Moon city as 0k hunter

It shows on the map that a beast trap can be placed at Moon City but when it is tried to place a trap there is displays the message "There are no monsters which can be caught with this trap here". It also shows the symbol above both the bird and beas...

Game says I don't have a hunting knife

Can trap beasts but the game tells me I don't have a hunting knife. Have purchased 3 but it doesn't help.

Confrontation Leaderboard 9-15

The guy who is top of our leader-board apparently hasn't logged in since December 2013?

His name is: Alez

I would hope this gets fixed before prizes are given out because I have worked my butt off and only person I am behind hasn't been online ...

Boat barrel thing

Seems to be yet another thing that does not work on mobile devices. We "picked up" two, and nothing happens.

I need nephilim quest

I need nephilim i dont have quest duel of truth is closed i dont have nephilim

Confrontation League One

Top player hasn't logged for over 3 years?!?

Secret Cave quest

1st part description is in russian. Please translate


It looks to me like something funky is going on with the confrontation ratings for this week, I just noticed that trongster is in the top 10 but hasn't logged in for several months. Also the person top of league 1 hasn't played for 3 years

Setting Lighthouse for mobile....

So when you said mobile setting for lighthouses was coming soon.... that was when? Some of us play almost all the time on mobile.....



Have before each fight a black picture with a red wheel,
Takes about 20 sec. Until it goes away from itself ..... So I can start the fighting ....
And at Garuug I have exactly the same .... so I'm always spoiled for Garuug

And constant...

Bonus heroism from Sea Battle not awarded

14:35 Heaven's Voice: You have dealt the most damage to the enemy in the Boarding Phase and receive an additional reward: {HONOR2 630.52532256156}!

The above heroism was not applied can someone look into it

Protector Quests: Are you hiring?

I still haven't got my protector quests, how hard can it be to just give my character the intro quest for protectors? Are you hiring because I think I could quite honestly learn to program and fix it myself by the time you have gotten around to it. S...

No Bc points for kills in nephilim form

Hello, I've noticed that all the time when I'm in nephilim form and I kill a player (even one of a bigger level than me), game gives me only 2 bc points for using the sphere but not the 5 points for the kill. I don't think it's normal, please can you...

Chain of neph quest bug

So i heard some people who got a bug in neph quest level 24 ( duel of truth ) got solved while i have this problem still and cant go through and progress in my nephiliam quest chain .

Ihit can you please have a look into me and solve my problem ??...

Stalking Horror

Stalking Horror
This needs an update. That description is not how the horror works anymore.
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