The Trial of Dragons and New Amazing Quests

Glorious Warriors! Protectors of the Empire!

By order of the War Academy, every warrior of Empire who has reached level 16 can now set put themselves to the test in the Trial of Dragons!

Those who have successfully passed all six trials of the Elder Dragons and collected six pieces of an Amulet of Melding will receive the proud title of Dragon Knight, and gain their very own winged companion, brother-in-oath, a fearsome Dragon.

Leave your doubts and fears behind, head to the Square of Storms and speak to Allur Rag-Veta if you are a citizen of Vaalor, or find the Gaor Trad on the Scarlet Square if you are the citizen of Sadar.

Listen to the verdict of Dragon-man, and if he considers you worthy of the title "Dragon Knight", prepare yourself for the ordeal that ensues!

You can find out more about Dragons here.


Many players can boast about their noble deeds and valorous victories, sturdy armors and sharp blades. Now we can offer you even more fascinating quests to add to your list of feats! 

Assist the Dedair Mechanic, Krom Tander, with the creation of his revolutionary flying machine, and protect villagers from rowdy mercenaries and uncover the secrets of the enchanted Black Dragon Figurines!

Good luck!

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