ok so far we we have 2 clans in sadar and 1 clan in vaalor. we need another clan on vaalor. cuz i for one and a vaalor and knights of ni are full so we need another clan. stat ill join first promise

Fighting and staying alive!

I have seen that some fighters wait a bit before attacking, is this the best method and if so why? I am a little bit green at this so any help at defeating monsters would be a great help.

knights of ni

can i join

Pure Profit

Okay, I've been using this system for a while now and found that it works well for me, and one of the others I've shared it with. Unfortunately, the second person I shared it with didn't have as much luck. We've concluded that was because of her lack...

space in belt and backpack

is there a way to create more space in your belt and backpack?


I have saw some msgs that refer to farming, what is it and how do you farm?

About Arena of Honor and Seven Bridges of Shadan Valor Leaching!

A lot of people join Arena and bridges, but some people join and don't fight at all, they just stand there and die and watch team mates do all works (well some people fall asleep while fighting)but that's not the reason you fall asleep and not fight ...


http ://

(remove the space as it says it's an external link)

While I was looking at the Academies selection of fine books... A Grohl out of no where.... I was surprised an...

Reach for the sky

h t t p://dragoneternity.c o m/game/fight.php?id=4efc0197-a7e2-010a-f3b4-c4bb397b6372

make sure to take away the spaces in the adress

Check out this battle. Here is a question for any Spartan out there. What is the greatest level difference be...

cant claim "pile of retured gifts" quest reward

ive completed this quest and when i try and claim my reward it says "please select reward" and displays no options

Belts and Baldrics

I'm just confuse between Belts and Baldrics , can I equip them at the same time , if can so I can wear 2 Belts and 2 Baldrics right ?


Just need to get it all straight upstairs...

I got a few questions:
1) There are four (4) clans right?
2) Whether Vaalor or Sadar...are both excepted in all four clans?
3) Does each clan only except Vaalor? Sadar?
4) Does each clan have its own set of rules, regulations, or minimum...

anyone know which merchant sales Guardian Hammer ?

i can't find shield and hammer

I'm in dire need of barbarian axe and armor...

I'm level18 and i'm trying to finish flaming stones quest,but the skrags are hammering me.I need barbarian armor and axe but don't know where or how to get is completely out. is there another way to get it.please, any help is much appreci...

battle arena

when fighting in the arena oppentents keeping changing back and forth am i able to switch with someone else or must i just try to defeat them both
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