The Roaming Archipelago Returns

As you know, following the unbelievable disasters that hit the world of the Dragons, the Roaming Archipelago disappeared into the depths of the sea. The wise believed these islands world never see the light of the sun again, but not long ago, an amazing incident proved them wrong.

By a twist of fate and unpredictable tides, a small trading vessel was engulfed in a heavy storm and carried out to sea, far away from the shores of Tartu. The sailors had lost all hope when the winds brought them to an unknown island. Some time after, they realized that it was one of the Roaming Archipelago islands! They made some repairs to their ship, stocked up on food and water, and set out for Vaalor Harbor. In the past, the voyage would have been a long and hard one, but something amazing happened to the sailors: the ship reached the harbor in just a few days. The astonished sailors could only thank the Great Dragons for their miraculous escape.

The news of this wondrous event reached the farthest corners of Tartu in no time. The best captains of the two Empires are now ready to go out to sea and are left guessing what the return of the Roaming Archipelago will mean for them all...

So, the Roaming Archipelago is back at last! Let’s run through the main changes:

● You can now only reach the Opportunist's Pier directly, which is the central location from where you can go to the Island of Manhar.
● To find an island in the Roaming Archipelago, you’ll have to try hard. The Archipelago map is no longer available. From now on, you can only choose the direction of your sea voyages (North, South, East or West).
● Islands sink regularly. Heroes who happen to remain on an island when this happens will perish. They will be resurrected in Vaalor Harbor.
Lighthouses have appeared on the islands. If your Clan takes control of one of them, all its members will have an opportunity to come directly to the island and mine for Sydian there unhampered.
● To take control of a Lighthouse, you must have a Guiding Light in your inventory. To create a Guiding Light, you’ll need Guiding Light fragments that you can get in Clan Wars.

And that’s only the first part of our update! Soon in your travels between the islands of the Archipelago you’ll start seeing brand-new quests.

Furthermore, we’d like to point out that at present, you can take control of a Lighthouse only in the browser game version. The mobile version will arrive soon, so stay tuned for more!

If you want to learn more about the Roaming Archipelago update, check out the Dragon Eternity site soon.

If islands sink and we get teleported back to mainland - does our ship get sent back or do we still have to recall it?
Reglarly sink---its how and when?
Islands sink 48 hours. At least from the one that was discovered. The timer was 48 hours.
Lighthouse soon for mobile. Soon = when?
GnRLighthouse soon for mobile. Soon = when?
Soon = 2 years.

Very Soon = 1 year
Very very Soon = 2-6 months
Eventually = Never
Will happen = Never
Most likely = Never
With next update = 2 - 6 months
Not in near timeframe = Never
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