Hello, the name says it all!
Hell is recruiting.....
Level 12 (Recruit of Second Blood + Full Purple Gear)
Level 16 + Dragon (Need some gear)
Also, we try to avoid alts.

If interested please leave a comment here or message Gatek...

Rising Phoenix

We are looking for some new members!

Ninth Legion

Looking for a few new recruits, especially interested in higher levels.
If you are interested to join leave a message for me ^_^

valor serpants are recuiting

if ur active and work hard u get in no other way rewards are there for those who try so if u wish to join pm me a council member or any1 u see in clan for interview

yes we did it my clan lv 3 join if u want to be great

took a while but we did it against bullys and idiots alike but what was said mouths ago is finally here if u want in my clan ask and those that left and waited for this appley also welcome all if u meet are requirements


hello all im going to be making a new vaalor clan im looking for active players that are hungry for valor but if you do decide to join plz put a comment on here ty

HELL is recuiting

We are a new clan going around and we take any level good/bad level 6 or 70, Pm me or GateKeeper the clan leader and me his second in command!!!

Inferno Delta

looking for a clan and are active. delta is looking to recruit must be lvl 16 and over if u are under that lvl u will still be considered if u would like to join contact any of are members in game


I am recruit of the first blood ranking and trying to learn more about the game while I keep doing quests. I have chosen fishing as a profession.

Are there any clans I can join?

Rising Phoenix

We're looking for active, talkative people who don't mind having a good head for banter and well... weird stuff. We're looking for people at least level 9. PM Red Dragoness, Napamonster, or myself if you'd like to join.

Rising Phoenix

We are looking for some new members! Mainly we would like ppl who can take part in wars, be active players, be higher than level 12 and have a good sense of humor. Please contact any member of Rising Phoenix if you would like to join

Inferno Prime!

Post here if former member

Ones i know of:
And Me (gengis khan)

Price check

Need to know lowest legal price for selling a fully charged zikkar (By selling i mean putting in persons armor and giving back). Please and ty.

Clan Benefits

i would like to join a clan, but first i would like to know what you actually do apart from clan wars. i sometimes look at peoples profiles and some of the items have 'clan item!' on them. i would like to know all the other clan benefits for i am thi...

9 legion

Receiving is active people! Serious intentions on the game! Russian boys and girls are welcome! desirably +18 years
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