fight (aoh make also extra points), and u can rocket also, but oh stop u need else exchange some reals and golds from alts for make something this, so sad......
-_Thornus_-vedmak1984, lots of players ---you and linda, and all this because u hate me, linda hate my wife+ she very jealosy what i not choose her in wife, but from now u both in ignore to me how in game, so in forums too, you two are nothing to me. gl with hope soon shackle!!!
Omg. I’m literally speechless. This is the funniest shit I’ve ever read in my life. Ved u really need to come back to reality. What world do u live in? On a good note I laughed my ass of for a good 3.5 minutes so thank you for the comedy hour. Lol did u say I’m jealous of syd? Lol x 100. Is it cuz she is way weaker then me? Or because she whines more then I ever could imagine a person could even whine? Or is it because she is fake and manipulates everyone for what she needs? Please tell. Or wait, because she has you as a hubby? Lols. Yes ved your right, I really want a hubby that is a sore loser and unfriends everyone who beats u in a fight. Grow up, I think your a man from your pic, however u act like an angry little 5 year old brat always having a fit. Still lols
Why don't all yall meet up in San Diego or Russia or Las Vegas and get marry already. Mature people do it that way instead of looking at a screen full of pixels and bitch and complain about not getting what you THINK you deserve from the game. All you kids choose to spend real money on game, that does not give you any kind of entitlements in the game. Keep dreaming and hexing cause it will never come true. The game will die first
vedmak1984, by the way to use black sphere it have to be atleast 61 lvl which im not able yet jackass , but even if you play few years or more you still feel like little kid and know nothing lol. Do not say you can do as a rocket in 6 batlle aoh in 30 mins even if are extra points , but bc sydeste at island in 30 min could be about 50-60 times which means so gained and it does not matter which sphere you use at this method you could get few times more bc than aoh. Gratz and hope admin will come back then see who get shackled !!!
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-_Thornus_-, -_Thornus_-vedmak1984, Do not say you can do as a rocket in 6 batlle aoh in 30 mins even if are extra points , but bc sydeste at island in 30 min could be about 50-60 times which means so gained and it does not matter which sphere you use at this method you could get few times more bc than aoh.

stupid. do you know what is temporary weakness?
and this applies to linda too. if you are such a champion of justice, better look around between your fresh clanmates (congrats on the recruits), who hit their own alts in arena to get better gold drops, bc reps and confr points.

bc someone give 1 point
aoh win give 4 points.
if he does 5 mins fights hop and win all fight in it (what is not impossible), means 24 fights×4points= 96points/day. 7 days is 600-700 confr points. no secrets here

bc rep was already explained. aoh is the best place to progress bc. and roac.

but no matter of any explaination... stupidity cant be healed. probably you dont even understand what i write.
end of story.
In this game theres a bunch of players who hex people for no reason and prevent people from joining ruins or sb and sometimes aoh or confrsntions lets just say im tired of people being assholes so thats why any person who does some shit like that either they or the clan that there in well be screwed so please be nice NOTE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
Sydeste, you are the end of story trying to tell me he always have on aoh somebody to bc you are same funny as he is , maybe is does not work propely on island but on land it does so stop to defend this piece of shit you both are same dumb done !

stupid again. gl finding us on mainland... especially fighting each others :)
your one to talk about alts
ping.... pong.... ping .... pong! I need more popcorn
he used alts for exchange reals and did fights with alts also for make fast fights and wins always
lngslng4uyour one to talk about alts
maybe because I just want to stop them and make everyone equal .....
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