Skrag Caves await Brave Heroes!

The ruins of razed Fort Giard became a shelter for the Greenskins, but it came to light only recently that thousands of Skrags are dwelling in the dark caves beneath the rubble. According to the latest reports from imperial scouts, the Greenskins are gathering a huge Army and planning an all-out invasion of Tartu!

Your Empire calls for valorous warriors to enter the caves and strike the enemy in its own den! The fighting will be fierce, but you will receive extremely valuable trophies, valor points and prevent a new war! Don't let the Skrags wreak devastation and suffering on the Empire once again.


To reach the Caves, you need to follow the tunnels under Fort Giard. However, to enter the tunnels, you need to assemble the "Map of Skrag Caves" collection, the items of which can be obtained by completing "Secret Passage to Skrag Caves" quest. This quest is available only to those warriors who have already reached level 10.


Upon joining the queue in the instance interface, you will be matched with 4 other players of a similar level. As soon as the group is complete, you will receive an invitation to join a new group and be transferred to the Instance. Inside the caves, you will have to fight squads of fierce monsters. After defeating the regular Skrag soldiers, you will be able to fight the Leaders, who are extremely powerful and dangerous opponents. Victory over a Leader will often yield priceless trophies, for example a green quality item from the set of Barbarian, Guard or Eagle and a piece of blue-quality jewelry. The item will be granted to one of the group members, according to the loot distribution method.

After defeating monsters of one cavern, you can either leave the caves, or head to the next cavern to face even more enemies! As you go deeper into the caves, the monsters you face will become stronger and stronger.

Rumor has it that somewhere in the darkest and deepest tunnels lies the Lair of the Dragon Kshigurakh, who betrayed the Empires and joined the army of Skrags. But no one knows for sure, since no one ever emerged from the depths to tell the tale...

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