clan page

is there going to be a clan 'page' that we can see/set rules on?

Magic Mastery

I cannot master level II Order. No matter how many times I cast I get no mastery points. Once I leveled up water and air they gain a point 8 of 10 casts until the bar is almost full. I did notice that instead of showing Order II mastery though it sho...


The item Ruby Tear of Dragon in the library the text is in a different language "Владея этим предметом и внося единовременно более 5 реалов на свой счет, вы получите дополнительные 30% к положенной сумме. Сразу после внесения денег волшебный кристалл...

Bronze vs. Copper

I assisted in a fight today against an Elite Sore Grohl in Winery Crossroads. At the end of the fight my reward were experience and coins comparable to my effectiveness in the fight. When I moused over the coins which I received as a reward I saw t...

2 mistake with lang

1. Collection - Коллекция неусыпных стражей
2. Character - Вместимость фиолара

Error Authenticating

i keep getting this error authenticating message when i try to log in through facebook, can you help me please?

Live Test Subjects

Told to battle Wandering Cadavers in Outskirts of Sadar City, but mobs are Shambling Dead

Voucher for Grohl Pelts

I need a voucher for Grohl Pelts and it will not let me accept the quest... any suggestions?

Profile Picture

When trying to change profile picture it comes up with an error screen with no message, although there is a space that looks as though it should have a message in it.


the balm in game don't seem to be working outside of battle it shows on hp but in a fight you have 655/712 hp have the increase but not the health

Script Error

I found a Script Error in ( Eldiren's FarmStead )
When i cllicked on the ( Spirit Of The Knight Bildar )What he says to you is still in ( Russian Script ), but the Leave on the Bottom is in( English ).
I have a Screen Shot of it if you need it just...


I have noticed that on several occasions in the Seven Bridges battles that I get hit by a player then he leaves without me getting a chance to hit back. Then the next player comes in hits me first also and leaves without letting me have a chance to s...

Strange language in backpack tab settings.

When I open my backpack and click on the tab settings icon there is a strange langauage at the top above the selections.

Half-blood idle form Sinara robber?

Are half blood Idols for voucher quest supposed to drop from Sinara robbers? The quest mentions deudri. I know as far as the game story goes they are basicaly just same things on opposing factions but do not know if the drop is intentional.

language issues

quest entitled dangerous invention...when i found him...his text was in another language, possibly Russian. Is there a setting i am not seeing or is this a bug????
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