Bugs megathread

Let's collect all the bugs that've been plaguing the Nova server. Can't promise that we'll fix them all, but we'll try.
When you find inside a barrel a compass or map, they don't work. They shoud give clans a quest to find sydian.
Please try to fix it.
Yep, fixed. If there'll be some other trouble with those quests - let me know.
1) Confrontation weekly. Please see the reset on Sunday and finally remove all the players that have points but haven't logged in for years/months. Some were fixed but not all. http://dragoneternity.com/forum/bugs/12488.html
That's a sore spot on Terra, too. We'll try to fix that in the future.

2) Kariol Island. http://dragoneternity.com/forum/bugs/12982.html
Fixed, now you shouldn't be kicked from the island if it's still above water.

3) Confirming battle grounds. http://dragoneternity.com/forum/bugs/13084.html
Well, that's some of our older functions, we can't change that in the foreseeable future. Here's the thing - you can only leave the queue in three ways:
1. by pressing "Leave queue" button in BG window,
2. by pressing "Decline" in confirmation window right before the fight,
3. by being in combat when BG starts.
In ALL other cases server still thinks that you're queued up. I know that it's a bother, but at least know you will understand how it works.

4) Maps/Compass when sailing http://dragoneternity.com/forum/bugs/13075.html http://dragoneternity.com/forum/bugs/12664.html

5) Moon City hunter trap http://dragoneternity.com/forum/bugs/12677.html

6) Blue clan gear. Though not a bug, certainly something you need to correct. http://dragoneternity.com/forum/bugs/12622.html
It's not a bug, blue gear can no longer be clan property.

7) Achievements that may or may not be working. http://dragoneternity.com/forum/bugs/12585.html

8) Heavy Suppression Mark II http://dragoneternity.com/forum/bugs/12521.html
I checked, but it seems that it was fixed already.

9) Bestiary needs a big update. Lots of outdated information, locations, drops. That probably would be a pain to go over all of them.

10) Library - Gear/Equipment. Whole new page needed to show the upgrade lists.

11) Dragon Form page http://dragoneternity.com/library/dragon_form/ Still show Duel of Truth quests.

12) Hunter Reputation page http://dragoneternity.com/library/reputations/ Still shows "starts at level 9"

10-12: Our portal is massively outdated, yes. We'll try to find some time to bring it up to date.

I'll stop at 12 for now Good Luck
We need to open the cap please
And please not know if a bug like wars but try to put Dot on game again .Sundays not have any event , so why not Dot ? Please we whant Dot again
received caskets instead of sydians on clan war

Yep, that's correct. Giving sydian as a reward from clan wars was a temporary feature.
Hello Mr dreidan .
I have been experiencing a problem which I think it is bug that prevents me from playing using my mobile phone. I tried to log from other mobile phones and pc and everything was okay but I like to play on phone and this issue won't let me.

I use mobile galaxy s7 edge . When I log in , everything goes right but once I teleport between locations or if I start any fight , the screen will freeze and it shows only a wheel turning. It only happens here I tried to refresh and download the app again and again and still the bug doesn't want to fix . I believe the problem exist only on those type of mobile phones if you can double check the updates and glitches.

I hope you can find a solution to my problem and I will be grateful .

Much thanks to read and hope you can do something

I hate to bring you bad news, but it'll be some time before this issue is fixed. Try to download the version 1.03 of the game from the store, it seems that this bug only appeared in the latest build.
That's normal, they changed rewards in clanwars a long time ago. I liked sydianrewards better too.
oh ok thanks
I haven't tested it lately, but there was a bug that prevented attacking after nephing if you have dragon heal food on auto. I simply heal before I neph manually. Otherwise I had to refresh, and in war that means you die.
Wow, it had something to do with having dragon food on auto? We've been hunting this bug for a long time (to no avail, as you can see). Thanks for the possible lead, we'll try to investigate further.

---Not a bug, just a suggestion----
• Tracker's Skills Quest now only requires you to earn 1000 Hunter Reputation. What about changing the name of this reputation to Tracker rather than Hunter as it gets confused with the profession of the same name.

May want to ask Storm Kat, I'm sure she will remember, but there was some sort of discussion about special rewards for people who offered helpful comments. I can't recall the specific details, but I suspect Kat can shed more light on this one.

Great suggestion! I'm once again appalled by our translations. I've changed the name of the Hunter reputation - now they're called Trackers. Also, Undead Hunters are now called Undead Vanquishers. I think that I've replaced the translation everywhere, but if I missed something - feel free to point it out for me.
So, about pandor.'s suggestion. There's a tricky part in opening the cap. There're few people on the Nova server, and opening another 20 levels can spread active playes even further, what may result in empty BGs and trouble with finishing quests. BUT if you guys think that benefits outweigh the risks - we can do it. I'll start another topic about that, and if I see that many of you really want it - I'll call a vote in the game itself. If majority votes yes - you'll get it.

F-E-N-I-X, well, we'll think about returning DoT to Nova. Can't promise anything yet.
I agree in people thinking SB AND RUINS should be non faction based. They do not run anymore unless some specific players are online to make the win for both factions. It would make it interesting not knowing. Dot was a lot of fun and great for the little players also. so i agree with DOT too :)
MR DREIDAN this is problem I mean the freeze of screen I can't do anything like teleport and fight. There is no dragon eternity version 1.0.3. I installed 2 and 1 versions after 1.5.0
The problem I must refresh update this game
Thank you for the fixes. I do have another issue I am curious about. When hitting elites, up to about level 50, the drop rates for marks is very high, something like 20-30%, not sure exactly, and it may have changed, but back when I was doing these regularly it seemed about every 3rd elite had a mark drop. On the upper level elites, it's a very rare occasion to get any mark drops at all, probably below 1%. This may be by design, but I don't know.

And while I'm at it...the home page shows the most recent news as Melvin returning: Melvin the Merchant is Back!
28/09/2017 14:00

That's a little bit dated
Removed by user

for the part of raising the cap, your concerns about not enough people in high enough lvls to do this.

I think if you don't do it you will loose the few players that ARE high to.
Lot's of players allrdy, do not show up anymore cause they can't do anything , and they will be active again when lvl cap is raised
So yes please RAISE lvl CAP

you right they don't run unless some players are online.
but vice versa, they don't run either cause some people ARE online

I tried to download the old versions as you told but while i logged in , it told me that game update is required and i cannot progress to the game . Then the last update has the same isssue.
Two items i would like fixed. 1) on mobile and a hunter, if you are clearing traps and you get more than one trapped item, if your knife breaks after the first one, you cannot fix the knife and get the other materials. You much drop them. You can repair it and get materials on PC. 2) if you are on mobile, and you are in a sea fight, if you are repairing the ship, you may not talk or do anything during the whole sea fight.

I hope mine are small bugs that can be fixed. I for one would love the small annoying bugs fixed.
Sometimes when you leave a boat, you are on land, but still somehow on boat. The two buttons with ammo still in place, and if you go to dockyard in clan hall you will see your old boat status, not the dockyard. And you can't jump on another boat as well,they are greyed out as you are still on your old boat somehow
Fix the achievements, you have lots for duel of Truth and inaccessible things. Bring back duel of Truth would be better I believe.
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