I am back Now fix your damn game

WTH is wrong with you admins. Go ahead...delete my post of bitching....at least that shows you actually pay attention to us. Go ahead forum ban me....I am obviously not the only one complaining. The only time you decide to pay attention to us is when one of us decides to expose the fact you are actually NOT paying any attention.

1. Wars - no wars for over a month. So where did they go? Would you like to update us at least?
C O M M U N I C A T I O N. Its quite the helpful tool to use from a customer service aspect. White Castle has better communication and customer service...at least I know I will get my sliders hot.

2. None...nada...zilch news posts or updates. Terra seems to get news posts BESIDES the stupid Melvin that no one is going to keep wasting on if you don't start doing something for Nova. But wait...last one they had was in July....but still WAY better than what we get.

3. No lift of cap for Nova....yes we are the red headed step child to Terra....yes we get the crap end of all good things. But its about time you lift the cap so us level 70s got something to do.

4. WHERE ARE OUR SPECIAL EVENTS? No bonus reals....no lotteries.....again NADA....AUCUN....NICI UNUL...BRAK. (Yes I learned new languages while I was in the hole being shackled.....you meet interesting people there). Again..Terra gets all kinds - lucky for them.

5. Speaking of the other "special events" that don't ever run. Why? Because half the game people have left or given up. Lets just toss out the whole faction bit and move on. It just doesn't work. Why? Oh because you DO NOT take care of your clientele. HINT HINT take care of us and we might actually play the game the way it should be played.

Gosh that felt great. Thanks for letting me bitch out my frustrations with you admins after playing here for about 4 years. Of course that is until you go "ohhhhh that is not good forum posting and reflects poorly on our abilities to run a game". Then you delete. Maybe take some tips from the Japanese gaming sites....they know how to give a little to get a lot and wait....wait....wait....COMMUNICATE with players and give them things to do.

Oh I could farm and continue to grind but why....I already have a full-time job. My game should not feel like work and me being bored. I don't play to be the best....I play for fun. I came back because I love my dysfunctional gaming family - the chat - the friendships . That is the ONLY reason I came back. Its obviously not for your exciting new gameplay after being stalled for hmmm....1 year now.
well....just got told there is some type of jewelry upgrade. Well golly gosh darn - aint that grand. So where is the communication news post telling us of this wonderful new change?

Ok I am done....at least until my chocolate and coffee run out. You better hope I have stored away a boatload for emergency reserves
Nurse Ratched, stalled for a year part got me to check my own timing .... 04/05/2015 07:10 Reached level 70! ...... wow, it really has been a long, long time. Hope your post gets read
All true.. but you are speaking to people who don't care. Yelling at a wall would be just as therapeutic :)
You tell them
If we want something to change, we have at least to try and tell them every problem.
Isn't it tech-support job to track bugs and keep records? We pay to play (or used to for many of us) so shouldn't ever have to 'work' for the game. We report bugs just to get told to fix our computers (even when on mobile). Forum is the last resort for venting.

I appreciate that we are getting some new stuff, and it's good for the game stuff, helping new players is wonderful even if their concerns with confrontation are ignored. But old players have been sitting a long time just getting cranky and now no wars. What's expected of us when clans run out of beacons? Will Admin open maze times so more of us can go without needing to change real life plans to match game time adventures?
Its not just bugs. They have legit MAJOR game updates on other server and have had them for multiple years now. That is one of the bigger issues.
should we call Orkin?
Nurse Ratched, Isn't that Storm Kat's job?
Nurse Ratched,
Well said!
Unfortunately admins seemed to have stopped listening/caring about us a long time now..
Hope this post can change that...
Nurse Ratched, Reaghnf, Guys.... Guys.... I got a new response from Pavel.....

Re: Wraithed while online. Screenshot in gallery:

Dear Kat Meow,

Your request (#7982923) has been updated. Please, check for the new comment!
You'll get our response within 24 hours from your latest message.

Pavel Lens
Pavel Lensky (Game Insight Support)
Aug 13, 14:57 MSK

Dear (Kat),

We've already found the true cause of the problem with, and our tech team is currently looking for a way to make it right.

Game Insight Support Team

But, also bug report #2 for the week:
Re: We have "lost the fight" but as you can see there is full pots and 2 live players in the match. (kafftou and I both alive with full health)

Dear Kat Meow,

Your request (#7986149) has been updated. Please, check for the new comment!
You'll get our response within 24 hours from your latest message.

Pavel Lens
Pavel Lensky (Game Insight Support)
Aug 13, 01:36 MSK

Thank you for contacting Dragon Eternity Support Team!

My name is Pavel and I am glad to help you.

One of the possible solutions to this issue can be:

1) Update your Flash Player. You can find more details about it here: http://dragoneternity.com/forum/bugs/6790.html#cP=1
2) Turn off your antivirus/firewall.
3) Use another browser (Google Chrome is the most suitable at the moment).
4) Enter the game from another computer to see whether the issue remains.
5) Make sure you have a stable Internet connection.

Game Insight Support Team

So.... Kinda better than both being my computer's fault. lol And I see Google Chrome is still listed as the best browser. And still no offer to reverse all the gear damage from a fight we did NOT lose. (sigh)

p.s. Glean, how did you change my post to italics?
Bump, go nurse go!
Storm Kat,

It's a secret hun
Glean, You with Italics. Leane with Bold.... I think we need to start a post asking for a 'bug button' while in forum
bump (Don't want this one disappearing) Otherwise we are just going to get the same respect we've been getting (none)
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