I am back Now fix your damn game

WTH is wrong with you admins. Go ahead...delete my post of bitching....at least that shows you actually pay attention to us. Go ahead forum ban me....I am obviously not the only one complaining. The only time you decide to pay attention to us is when one of us decides to expose the fact you are actually NOT paying any attention.

1. Wars - no wars for over a month. So where did they go? Would you like to update us at least?
C O M M U N I C A T I O N. Its quite the helpful tool to use from a customer service aspect. White Castle has better communication and customer service...at least I know I will get my sliders hot.

2. None...nada...zilch news posts or updates. Terra seems to get news posts BESIDES the stupid Melvin that no one is going to keep wasting on if you don't start doing something for Nova. But wait...last one they had was in July....but still WAY better than what we get.

3. No lift of cap for Nova....yes we are the red headed step child to Terra....yes we get the crap end of all good things. But its about time you lift the cap so us level 70s got something to do.

4. WHERE ARE OUR SPECIAL EVENTS? No bonus reals....no lotteries.....again NADA....AUCUN....NICI UNUL...BRAK. (Yes I learned new languages while I was in the hole being shackled.....you meet interesting people there). Again..Terra gets all kinds - lucky for them.

5. Speaking of the other "special events" that don't ever run. Why? Because half the game people have left or given up. Lets just toss out the whole faction bit and move on. It just doesn't work. Why? Oh because you DO NOT take care of your clientele. HINT HINT take care of us and we might actually play the game the way it should be played.

Gosh that felt great. Thanks for letting me bitch out my frustrations with you admins after playing here for about 4 years. Of course that is until you go "ohhhhh that is not good forum posting and reflects poorly on our abilities to run a game". Then you delete. Maybe take some tips from the Japanese gaming sites....they know how to give a little to get a lot and wait....wait....wait....COMMUNICATE with players and give them things to do.

Oh I could farm and continue to grind but why....I already have a full-time job. My game should not feel like work and me being bored. I don't play to be the best....I play for fun. I came back because I love my dysfunctional gaming family - the chat - the friendships . That is the ONLY reason I came back. Its obviously not for your exciting new gameplay after being stalled for hmmm....1 year now.
ReaghnfHaven't seen any of nurse's points answered so i'll keep bumping it.

oh doc....and you called me the optimistic hippie all the time
Nurse Ratched, you made the italics and underlines go away? magical!
RF - Is there any update on the war (or lack of them) situation?
It's been 2 1/2 months now.
Nurse Ratched, Hope you got my message about changing games been speaking to a bunch of people and many are in agreement, just a question of where. The link i sent should help. And I expect very little from this game. I mean a update saying we expect to have the old game up and running to normal *wars or we have a set date for cap to be raised etc. you know show you are aware of your customers. But you are right. false hope.
Reaghnf, logging on every couple days just to bump this sounds very boring too.
Look our last 6 news, not count knowlegde^ ^: Melvin the Merchant is Back!
Read my pm doc!

sigh....what you all doing admins? its ok if game is done...just tell us. Miss my friends here and all the good chats we have had
Did someone try to write directly to UAB Game Insight to tell the company about this situation? It's clear Admins will never answer ...
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Lady Raya.Did someone try to write directly to UAB Game Insight to tell the company about this situation? It's clear Admins will never answer ...
I can't post the link but you can search for Game Insight Support
so nothens changed... was looking forward to the halloween event, but it'll probley be full of glitches, if it even shows up...
Nurse Ratched,
Got so very excited to log on phone and have a "please wait for update"... but no changes found :( Any one else notice anything new?
We have another middle finger thrown at us. Thank you game insight !!
Response to my bug report on mobile with many crashes everyday. Opening maps, crash. Chat, crash...... give up on phone yet? Probably, but at least my computer seems to still work.

Oct 16, 20:09 MSK

Dear player,

We've already found the true cause of the problem with crashes, and our tech team is currently looking for a way to make it right. The fixing might be time consuming, so the solution is likely to be available with one of the updates and it's quite hard to estimate the time frame.

Sadly I lack other immediate ways of helping you just now, so let's wait and see if the next version of the game can fix things up.
In the meantime, keep me posted in case you notice any other significant details!

Game Insight Support Team
I give up
Still not fixed!
Yum 🍗🍗
Time to move this back up to the top....update....yeah ok..... Oh pretty lights on the phone now. Nothing new....no admins....no wars. Nova...the second class citizens of Dragon Eternity!
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