The Gallery is Open!

The Empire must know its Heroes!

We are proud to announce that our Gallery is now open! Now you can show your face to the World, get to know your friends better and look in to the eyes of your enemies! 

You can upload pictures to the Gallery trough your Profile. To do it, open your Profile, then open Album tab.

To view Galleries of other players, open the Community section of our website and select the Gallery tab. List of players who have uploaded new images will appear on the left.  

Please keep in mind, all uploaded pictures should comply with the Game Rules. Pictures should be uploaded in .JPG or .PNG format and size should not exceed 2mb. It should be a picture where your face is clearly visible. No drawings, cartoons, pictures of animals or erotic images. All photos will be moderated and images violating the rules will be removed.

Aha! I found the way to comment here! I just clicked the 'more' button, Great artwork in this game, and a pleasing atmosphere! Ya'll devs keep up the great work!
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