sea battle heroism

Hi guys i have a sugestion: why only the win team gain heroism? Please give some help and put the defeated team wining some heroism too. 98% of times blue side wins so us from sadar not gain nothing only some piasters and us littles even worst beca...

My Nephilim Quest is froze

I’m on the lvl 34 quest for neph and it’s froze I can’t get credited for kills anymore for whatever reason it may be

nephilim quest issue

So I am on the lvl 34 quest for nephilim and the part where I need 20 kills of the opposite empire in any battle grounds I’m stuck t 15/20 and I’ve killed at least 6 tonight and have not been credited and I’m getting annoyed I really want to get my n...

Leveling up in magic

Is anyone else having trouble trying to level up in magic? I don't seem to be getting mastery points when using magic at all. Just wondering......

Enchanted Compass text in russian

04:58 Heaven's Voice: Открыв бочку, вы обнаружили записку, которая позволила вашему клану найти Enchanted Compass.

I need nephilim quest

I need nephilim i dont have quest duel of truth is closed i dont have nephilim

I face bug

In the trial of combat quest (experience) the first 1 in the valor academy is not existent the question is how can i do trial of combat quest lv 16?

Fight sequences take forever to end and teleport can take up to 2 minutes to complete.

This is an issue I have been having for over 2 weeks. It happens only on this toon and not on any alts. I have tried different browsers, devices, and computers but the problem continues to persist. This morning, I got yet another blue bag from Gar...

crashing and laguing

When i try to acess my hunter colections game crashes. And game crash and lag to many times. Can anyone please try to fix this? Or our server was complet forgot
by admnistration ??


Please fix lag! My lag is same as wreckful thunder,for 2 months.this toon only,had internet checked,bought new modem.

BC collection Problem


I used around 400 red sphere and opened 300 BC casket, but the collection is stll not droping. Figure out this problem dear Admins.

All best

Kills for Maze keys

I did hop with Kafftou in AOH, killed him once (hahaha... out of at least a dozen fights ) but no credit on the quest.
I bc'd Rapack (sorry hun, but afk is too hard to resist ), no credit.
Laker bc'd me (jerk, i was in my tavern! ) and he lost (hah...

Taking our sydian

Please fix your "DE math"

02:10 Heaven's Voice: Received: Sydian (428 pcs).

30.01.2018 20:10 Storm Kat gathered: Sydian -> 427 Location: Island

This has happened every single time there is an attack and for every single person that coll...

Double rachnis

Max_H and I were on a battleship with sydian. We got rachnis. We both clicked and 2 fights started. I sacrificed my gear thinking he had the sydian so I should go join his fight. After I died we lost most the sydian. Max died too and we lost syd...

Can't enter galtars cellar

Trying to enter with my group, but it keeps saying "it's better with a group are you sure you want to enter alone?"
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