Festive Contest in Honor of the Day of Tartu's warrioresses!

To Celebrate Day of Tartu's Warrioresses, from March 8th 12:00 Server Time through March 9th 23:59 Server Time, a care and generosity contest will be held by the Empires of Sadar and Vaalor

All you have to do to take part is present the following gifts to the warrioresses from either of the Empires:
• special themed Gifts from Gift Shop which you can find under the Festive tab;


Snow-White Rose or Snow-White Rose Bouquet which can be acquired in battles with monsters,
Red Rose or Red Rose Bouquet which can be acquired in battles against other players.


Each sent gift will earn points for the gift-giver's Empire. Please note that warrioresses can also present gifts but only gifts presented to other lady warriors will count towards the Empire's score.

All warriors and warrioresses from the Empire than wins the contest will receive Aeona's Gratitude effect that increases Characteristics for 24 hours.

A similar weaker effect, Aeona's Gratefulness , will be bestowed upon the losing Empire.

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