Stuck on a ship?

Stuck in a group. I want to be on the other ship but when i refresh I am back on the one I showed up with. I have cleared my cookies and restarted game. :(

Sent 4 bug reports, doubt anything will get done but this makes it completely impossible for me to help with a haul later tonight.
Clan mate attempted to get on the ship to disembark me, gets an error "A bug we know about...." so it's now impossible for me to do anything except sail home in the ship that I wanted to leave behind (ugh)
I get off the ship (Sick Duck) and am stuck in a group.
I refresh, and even on mainland, I am put back on the ship.
Switched to phone, back on Sick Duck when I logged on.
I cannot go on any other ships, I cannot go to instances.
No one else can get on Sick Duck, even when I am offline and not on the ship. (tested by multiple clan mates)
So, since this is both computer and mobile, I have to assume it's not just me.
I have reported 4 bugs and fully expect Pavel to tell me to take a hike.
Started a fight on my phone, then logged on computer "02:07 Heaven's Voice: Marian Sea Instance has been created for the Group." So I'm fighting a mob while stuck on Sick Duck again. My location even shows as Anchored at Vaalor Harbor.
Logged off for the night in clan hall. log on today, back on the ship.
Trying to leave clan in order to free the ship Sick Duck (see previous reports) I cannot. Please Please come online and fix this soon. I need to be able to group and go on ships.
Again today, logged off in clan hall, log back on and am on the ship at harbor.
i have exact same problem, it was that bugged kariol island that done it
i have same problem now too . So our clan has 2 ships now that cant be used. not good
Sent to GI

Hello Paul,

Here’s an update on what I managed to test and accomplish today while able to play.
Things that work:
I can get off the ship and walk around the Mainland.
I can work my professions and crafting without problem.
I can enter Arena of Honor and Bonecrushing battles without problem.
Sick Duck can be repaired from the Dockyard in Clan Hall, but not by me. (I will send you a screen shot of the problem next time I am online.)

Problems that remain:
I cannot enter instances.
I cannot leave the "group”.
- The person invited is sent a request to board Sick Duck.
- They can join the group but cannot get on the ship at Vaalor Harbor.
- I cannot pass leadership.
- I was not able to change to Master Loot.
- They can leave the group.
I cannot leave the clan.
- I cannot be kicked from the clan.
No one else can get on the ship Sick Duck.
I cannot get on any other ship.
No matter where I am when I log off or crash or change devices, I return to the ship Sick Duck at Vaalor Harbor.

Thank you for sending my request on. I appreciate your reply!
Update: I was able to SB and got rewards as expected.
Bonecrusher +22 {HONOR2 4425} heroism. 202545. Golden Piastre (248 pcs)
{HONOR2 439} Heroism, Golden Piastre (30 pcs).
01:10 Heaven's Voice: You activated the Dragon Blood Crystal and received a telepathic message from Omnimach who thanked you for helping him seal the Gates of Abyss. Received: Spark of Abyss (25 pcs), 125 Defender of Adan Reputation. Removed: Dragon Blood Crystal (125 pcs).
01:10 Heaven's Voice: You have completed the Dragon Blood Quest.
01:10 Heaven's Voice: Received: Experience. Spark of Abyss (25 pcs) and 125 Defender of Adan Reputation.

but, also reported another bug......

(facepalm) DE considers me to be on the ship, therefore is not telling me any event times. (cry)I have "Hide Active Event Panel" unchecked, but there is no panel. Currently an important event, Invasion of Shaab, going and the timings are very important.
Group doesn't work. I cannot solo Hall of Suffering, and cannot be invited to a group because of this bug. Please compensate me with at least Omnimach's Writingsx25 and Spark of Abyssx400 for my Cover of Omnimach's Chronicles V. I would also appreciate the lost reputation and sparks from all 3 quests.
Update to:
"I cannot leave the "group”.
- The person invited is sent a request to board Sick Duck.
- They can join the group but cannot get on the ship at Vaalor Harbor.
- I cannot pass leadership.
- I was not able to change to Master Loot.
- They can leave the group. "

Invite is now "Invitation to Ship" only and the other player does not join the group at all. When arriving at harbor, they can see the Sick Duck ship but nothing happens when they try to board.
I now cannot log on. This could not be worse timing, I have planned my day to get the shaab quest done and now my character is unplayable (authentication error). It has been 2 hours now I have waited hoping you were getting my account fixed. Please confirm this is because someone is working on my account.

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 12.31.42 PM

Hours later, still not able to connect. To make it worse, I appear online. So people are trying to message me and unaware that I am not able to reply to them. Please confirm this was done by DE support and not someone hacking into my account or anything. The lack of notification that someone would be locking me out of my account is very concerning and a terrible way to serve your players.

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 6.38.28 PM
Next morning, still not able to get in.

I can't even begin to express how frustrating this is. I have now missed almost all of the shaab event. Which is bad enough, but all the stuff I have ready for it is about to expire (or already has) and I highly doubt there will be any compensation for this.

Your request (#8418299) has been updated. Please, check for the new comment!
We'll get back to you within 24 hours from your latest message.

Zendesk (Game Insight Support)
Jul 16, 14:58 EEST

Thank you for contacting our Support Team, this is an automated message. We'd like to ask you some missing details before one of our agents could get in touch with you:
- name of the game you're playing;
- your platform or device name;
- store you got the app from;
- your ID in the game.

We'd appreciate your help! Thank you for playing!


Report numbers:

And please do not make me do any additional work. Search by my email address and you should know exactly why I am frustrated and seeking results and compensation.
Still locked out

Thank you Dreidan for logging in and finally fixing it. I strongly recommend compensating people when you have bugs like this effect the game play. There is now a 0% chance I will ever cash again, since I do not feel at all valued as a player. A little bit of compensation for everything I lost would have gone a long way towards getting money out of my pocket.
Dreidan, I apologize for my grumpiness and thank you so much for logging in again and continuing our chat. I look forward to the updates you'll bring to the server. Thank You!!!!
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