04/04/2013 18:08

Valor Serpents

A new vaalor clan has come to Tartu. We have been anticipating this for a while now. We are just starting out and havent gotten our rules made up yet but would like to start recruiting. We are a laid back family oriented clan. If you are a lvl 16 with dra...
11/05/2013 19:13

Recruitment Drive for Night Stalkers

Looking for a Clan? Active player wanting to be part of a great group and family that helps each other? Now is your chance to be a part of a great clan that helps each other and there allies. Night Stalkers is looking for active players lvl 16 and over. I...
23/04/2013 21:07

Clan Chest Thieves

We had a clan member remove over 100g from our clan chest earlier today. While he had a rank within the clan granting him access, he failed to request permission to do so ahead of time, and then failed to respond to any of our PMs to him asking for an ex...
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18/04/2013 22:56

Disbanding Shining Phoenix

I just wanted to let everyone know I'm disbanding my clan Shining Phoenix. To all the members - past and present - thank you for making it such fun to be a part of. From the Inferno Asylum days, through the change to Shining, it's been a rollercoaster of ...
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29/04/2013 00:17

away a few days

to my clan and game friends, am not feeling well at this moment so will only for a few days just log in and log out. see u when i get back
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21/04/2013 09:20

warwoles clan

i cant play for a while im really busy at work
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19/04/2013 17:48


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06/04/2013 23:49

New immortals

the immortals are looking for active players that are looking to advance in the world of adan. We are a small clan but we work together and are like a family. If any sadars are looking to join a clan and feel you may be interested you can send me an in-ga...
19/03/2013 22:51

want to leave clan

my clan was just in a war and we lost.. i want out of this clan because no one is ever on that speaks english or if they do its poor english and i want to be able to have a clan where i can speak english and everyone understand me so we have the fine of w...
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