ahahahahahah why not kill me again????????????????/
All of you bigs just stop the bullshit and go back to the basics, fight in arena, fight to win and move the fuck on.
Far as alts go, they are part of the game, its like bitchin at flies, they are going to bug you now and then
This is not a chat site, it’s a fighting game.

I’m done with this petty ridiculous thread, it’s far beneath me am my clan.

We are Elitists.

See you in battle, no more words need to be said. nice to see ya and good luck in your elite or whatever ways of life
rascal68, dammmmmmmmmn
laker, yep this little ass zerk that you so want to move up fast is still just sittin quiet
rascal68, d. Lmao, don't get too cocky bro. The nail that sticks out always get hammered down
laker, all is good, you only have pliers to untuck yourself
rascal68, Smooth... wonder how long it tooK u to think of that old man
laker, not as long as it took you in life to grow a set
rascal68, MO wait didn't I just run circles around ur clan?? Then took the mine in front of ur faces twice, in the words of little cris we ain't hiding
laker, did you only face me once and thats when I had to use no mount, food etc,,? you know Im at island so you could easily come to me but yet you wont play your cat n mouse game and when your ready come to me my little chickadee
he has a set ......i know this. i have a pair of pink flurffy handcuffs i use to let him show his manlyness..... trust me it works still trying to figure out what MO means ...... mighty oblong????? mighty organism ....... oh daym ..... and who is little cris ??? am i that old ??? or that young????? rascal be rascaling thats for sure ... laker be a lake .....still when needed , but will wave and ripple when called dam, im drunk .... ok i shurrup ......
rascal68, okay. Little rascal you've been in that small bracket for how long? Looks like u really don't want competition stay in the double A while I rule the major leagues
queen_bee89, lmao thx for coming to my defence u sexy drunk woman
laker, seeing how you had to make 20 toons that one finally could fight well I will let you think that
ooooh 20 toons huh ???? please list them ...
rascal68, lol think u got me confused with ur clannie.. and u know which one
jk jk , illl find them with my drunken intuition ... laker is awesoeme !
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