IF ya'll want seabattles be sure to q up from your halls, so that everyone gets a chance Hexes are being handed out to keep people out, and since this is Dragon Eternity and NOT one clan eternity yet, take care of your selves, just remember, people spend a lot of money in them so be wise... and pray you don't get black screen, lag, or crash, cause heavens forbid, it will get u a booboo
very true more than 1 way to skin a rabbit
and another hex day....
All you people that want ihit to comment on things, I want are you Elitist and Ninth Legion to comment on this hexing thing mostly on SB and some on ROAC. ALL they want to do is improve/advance in the game. What have they done to any of you people. Please no Pavel auto response, "It is not me." You all can eat Leane's fictitious suppa phat ass before using that phrase.
ThisNsihT, It most certainly is not fictitious!

And, though the hexing is kind of crappy, the idea is they want to get in over others so they're doing what they can to make sure they get it. A bit vicious, but it is a war game after all!
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Amherstit is sad that we resort to running alts in the battle grounds. that is why i pushed to make alts only able to gathers. no battle grounds, no bcing, no clans, nothing. But since they are allowed in, then it seems we will all be targets for hexing. i can say i don't hex. I think hexing is a chicken shit way to make yourself feel better about your team. I say, if rep is that important to you, then so be it. but to me, running alts, and hexing people out, is just wrong. I don't do it, and i won't partake in it. Do we all wish to win, of course. Will some do it at any cost, sure, but maybe the rest should call out that childish behavior and stand up to it. do i suggest to smaller players that they work on reps before joining sea battle with their green mount and blue balm, of course. i think it is silly they join and then die out, and are allowed to continue to do so. Do i suggest that they learn about ruins before joining and then wondering what to do, of course. Do i run around bc'ing everyone that does not live up to "my" standards, no.

I think we have also asked for mixed sea and ruins. we have asked for less people need for invisible warrior, we have asked for so many things but it goes ignored. I answer, i am spending way less money now. Maybe that will gain their attention. Maybe not, but i simply do my thing.

LMFAO, you dont hex, bull, you hex me on every hop i do, maybe i should start hops on sb and ruins on your team now
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AmherstAgent Po,

Oh, i will hex AS all day long. It is not about keeping you out of sea or ruins. Everyone knows it is elitist alts. So yea, hexes for AS all day long. Dont like it, leave AS. That clan is dead and should be removed.

For some reason got this song stuck in my head after reading that..... Let me share it with you all..

But I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that's why I love you
So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful
Like a rainbow

Why is it that all threads end up to be about ninth vs elitist or their alts. Let us focus on the thread of Leane supra phat ass. Is it real or a bunch of hexes from sea? Aye, I love big butts and I can not lie.
Kitty Kat,
Come on, we all know you're right. You're gorgeous, you're righteous, you're chivalrous, you're... fill in the blanks (I bet you know some more adjectives to describe yourself )
Cyndi Lauper quote

I would have been more partial to the statement if something along the lines of Metallica was used
Nurse Ratched, I was going for cute and funny. Not sure I could find a Metallica song that wouldn't be seen as a threat

TheOnlyOne, Sydian is back, isn't it time to give your account back to the real TOO?

As to the original point of this post, be safe or be hexed. It's not that complicated. I managed to get crews into SB many times even with Ninth hunting us down
sighs... i need more
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You see that link,, do some research. You said before that if an alt of a different faction enters SB than the main will be shackled PERMANENTLY. Queen_bee or whoever Frozen Bee is from elitist should be made an example that Ihit and admin do not play around no more.
Seems alts are allowed as long as the main is not in the same fight. Fozen Bee is not queen_bee from elitists. And I saw no complaints at all when Fozen was on the winning side of many links
Storm Kat,

Alts that aren't 100% PVP oriented shouldn't be allowed in seabattle, period. For example: -Doodle- is an alt but PVP oriented, totally fine. But your alt Kitty Kat should not be. Winning with an alt is just a nice accomplishment, losing because of them is bullshit.
_Mindless_Prodigy_, "shouldn't be" but is it allowed? yes.
Also, why is it up to you if I work PVP/Corsair with Kitty Kat? She was a real toon before I rerolled here and is only low on valor cuz she came from AER. If I want to work Valor without gear damage, why can't she queue for SB?
Make all alts be part of same faction. If your main is in sadar, then all alts should be sadar, same with valor toons. You want to work on kitty Kat valor and corsair, switch to sadar and go nuts. Everything else is BS. No one would like it if my Sadar alts started to work on valor and corsair at their expense. I agree w Amherst, alts should be for farming and hops. If they do pvp, switch them to main's faction - enough of this crap already. SB would fire a lot more if both sides didn't have to worry about alts and there would be less hexing, maybe.
Storm Kat,

Ok so can I put recruit gear on my alt and go in seabattle for sadar and say I can't afford anything else? No. Kitty Kat doesn't meet the standards nearly everyone wants in seabattle, skellies/up to date dragon or neph/best mount and gear for it/buff as much as you can.

Like Sloth said, switch Kitty to sadar and I won't care one bit. Your alt should be dragging your faction down not the other. Like obviously you're not going to work your alt as much as your main..the intention is to 'rigg' seabattles for your team an easy win.

You don't really want to play that put alts into seabattle game with me, I counted and have 12 sadar alts above level 22 with no gear and I can put them all in during heroism day, how would ya like that? Ya didn't think so. Quit the bullshit, you know your intentions and don't go a mile to prove you're actually going to try with your alts and that goes for anybody else coming up with idiotic excuses as why their alt is in Sea Battle on the opposite faction of their main.

Bull Shit.
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