Hours of Prosperity

Item type Effect


Under the effect of the spell, the profit obtained for the destruction of monsters is increased by 100% and, in addition, there is a small chance of getting 0.10 - 0.20 for the slain monster.
While under this effect, you cannot use Spell of Protection, Aura of Peacefulness and Sphere of Peacefulness.
The effect allows to earn gold by participating in on the Battlegrounds. 20% increases the chance of hitting a slain enemy with a harmful spell.
The duration of the spell is 1 hour.

why this quest not work
doesn't work for me neither
agreeed...not work
Quest does not work for me either can not access the quest it used to work but now nothing.
it works if u get rid of coal,skild,wheat
how do you get this?
- 100 Skilds or
- 110 Wheat or
- 65 Coal or
- 55 Carved Ham
does not work for me.
how do I get this?
At level 16 go to the priest of your empire: I believe Lar-Dian for Vaalor and Gal Karion for Sadar (I think) in the Square of Storms or Scarlet Square. You can give them resources from one of the four main professions and they will bestow this item on you
Rachotlebek- 100 Skilds or
- 110 Wheat or
- 65 Coal or
- 55 Carved Ham