I have problems with the Teleportieren for some days it takes to each place ca 10 - 15 sec even if I have Garuug.
After every fight with the monster I always have to reload.
Otherwise the fight will not be closed by itself.

Could you p...

clan chest bug not letting us put blue gear back in to chest

i can take blue clan gear from chest but i cant put back for some reason my clannie cant put back also plz fix this ty

not showing kills

the result page does not show the 2nd player kill talley... my kills should be 1/1 not 0/1

Garuug the Grabber Quest triggers at the same time as hunter kit v2

So it is by design that if we are clearing a hunter trap, with a hunter kit, that garuug triggers and we get a tracked mob, thus losing any chance of getting garuug?

My acc deleted


I think you guys accidently deleted my account my alt cave man was in it and a few others
When i try to logg in it tells me that the acc im trying to use doesn't have any characters in it and i had that acc for almost 1 year amd a half pls ...

Archievemts and bugs problems

Good evening, I want to report some problems with the archievements.
1) The Evil Eye archievement doesen't count the curses and hex I use.
2) The Swift Kamikaze archievement doesn't work either, for example today I killed myself and Zalex Jr on the...

1.5 reals hair that changes hair color to black-grey is bugged.

Everytime i would go to the barbershop the hair would go all black color and it had annoyed me to the point that i decided to remove all the hair on my character's head :P please see it when you can kinda annoying that i wasted 1.5 reals for hair tha...

HOP and sphere use at same time.

I know it doesn't allow sphere of peacefulness while on a hop. But when I try to use a powerful sphere of protection it pops up a window that says Can't use sphere of peacefulness while hop is active. Also none of the protection spheres mention in de...

Garuug the Grabber Quest triggers at the same time as hunter kit

04:28 Heaven's Voice: You have received the Garuug the Grabber Quest.
04:28 Heaven's Voice: You tracked the beast down using the Hunter's Set. It attacked you as soon as you approached.
04:28 Heaven's Voice: The durability of your item has...

Be with us Shaba boss quest

I just received the quest for the Shaba boss. I got it immediately following completion of arena quest for defilers. The timer for this quest will expire before the final Shaba fight is scheduled to occur. Can you take a look at this and make sure I ...

1 more week

1 more week without no one solve my problem


I bought 20k of purple orbs for 30reals by mistake please give the reals back and take the orbs again i pay the 5 reals that needed

Stuck in clan hall

Since authentication error occurred and I have been able to log back on my toon is stuck in my clan hall can't move anywhere, please help

To admins - in-app purchase through iOS

Just purchased 90 reals on my ipad and it took my money but it didnt give me the reals. I tried exiting and logging back in but no reals. I tried repurchasing it and it said i've already purchased it and that it would be restored for free. Nothing ye...

Quest not working

Leveled and the game announced that I received the hero quests, just followed the quest to the mobs, got the +2 hero rep for the kill, but no insignias, is there something I have to do to get the quests after reaching level 12?
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