Treasures of the Omnimachus

Valiant warriors and beautiful warriors! The sorcerer Omnimachus arrived on Tarth to honor the tradition and give all the inhabitants of Adan the opportunity to purchase many rare goods and trinkets. As you know, the opportunity to buy something in his store falls only once a year, so hurry to the crossroads at the winery!

You can meet the Omnimachus from 12:00 on April 11 to 12:00 on April 14 server time. Don't miss your chance!

Among the treasures of the Omnimachus, you can find the following valuable items:

1. Chests Treasure Hunter and Adventurer, filled to the top with crystals sidian, and if you are lucky, you will be able to find Phoenix violets or drillers' summoning balls by character level.

2. Class parsels purple quality at a reduced price:


3. Emptied elixir sets life andendurance black quality:


4. Emptied sets of orbs black quality:


5. Emptied sets of characters black quality:


6. Summoning balls machinoids:


7. Collection items Shivari:


8. Resources of mining professions from purple to red quality:


ATTENTION! Omnimachus will not sell more than 5000 units of resources Prospector, 3000 resource units Angler, 4000 resource units Farmer and 2000 units. resources Hunter! The restriction is common to a group of resources within the same profession!

9. Sparks needed to develop powerful spells:


ATTENTION! Omnimachus will not sell more than 5000 sparks in one hand! The restriction is common to all kinds of sparks!

There is no time to lose! Only three days will pass, and the mighty Omnimachus will leave Tartus again, hiding in his mysterious abode for a whole year. Hurry up, and if the Dragons are especially kind to you, you can get magnificent magic necklaces or amulets purple quality!

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