Script Error

I found a Script Error in ( Eldiren's FarmStead )
When i cllicked on the ( Spirit Of The Knight Bildar )What he says to you is still in ( Russian Script ), but the Leave on the Bottom is in( English ).
I have a Screen Shot of it if you need it just...


I have noticed that on several occasions in the Seven Bridges battles that I get hit by a player then he leaves without me getting a chance to hit back. Then the next player comes in hits me first also and leaves without letting me have a chance to s...

Strange language in backpack tab settings.

When I open my backpack and click on the tab settings icon there is a strange langauage at the top above the selections.

Half-blood idle form Sinara robber?

Are half blood Idols for voucher quest supposed to drop from Sinara robbers? The quest mentions deudri. I know as far as the game story goes they are basicaly just same things on opposing factions but do not know if the drop is intentional.

language issues

quest entitled dangerous invention...when i found him...his text was in another language, possibly Russian. Is there a setting i am not seeing or is this a bug????

Quest Error - Enemy Will Not Load

While completing the "Breaking the Guards" quest, I found out that Bron's second guard, Skruul, would not load. It left a blank space with the moving red crossed-swords tag hovering as if it were there. It would not allow me to enter battle with the ...

Valuable Fobriums quest

quest progession ie (completed 1/4) is in a different language

just thought i should point it out :)

edit -
the follow on quest is also unedited in its language :) dangerous invention quest :)
and the follow on from that, didnt get t...

Bonecrusher Sphere

"allows to attack player of every fraction" should that be faction? :)

Quest Item mismatc

For the voucher Thkiss skin quest it says you need to collect pelted leather from Pecking Thkiss. When you find item it is called pelted thkiss skin and says it for the joy of the dandies quest.

Lateus Tincture quest

After the fight it said I collected 10 vine leaves, but sometimes I was only credited with 5.

Not sure where to put this

But the Necromancer's name and speech is all in russian. (Its the necromancer's Residence area)

Experimental Undead quest

Description does not match quest objectives. Description says to use "phonotarus" but that item does not exist.

** Edit: logged off then back on and it appeared in inventory.

authentication error

I get this error trying to get into game. Loads my profile but I can't get in game

Flawless elixir of lifesolved

Sorry my bad... i used health pots instead of giants :)

Life Balm

I have a Life Balm on and when im fighting monsters Its as if its not there.. I go in with 728 Hp and when i start the fight its at 680. Which is my normal health without a balm.. I havent check the Strength Stats yet on it. But im sure its doing the...
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