IF ya'll want seabattles be sure to q up from your halls, so that everyone gets a chance Hexes are being handed out to keep people out, and since this is Dragon Eternity and NOT one clan eternity yet, take care of your selves, just remember, people spend a lot of money in them so be wise... and pray you don't get black screen, lag, or crash, cause heavens forbid, it will get u a booboo
Like in clan wars, dealt damage also has to do with who you are facing. If you are facing someone like pandor who black spot you, then you will have zero dealt damage. Dealt damage criteria is better than no rules but just saying it is not the best way.
I do agree alts shouldn't go in, kind of ruins it for people that are actually trying.

Dealt damage ... it can depend on who you are against. But, when I see links with people doing 300 or less damage. I mean, on the nice side we assume they disconnected. But, I am betting they either logged out or died on purpose because when I face pandor in clan war, I still managed to hit 12k. He chewed me like a piece of taffy, but still, if you try, I don't see how you can possibly not even manage 5k.
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AmherstNope, not requiring any items. It is based on you must do X amount of damage. If you don't, you are banned for a set time period the first time. Second time is longer, so on and so forth. It is the toon damage, not dragon, not skellies, not cursed, not repl. Your toon needs to be ready to fight. These two battle grounds are win or nothing, so if you are not ready, then you should not be in.

My suggestion is blue mount or better. Blue belt or better. Otherwise, work on your reps first.

Again, way easier to ban alts from fighting.

Is there some way to test how much damage I might get without joining a queue?
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"I personally did not start doing sea battles till level 45ish."
Keep in mind we didn't have Neph quests. Sea Battle neph quests start at level 25. Unfortunately admin has done the exact opposite of what has been requested and made it impossible for people to keep up unless they SB young.
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Amherst, Guessing it's the theory of 'the weaker your team mates the more you have to cash to get a win' that makes it logical to put level 22s vs level 90s. But this is very backwards if admin gets to know the players better. We will stop cashing if we can't win, that's how Nova works.

Ihit, It would be nice to see the low level ROAC that was promised. And a low level SB would be a nice next step. Until then, either bigs accept the littles or hex/bc them out which makes people quit the game. I don't see another way around it
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01/02/2017 18:43Left Drachengarde clan
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Where to begin.....I agree with mindless, toons should be same faction especially if it is entering pvp... that problem would be solved,
There is also many players who are actively working more than one toon (and yes, spending money on them) simply because they want one of each class. They should not be punished because of a few idiots who hate to loose.

Why people are still trying to invent "player rules" for arenas just dumbfounds me, that has been the biggest bitch and one of the reasons we have lost many players that I have seen in the past 5 yrs...Not to mention the current programing would still have to be rewritten because neph quests start at 21 and o my... they need sea battles...

Admin did good for a change, arenas are going, people are finally getting the ranks they have been waiting for. the bridges rep alone is awesome... rewards are decent, perhaps we could just cut them a tiny bit of slack to see what may be next,

That being said... Amherst is right... some admin feedback would be appreciated if for no other reason than to shut us up for a minute.
I don't see the point in pasting sb links. Pretty much every SB i enter is against 9 smurfs from either 9th or 7th while my team has at least 3 or 4 players with under 15k dmg.
What point are you making really?

Is this an anti toon forum? I have 8. Which ones can i not join SB? My lvl 20s are full of blue gear. This toon is purple and is still stronger than my lvl 69 toon. Where are we drawing the line?

Sloth's solution was good.. and i did that years ago.. all 8 toons are now all sadar and i've paid 100 reals to do so.

Why don't we talk about our toons that we put in arena.. certainly people are pissed that our green geared alts are your partners during your hop.. so now your gold intake is half. We complain about that - but when u can do 4k dmg as a lvl 50 and still make 2g in 5min how are you going to admin that out?

At least SB goes now.

Foir almost a year.. it went like 3 times a month.
Now it goes regularly twice a week.
How are you going to fix sb?

Make it dmg based? Nish is right.. yeah i know, kind of made me throw up a little, What is an appropriate lvl of dmg? I received a red curse for "only" doing 23k dmg... at lvl 25.

Most likely my alt is doing more dmg than your main.
OOps. my main problem of my toons.. which one am i on when i post...
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21:35 Aristokats: Uncontrollable Shiver Tangible Curse (chuckle) i take this as permission to join any queue I want. You won't respect me while I stay out of queue, i might as well join up. thanks Piiiep!
one more...

When will you actually do something about alts in sb? or at the very least give some answer on this
Clan Warzone full of sadar alts, and sadars use them more offen than valors. I do much sbs, so see all what hapen and dont know how fight with it. I even cant bc or hex them, when they start fights from clan hall. Also see persons like--maximus, atemus without clan, terasend from drache all time join and lose valors fights, hate it very much....ask help Ihit with it, but he not answer.
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