Hero of the Archipelago and Protector of the Archipelago Quests Have Been Updated!

The world is changing, as well as the paths and destinies of the heroes in the world of Dragons. Like it or not, all Tartu is living in interesting times. Today's changes affected the Hero of the Archipelago and Protector of the Archipelago quests. From now on, items connected with the quests will appear on random Archipelago islands, so you’ll have to make several voyages to find the island you need. As in the treasure map quest, you’ll get a notification when your ship drops anchor near the shores of the island you were searching for.

Here’s the full list of objects that will now appear on random islands:

● Mysterious Stranger (the Very Important Person quest)
● Shipwreck (The Missing Seahawk quest)
● Pirate Hideout (the Secret Cave quest)
● Pirate Treasury (the Hero of the Archipelago quest, involving the search for the Keys of the Three Leaders)

Another change concerns the cages with the sailors (the Tracking the Survivors quest): now you can always find them in the Crabber Village.
Well, we hope the valorous defenders of Tartu are ready for surprises! Summon the people, raise the anchor, hoist the sails and hurry to the Roaming Archipelago to witness the changes with your own eyes. Fair seas and a following wind!

Ihit, my leaders map still shows plain of oracle's. Can you please fix it ? Thanks
That's great, now how about FINALLy fixing the game so it works fully on mobile devices? Most people I know play on their phones and tablet. Not being able to set islands on either is a huge frustration.
Thank you for this Announcement in News. Hope there are more to come soon enough.
90 lvl w8
21:23 Heaven's Voice: The sinra you saved gave you Treasure Map (1 pcs). I got this twice while at sea from saving a cabin boy, noclue what to do next with it. When I click the map it does nothing.
The map dissapeared when I clicked use on it. Anyone discovered something ?
And hero of the arch quest is still not fixed. Anyone canceled their quest and got new , and works ?
1 year laters)
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