Wraiths and Sphere of Insolence!

The best alchemists, wizards and necromancers of Tartu have joined forces to create a unique, powerful magical item. Today the world will witness the results of their hard work. Ladies and gentleman, be amazed by Wraith Spheres

The rites performed during their creation is kept strictly secret. What’s known for certain is that elixirs and essences of the finest and rarest qualities are used to create this powerful item. The principles of its use were inspired by the Ruler of Death himself, the Great Dragon Velet

After using the Wraith Sphere, warrior temporarily becomes invisible. In their profile information, a player is shown as being "offline" and they do not appear in the player list. Keep in mind that while invisible, you can not post to the main chat, or create lots in the Auction House, however, you still can communicate in private and buy lots at auction.

Of course, Wraith Spheres will introduce some interesting changes in battle, both with monsters and other players. The true appearance of a warrior will be concealed during combat. They will be perceived by other players only as one of the many servants of Great Velet, resembling a skeleton with a scythe. The player's name will be hidden; they shall be known only as "Wraith". Their characteristics and equipment will also be concealed. The same rules apply for Dragons summoned by a warrior under the effect of a Wraith Sphere.

The benefit of a Wraith Sphere is that even with your enemies actively hunting you, you can safely move around the world, completing quests and slaying monsters. If you are a passionate duelist yourself, you can use Wraith Spheres to attack other players incognito. But, this will also require a Bonecrusher Sphere to initiate the attack. 

Every warrior who has reached level 4 can purchase a Wraith Sphere in the shop. You can find it in the Artifacts tab. Lesser Wraith Sphere is available to anyone, but to purchase the Simple Wraith Sphere, the effects of which are longer lasting, 1000 Bonecrusher reputation points are required.

Also, starting today, changes to the progression of "Bonecrusher" reputation will be put into effect. Now, the amount of reputation earned for striking an enemy with a Bonecrusher curse will depend on the type of sphere used::
Bonecrusher Sphere – 5 points;
Furious Bonecrusher Sphere - 7 points;
Savage Bonecrusher Sphere – 10 points;
Wild Bonecrusher Sphere – 15 points;
Insane Bonecrusher Sphere – 20 points;
Rampant Bonecrusher Sphere - 30 points.

Don’t worry if you already have put a lot of effort in to developing Bonecrusher reputation. In the next few hours, all of your past deeds will be re-calculated according to the new system.


No matter how powerful the warrior, when outnumbered, even the best swordsmen and battle mages can be easily defeated. Since famous warriors are often looked upon with jealosy by other players, it’s no wonder they are often attacked by entire squads, which is not fair.

The Three Great Arch Mages have been meditating on fairness and justice, and have developed Spheres of Insolence. When using on of these magical artifacts in combat, other warriors will no longer be able to intervene. However, you will need a certain amount of clout to purchase this artifact, since it requires a 3000 points of Bonecrusher reputation. You can find Spheres of Insolence in the Artifacts tab in the shop.

great fun :)
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