First Ever Level 16-21 PVP

As the sun reached its full peak over the seven bridges today, the first ever combatants of the 16-21 level entered into combat. Robin of the Hood (16) and McSneaky (20) came out with their secret weapon (Replicant Robin 16) representing the nation ...

violent frenzy curse

i have the antidote but don't no how to use it help

Changing Factions

IS there anyway of changing factions other than starting again...and if its starting do you do that?



Does anybody knows why\I can't receive an item without lelel requriement,as far I\ got the vauchers?Does it mean that new item can be bought only with gold,or PayPall,On 11 level there's noupgrades at

Topic: Dragons

First I want to start this off with a few questions I have about Dragons .
Then I want to move into a discussion of which will you choose and why?
First Question: Can I name my Dragon?
Second Question: What advantages and disadvantages do the sp...

help with the Baiting the Deranged quest

I have the meat. I'm back in the academy but it's not showing where to go or what to do. any help would be great

Reals to gold.

May I ask what the exchange rate is? I would like to support the game next month, but knowing the exchange rate would allow me to perform only one transaction.

Thank you for your time.

playing game

i got in once yesterday after about an hour of triing whats the deal.... how do i log in...

Power of Native Elements

Where can I fine essence of air ?

Working on server....

I understand that you are upgrading the game and everything... But I had just used an artifact eye and was in the middle of a fight. The real question is if my PC died and if the time is still elapseing on the artifact. I would appreciate it if you c...

game freeze

my game keeps freezing during quests and battles,BELT NOT ALLOWING HEALTH POTIONS TO BE USED ETC have sustained major armour damage, not to mention reputation!!!!!!!!!!! This needs to be fixed ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

cannot play

i am getting a message saying error authenticating, what can i do, i have already cleared cache browser

Power of the Native Element Quest

Listed under the Narrative Quests Tab. Says to collect 200 Essence of Air. How and where do we collect these?

Thank you.


ok well got ome protector points and says i got a large reward bag that i need to collect form the dragon-man can not seem to find him any where any ideas??


Is the quest for the dragon out yet? I have reached lvl 16 but I found no quest in any of the zones. If not when will it be coming out?
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