The Dragon Eternity Birthday Wish Contest!

Valiant warriors, Dragon Eternity's birthday is not far off, and all of Adan is preparing to celebrate this glorious occasion. We think it’s time for you to get involved in the festive preparations too! Send your best wishes to your battle brothers and sisters, the inhabitants of Tartu, and to the wise Dragons!

You can write the birthday greetings in the comments to this post, but be sure to do so before April 9. On April 12, we’ll reveal the names of the three winners, the authors of the most touching and unforgettable greetings!

The winners will get the following rewards:

1st place — 30 reals
2nd place — 20 reals
3rd place — 10 reals

Hurry up to share your happiness and your best moments with the friends and comrades. May the ancient Dragons bless you!

To DE. I wana pony...and and lots of gold and reals and a big shiny castle made of diamonds, oh wait ...hang on ...?? Whaaaaat its not MY birthday?? Its DE's! My bad Happy birthday to the world of DE !!! My next wish was going to be for a game full of good friends and good times, but you guys have allready given us this , so ill let you have your birthday For all the fun times had and fun times to be had cheers!
Dear Leane,

Your birthday is soon and so is mine
We can start early and break out the wine
This contest is for reals and not for gold
You're getting younger and I'm getting old :(
Now go get me my present and I'll even say please
And I'll make sure you get your mac n cheese
You're so addicted but you won't admit
Not even a little, a tad, or a bit?
I wish you joy, health, and maybe a new friend?
No worries from me 'cause I'll be here till the end :)

(Our birthday is the same day for anyone wondering)
You are so damn cute.
Throws popcorn chicken on the go making machine at you.

Happy Birthday \( *0* )\
Oh to another crazy year of dragon eternity,

Thank You for not doing this on facebook
Do not want to see storm kat's mace of a look;
Another year has gone and past
I am not alone in wishing NOVA will last;
Let us all be admin
So we can add more minions;
Mindless will be a great guard
Or he will turn into a tumble lard;
Bring on the joy
With few more toys;

Let the freebies begin
For all my fellow DE gamers,
Have a great year , a great spring (or autum in fact !! ) full of love, joy and good feelings !
Congratulations on one more anniversary !!! I wish good health, happiness and prosperity to the whole development team. I wish the game development and growth and the smallest number of errors and bugs, we know that you are trying and caring about us. We love you, happy birthday !!!
This will be simple: Happy birthday Dragon Etermity . I wish you many more, and i wish to all the players another year of great adventures and battles. I want one more year of friendship and companionship, I want to have great moments. Thanks to all who make this game possible. I hope this continues to be our meeting point.
Happy birthday DE

Another year older, another year wiser, another year poorer, another year happier.
To De and all those I know there I am thankful for the time together and let us be together again next year and those that follow.
And to those no longer here. May we reincarnate again as great warrior dragons and fight side by side once again.
(chorus) This is your birthday song
celebrating all trials of power long
may you drop something good
may you get Garuug
dragons sing altogether
happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday celebration
hit the arena and the ruins
light the sea battle and get a kill
we're fighting all day, all the day long.
Happy birthday celebration
everybody is here
this is Adan life
and everyone feels like
singing happy birthday to you!

(chorus) This is your birthday song
celebrating all trials of power long
may you complete all your quests
may you finish a collection
dragons sing altogether
happy birthday to you!

Gaming it’s a perfect occupation
feel the fine fascination
all your friends are here tonight
happy anniversary fighting night
it’s a perfect situation
hit and slash what a combination
this is Adan life
and everyone feels like
singing happy birthday to you!

(chorus) This is your birthday song
celebrating all trials of power long
may you win all your fights
may you slay all the monsters
dragons sing altogether
happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to the game and all the warriors here !
First of all, I want to congratulate everyone who added efforts to create and maintain such a wonderful project "Dragon Eterniti» Thank you for this magical world of dragons. Happy Birthday Dragons !!!
During the stay in the game, each of us there is something in it: the purpose, strive to become a better knowledge of the new wonders, socializing with friends, clan (which became our family) allies and enemies, celebration and support of both joy and sorrow) each we have something of his goal, and for that I thank you very much "Dragon Eterniti.»
I hope that we will continue to learn new things, make new friends and explore this wonderful world of "Dragon Eterniti»
Greetings to all friends and clan - Birthday "Dragon Eterniti» we like the price)
Happy Birthday! May we play DE for even more years . May we get more fun updates and fight with bravery!
Love ya Dragon Eternity and Scales the beginners advising dragon. Love my time spent playing and guarding. Looking forward to your birthday and mine real soon after. Are you now 5? I will be 50. To all the players, you chose a great game to play. To the administration, thanks for having the insight to make such a great game, always changing, getting better and better. To all the guards, you are like my family, and I love the comraderie.
May Dragons live forever in our memories of good times and great people.
On this Birthday celebration time, may we all reflect back on what Dragon Eternity means to each of us.

This world of factions and clans, alliances and opponents; a place for each person to have unique experiences of discoveries, successes and failures. A place to meet people from all over the planet where we each become citizens of the World of Adan.

Thank you for being that place to spend time achieving goals and providing the avenues for developing and nurturing not only masteries, reputations, gear, and other upgrades, but also relationships and bonds of a familial clan, or the fun of competing with and against friends old and new.

Thank you Dragon Eternity for delivering the richness of friendships that can only be measured by the pain of losing an admired friend who will always be remembered despite moving on to that Eternity which we each shall eventually succumb.

Thank you for the friends and loved ones who have given of themselves to help make this World of Adan a home. It is my hope that I have been able to return to others the happiness and joys that I have been given over the years here.

Happy Birthday Dragon Eternity
Oops too late for the competition but best wishes to all who make this game still a success after all these years and a big favour to ask of Garuug if I say thank you for all the goodies I have got from you will you drop the 3R I have been chasing for almost a year - pretty please.
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