IF ya'll want seabattles be sure to q up from your halls, so that everyone gets a chance Hexes are being handed out to keep people out, and since this is Dragon Eternity and NOT one clan eternity yet, take care of your selves, just remember, people spend a lot of money in them so be wise... and pray you don't get black screen, lag, or crash, cause heavens forbid, it will get u a booboo
It's a game... But, I do think it's unfair to put in alts that are not near the strength of the main. :) just personal opinion. Just for an example, if I spent a hundred dollars get a casket or something, and put on all the buffs I could possibly get and then I see Barry Kripke in a sea battle. That's my alt. Then, I think, would I pissed having Barry in a sea battle instead of Leane. She's not a great toon but she sure the hell better than a freaking Barry.

Yes, I would be pissed. I mean I personally don't really care too much cause I don't invest that much ever in a game. But, I do feel for people that drop down money and get screwed. It's one thing to have a good stacked team and still lose to another stacked team than have one person fuck you over because they're pulling 1k or 0 compared to the 40k you did or whatever is the normal amount of dmg. Been a while since I did a sea battle.

Anyway.... just sayin. And people that put in alts, ain't you got some better shit to do than screw other people over. I just wonder if people sit there and think how can I be huge dick today?
Removed quotes, understanding that sometimes we say things without thinking them through. Everyone deserves many chances, it is just a game after all.

I have done everything I can to keep my opinions on clans out of it, but it's going to be hard to help these new folks find a good war clan when the only interaction they have with you is rude and threatening. Please keep this in mind, Both sides of the game.
Is aristoKATs another kat?
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DortmundOP, are you not 1000 days old in game and still level 22. OK you got me, slow player maybe just playing someone else toon.
Sea Battle wise, u people do not think I can equip no hex or reflect hex on me? I choose not too cause it is a game and I choose to support our Veterans and Wounded Warrior projects by giving them precious money every month instead of most y'all whom see them sleeping in streets and cover them with gasoline to set them on fire. Rude and Selfish people.
So you have 12 sadar alts and a vaalor toon and assumedly more vaalor alts? Even if not then it would seem you are breaking the 10 toon limit...oops lol.
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Uh yeah. Show me the rule where it says you can't have more than 1 email...feel stupid? oops..
Its Valentines Day soon.....can't we all just love one another for a few days

Nice, you know how to copy and paste..Now copy and paste me the part I asked for..where again does it say you can't have more than 1 email? Mmmk.
6. It is forbidden to register or play with more than one character (one person = one character) to obtain benefits, or to bypass any restrictions.

Right there...unless you are claiming to be more than one person? Superceded only by being allowed 10 toons per character/person.

How did you get past the fourth grade? You gave me a link then copied and pasted something not even on the link and something that doesn't prove your point. You copied and pasted when you couldn't have anymore than 1 you can have 10 per account and nowhere does it say you can't have more than 1 email. *Sighs*
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Ideally, if we could get admin to change the requirements, what would the bigs want the minimums to be?
Ones I can understand:
Soldier (valor rank, level 25)
1k Protector for Ashy Spiketail (level 22)
3k Gladiator for Simple Balm of Fury Simple Balm of Endurance (level 11)
1k Hero of the Empire for Lesser Insignia of Aeona's Mirror (level 16)

Did I miss anything?

Geared mount...and if you're that low level..I'd think temples.
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One more for the collection of alts in SB...
"My suggestion is blue mount or better." I agree that would be a nice minimum for both sides, but there are no blue mounts until level 36. and that really limits the chances or people getting neph and spells at a decent level.
So maybe DE should consider changing the corsair rep the same way they did for hunter rep and change the level that you can be to join SB. Since level 90 will be opening, it will become even harder for level 22s to take on level 90s. Worth considering Ihit? Please do something to stop this player vs player arguing, it's really bad for the game.
MiKkiMaycc: little sadar if you want play in sb)pls use alts in vaalor team and play

Typicial RF minion :)
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