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03/07/2013 19:49

Think you have what it takes to be a Legionnaire?

8th Legion is now recruiting (vedm) if your interested feel free to post in this forum or simply pm one of our council/leader ( valorseeker76, Roanoa_Zoro, Arseny, Dragoneater) "My name is Legion, for we are many."
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04/07/2013 20:28

New Clan SkullCrushers

WEREWOLF 1 and I will be Joined leaders of a soon to be clan Skull Crushers If you want to join PM either of us in game or Reply to this message Looking forward to new recruits
11/09/2013 22:04

clan wars

how fair is it that there are 4 clans against one? that is not a fair fight!
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26/08/2013 04:35

Legend Legacy

This is a notice to you buddy. you messed with the wrong clan, next time you wanna steal do it to someone you can defend yourself against.
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22/08/2013 18:45

Immortals Clan

If you would like to be granted IMMORTALITY please leave your details below eg Rep, Valor and so. All you have to do is pay 1g and drink the Immortality Potion. So Hurry up as we have limited places and your time may end before you are granted IMMORTALITY...
20/03/2013 06:18


ok here it goes. Immortals have very few active members and the leader hasnt been online since the 9th of march as of today the 20th of march. i am the right hand to the leader but cant take over in her absence without her stepping down as leader nor can ...
07/08/2013 04:50


New clan. Designed as training clan. Any that are active can join. Please take a look at the clan profile. Yes that lvl 10 is my alt for all those who might be concerned about a lvl 10 as leader. My main is about to be shackled (will be unshackled at the ...
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31/07/2013 03:59


I applied for my own clan, went through all the trouble with the logos and everything, got everything correct. Then was told I would have to send in the stuff on a different email. I sent the stuff the email I was supposed to but have not heard from them ...
30/07/2013 15:42

Clan Ancient Specters Is Recruiting Active Members

Recently got to lvl 2 We want to grow our heroism so you have to be ok with doing wars (at least one a week)
22/07/2013 13:44

Clan Logos

They have responded twice now that my logos are incorrect (first time both, this time the main). 1, which is the main? the clan logo? 2. they said i have to make the background transparent. I believe it do I do that the way they want it. 3. th...
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16/07/2013 15:45

Clan Formation

How long does it take for clan to be made after emailing the stuff in?
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08/07/2013 22:44

hellfire the great or bullys?

excuse me guard im having issues with a clan whats going on between me and another player that isnt even in there clan or have any connections in it r making there job to have all of there members bcing me? anything i can do or if any clan wants to help m...
09/07/2013 17:21

Rogue Miscreats

new clan looking for active members post here or look for me in game
16/03/2013 06:58

New Underworld

The underworld clan is under new managment and im looking for active members that strive for valor...please read my rules on clan page and pm me or Bones420 in game about joining (vedm)
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15/06/2013 10:51

Ancient Specters

We are looking for active players that are lvl 16 and above to join, we would prefer you to have attained recruit 2nd blood, we have just formed 2 days ago, Leave a comment below or PM me in game (u will often find me posting in trade chat)
21/06/2013 13:35

WarWolfs vrs Drachengarde is a Friendly war

This was agreed by both Clans, as a friendly training war, as they have not had a war before. We have set rules to try and make it as fair and even as possible. Please can no outsides help or hinder either side please. Thank you.
10/06/2013 21:35

clan image

I've received an email saying that my clan images are unacceptable as there are many white pixels around it. I'm pretty sure i've removed all white pixels around. Does anyone know what that means and can help me with it?
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04/06/2013 01:11

Clan application

It's been more than a week since we sent the clan application but have yet to receive a reply. How long does it normally take for a clan to be ready after sending the email?
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 Truly Happy30 
04/06/2013 18:54

Valor Serpents

Good afternoon. We are currently looking for new recruits. If you're interested please read our clan page and see if our clan meets your expectations. If you're still interested please feel free to leave a comment here or pm me in game. Thanks in advance ...
03/06/2013 18:06

Dragonforce ??????

Just logged in to find Dragonforce all but disbanded and would like to know what is happening. Is the clan being disbanded? What is happening to the equipment and resources in the clan chests? I hadn't been in the clan long so feel a little cheated out ...
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